Jehovah's Witnesses Are Under Mind Control

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  • Mr Lebowski
    Mr Lebowski

    (as an aside) Minimus, you said in one of your later posts that at first you felt alone on this thread, and that no one agreed with you. LOL. The first twenty posters (not posts, posters) were agreeing with you, some in large red letters!

    Many examples of the WTS's attempts to control its members have been cited here as "proof" of the WTS's use of mind control. I'd like to stipulate the following, so we as a group don't feel the need to bring up further examples:

    1) The org attempts to control the behavior of its members to a very high degree, using a variety of social pressures - peer pressure, threat of absolute rejection, and the threat of losing a paradise in the hereafter. These techniques displace the community placing any value on free speech, free dissent, or even individuality itself.

    2) Physical coercion against leaving is not standard practice (although minor children often experience such from angry fathers). Instead, the social pressures mentioned above are used to deter members from leaving.

    3) While many groups use similar techniques (examples have been given) only a few fringe groups attempt to carry very many of them to a greater extreme than the WTS. Most of those are viewed as cults by even more people than the WTS (often because their manner of dress and grooming is even more conformist and less mainstream than JWs), and many of those groups also employ physical deterrence against leaving.

    Hopefully we can agree on these points...

  • Mr Lebowski
    Mr Lebowski

    There seem to be three groups here on the thread (along with some who have spoken out as feeling ambivalent and seeing both sides of some arguments):

    1) Those who believe in "mind control", and believe that JW's are victims of it.

    2) Those who believe in "mind control", but do not believe that JW's are victims of it.

    3) Those who don't believe in "mind control" at all (I will stipulate that members of this group may accept mind control techniques as a result of physical torture or physical coercion - I don't know, but that does not apply to JW's).

    Groups 1 and 2 have a fundamentally different philosophical position than group 3. This difference, whether humans are able to be victims of mind control, or are always the captains of their ship, as it were, is a huge question! How we as individuals approach this question has everything to do with how we approach life itself - what kind of difference we believe we can make, what kind of impact we believe we can have, whether we will succeed at what we do - or if it's going to be outside influences that defeat us. I've concluded that this thread is becoming a tussle between the first and third groups, and it reads as if it's about facts and definitions, but it's really about positions that we've taken in how we look at life...and the most stubborn of us (or, the most fully-developed, take your pick:) will not change those fundamental philosophical position because of this thread.

    I was raised as a JW, and I feel that I was lied to, pressured, manipulated, etc., but I do not feel that I was a victim of mind control. I feel that anyone who enters/remains in the WTS as an adult is either:

    A) afraid of leaving due to the social pressures

    B) getting their psychological needs partially filled by the social structure of the JW's, and believing that that's the best source around for such fulfillment. I think that many people have such gulfs, such voids, in their lives and in their perceptions of themselves, that they will eat any amount of s#*$ to get the paltry bennies from being a Witness... and I think that many people who we would like to say are victims of mind control are really members of this group. Think about it - please.

    Yes, I do believe that the WTS does their flock many disservices and yes, outright harm, attempting to inhibit the members from learning how to be more fulfilled, more happy, from attempting to recover from attacks and crimes, and from becoming more completely developed as adult humans. And yes, I was pissed off at them when I figured out that that's what they do. But I played the game... and I know why, I know what I got out of it... and since I've figured that out, I've made real headway in changing - in correcting, improving, and strengthening the parts of me that were raised to need the WTS's scraps of happiness, so that I could go out and cook up my own feast.

    There is a school of thought that says that the most effective way to go through life is as if you are the one who is always responsible for what you think, say, and do... that operating as if this is true means you will make the choices that make the largest impact. Rather than "reasons", you would be focused on the result...and if the result wsn't what you expected, instead of wasting time looking for who or what to blame, you would look at what you needed to do differently (since it's the thing you can affect anyway). This is only recommended for those who are looking to create the largest difference in the world... if all you want to do is be right all the time, don't try it, it will just piss you off.

    One who walks in another's tracks leaves no footprints.

    Big purple fuzzy dinosaur feelings,

    The Dude

  • minimus

    Gary Buss said I'm "Not getting any real help" from viewers of this thread.....I thought just the opposite. As far as the comments by the vast majority of posters, I agree with them and believe that JW's are under mind control.

  • heathen

    It deffinately looks like this thread has gone on too long . Nobody is going to change their mind , I suppose that's a good thing because there is no mind control and no attempts have been made to defame others or to intimidate others to believe one side or the other. They don't have that in the WTBTS . This whole site is about freeminds and was created to to discus issues like this with the concept that the jehovah's witnesses are under mind control . I even mentioned a site that accuses the US government of attempts at mind control so they can sway public opinion and so far they haven't used the kind of force that some here seem to be convinced is a requirement in brainwashing or mind control. I still hold to my original conclusion that all religions use mind control techniques to some degree most don't go as far as jim jones but will use forms of scare tactics to manipulate and control . Minimus you are right on brother !!!!!!!!

  • minimus

    Heathen, I HIGH-FIVE you, Bro.

  • blondie

    If you think I read all 176 posts, think again. My personal opinion is that defining "mind control" is difficult, even the world at large has varying definitions. I found this site some time ago which deals with the International Church of Christ. I saw myself in their description.

    While the tools in the mind control box are formidable ...

    The target of Mind Control is always able to choose to stop allowing it to influence them.

    Or may I rephrase it, will eventually be "able to choose to stop allowing it to influence them."--Blondie (free at last, free at last)


    Copyright © Cultwatch 1996. Written by Mark Vrankovich

    Remember, all together these form Mind Control.
    Separately they are undesirable but they are not Mind Control.


    A cult will use deception. The cult will not normally tell people exactly what they believe, their origins, what they practice, and what life is really like in the cult, because if people knew they would not join. This information is taught to the new recruit slowly and in pieces - a "frog in the pot" tactic.

    Deception is a key pre-requisite to Mind Control. The cult must be willing to deceive people. The Bible teaches that Christians are not to use deception. Many cults know this and yet practice deception.

    Deception is a very effective tool in the Mind Control Tool Box.


    A mind control cult will promote an "Us verses Them" environment.

    They will teach their members that their church is the only true church, the only church in which you can be saved. If you leave the cult then it is said you have "fallen away from God." This is done to instill fear in the members which can be expressed like this: If you ever think of leaving this body of true Christians or do something which forces us to expell you from this body then you will be losing your salvation and God will hate you. There is nowhere else you can go and still be a Christian. This is a powerful control mechanism.

    Exclusivism is fear based control mechanism, the Bible tells us that we have no reason to fear except for a healthy fear of God. Exclusivism imposes false criteria on salvation - "If you do not join us and/or if you are not doing what we are doing you are not saved." This of course is a serious doctrinal error ingrained in the practice of the group.

    Remember, just because a group does not teach it officially does not mean they do not practice it.


    Leadership is feared. To disagree with leadership is to disagree with God.

    If the leaders tell you to do something, you had better do it. Often intense breaking sessions are employed to destroy any supposed rebellion or threat to the leadership. These sessions can involve many people at once attacking the character and motives of the target.

    The Bible tells Christians not to "lord it over people," but rather to be one another's servants. Jesus attacked the Pharisees who placed themselves between God and the people. It does not take much to realise that fear and intimidation is not the biblical model for Christian leadership. (Fear and Intimidation is very different from having respect for Christian leaders.)


    A mind control cult practices love bombing or false love
    . When you first join the cult you will gain instant friends , you'll be hugged and everyone will want to talk to you. For someone who is lonely or comes from out of town this is especially wonderful. However, after a while this "love" becomes conditional on your performance and/or you measuring up to the cult's unpublished standards . If you ever leave the cult then you know you will lose all of your new friends just as quickly as you gained them. Like an unhealthy marriage relationship, love is switched on and off to control. Of all of them, this is probably the most effective implement in the mind control tool box.

    We are relational beings with the ultimate aim of regaining a relationship with the God who created us. It only requires common sense to see the power this "love bombing" tool could have on someone. We have all seen it at work in the cults, at work in manipulative relationships and at work as peer pressure in schools and society in general. This false love is a distortion of true love which is defined in 1 Corinthians 13.


    Those who control the information control the person.
    In a mind control cult any information from outside the cult is considered evil, especially if it is opposing the cult. Members are told not to read it or believe it. Only the cult-supplied information is true.

    This technique is really a partner to deception. Common sense tells us that a person who does not consider all information may make an unbalanced decision. Filtering the information available or trying to discredit it not of the basis of how true it is, but rather on the basis of how it supports the party line, is a common control method used thoughout history. A Christian should have nothing to fear from any source of information - after all "Falsehood runs from truth, but truth stands solid against falsehood."


    In a mind control cult like in Nazi Germany or Communist Russia you must be careful of what you say or do; "The walls have ears." Everyone is encouraged to watch out for "struggling" brothers and report what they see to the leadership. Often information given in deepest confidence will find its way to leadership. Cult members are sometimes shocked to find their problems preached about in the cult meetings. People comment that while in a Mind Control cult they were acting, always being worried about people watching.

    This is opposite to the biblical model. The Reporting Structure is an important fear producing method in the Mind Control Tool Box.


    The cult will have their own language and terms.
    These prevent people outside the group being able to engage in "dangerous" conversations with members and it gives the members a sense of belonging. It also allows a phenomenon known as thought stopping where a simple word can stop any thoughts in the member's mind which are against the cult.

    Harmless by itself, "loaded language" is used in all areas of life from the computer industry to orthodox Christianity. Every group or specialist field develops its own words or meanings for words, and this is often called "jargon."
    However, when mixed in with the other Mind Control tools, "loaded language" can take on a threatening attribute which is unbiblical. For example, in the International Church of Christ cult "loaded language" is used throughout the world - a typical conversation might go like this...

    "The Bible says that we are saved by grace, not by works. You are telling me that I must get people baptised or I'm not a real Christian," says the Disciple.

    "I am more spiritually mature than you and you are questioning what I am saying. You are PRIDEFUL and REBELLIOUS, you need to get RADICAL about your SIN," replied his Discipler.

    Prideful & rebellious = You are the problem, not the ICC teaching.

    Radical = Plunge into obeying the ICC teaching.

    Sin = Thinking or acting outside the ICC rules, often including disobeying your discipler.


    Mind control cults keep their members so busy with meetings and activities that they become too busy and too tired to think about their involvement.

    Again, common sense allows us to see that this would be an effective tool for controlling people. The flip side to this is that if a person can get out of the cult's "time control" schedule then after a few weeks, in our experience, they can begin to contrast "normal" life with the controlled cult environment and often this results in them leaving. The ICC, in New Zealand at least, has preached that it is best to not have a holiday at Christmas because that is when most people fall away from God (leave the ICC).


    A mind control cult will seek to manoeuver your life so as to maximise your contact with cult members and minimise your contact with people outside the group, especially those who oppose your involvement.
    Cult members will be moved into cult communities or cult flats where they can be watched more closely and immersed in the cult enviroment. The cult must cut off any contact through which information or reminders of your past life will come. You cannot marry or date anyone outside of the cult and often your spouse will be chosen.

    Controlling relationships is a powerful Mind Control method. Friends and family are important influences on our lives. By controlling those who we associate with and those who we respect, a Mind Control cult can influence a person towards becoming like those people who are "good" to be around. The Bible tells us that those we associate with do effect us. Every parent knows that the peers their child associates with affects the child, moving them towards what the peers have as a norm. All people are affected by society and the groups to which they belong. By defining who is "good" and who is "bad" the Mind Control cult is attempting to move the subject towards the "group norm" that their group has. Often intense pressure is put on people to stay away from the "bad" people which are often friends, parents and their old church.


    Three stages are involved; breaking, indoctrination and finally refreezing .

    Fear and intimidation are used to break a person. Often the cult calls into question a person's salvation, and in some cults a person is not truly broken until they are crying uncontrollably.

    Next the cult indoctrinates the person by pumping them full of cult doctrine and systematically destroying anything which does not agree with the party line . If a person objects to anything, their sincerity, character and motives are questioned.

    Finally the person is frozen into the cult member mold. They become like all the other cult members to a certain degree. Friends and family will complain that the cult member has become a different person. Often in the early stages the cult member will float between their true identity and their cult identity, but as their cult involvement continues their true identity becomes more and more repressed .

    This is a well established method of changing how people act and think, to mold them into a team member like everyone else. The Armed Forces use this method in basic training and throughout the career of their soldier. The difference is, that unlike in a Mind Control cult, the Armed Forces recruits know what is going on; it is expected. The Mind Control cult recruit goes through this process covertly. The cult recruit does not lose his true personality but rather represses it. They realise that by conforming there is more acceptance and less pressure to change . This is why people in a Mind Control cult will offen seem to think, act and sound the same, whereas in a normal church group individual personalities are more evident.


    Mind Control is not what many secular authors have tried to portray it as - a magic method of controlling its targets against their will making them only victims. Neither
    is it what those in opposition to the secular Mind Control model have defined it as, in their reaction they let the pendulum swing to the other side saying that Mind Control does not exist and is a fable invented by anti-Christian secularists .

    Cultwatch says that Mind Control is a suite of practices Mind Control groups use to influence their members and potential recruits, a real attempt to control their minds. There is an enormous amount of evidence that certain groups are employing the Mind Control methods.

    Mind Control will fail or succeed to a certain degree depending on the many factors of its target. The target of Mind Control is always able to choose to stop allowing it to influence them.

    Mind Control is a morally wrong, unbiblical and unethical practice for any group. All Christians and non-Christians should strongly oppose its use. Counter-cult groups should oppose its use, labeling correctly any group which has been proven to use it as a Mind Control cult.
  • minimus

    Those of us in the truth are not under mind control We are simply publishers who want to help out the slave. When we go to the meetings, we get our food and are able to fulfill our assignment. We look forward to the paradise and that God for the Society and the organization. We're happy we're not in the world. We know who the archenemy is. We're, thank God, in the ark of salvation. We look forward to the new heavens and new earth. We hate this old system.We can hardly wait until the harlot gets her just desserts. Hopefully, we won't get marked or disfellowshipped in the meantime.......Nah, there's no signs of mind control here.....Thanks Blondie for that research.

  • Odrade

    Blondie, that was really interesting, I'm copying the whole post to my files. Unlike you, I have read all 170+ posts in this thread, in an effort to understand how I was so deceived. I think most of the disagreement has come from not having a definition of mind-control. This information summed it up nicely. I could see my JW self in every facet. Makes me even more determined to root out every last vestige of implanted ideas and triggers.


  • Mr Lebowski
    Mr Lebowski

    Congratulations, Blondie, for great research (I had read that site as well, but was waiting for minimus to post it to define his terms :)~

    I think heathen is correct - no minds are changing. I don't think it has gone on too long, though... I have greatly enjoyed many of the posts.

    I agree that all the techniques listed are used by the WTS. I still believe, however, that the techniques are only effective in the long term with those that are trying to fill a void. I think that "mind control" is a misleading and incorrect way to describe this social interaction. And it is an inter-action... because humans never choose to do anything unless they believe they are getting benefits, so JW's are getting exactly what they want out of the deal, and they don't quit until that equation changes.

    Thanks all, for stimulating conversation (either way:)

    El Duderino

  • minimus

    So you think JW's WANT to do all the stuff they have to do, huh? You think they want to go to 5 meetings a week, go out in service, see a loved one die because of not having a blood transfusion, want to not be able to talk to a best friend or relative because of being disfellowshipped?.....What mind controlling drug are you on, duderino?

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