I am glad to have found the true religion

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  • baker


    If you have cable, this is a good series of information, if you just want to sit back and learn from people who have seriously studied the ancient text and maybe it will surprise you from what you have been told.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Either you believe in coincidences or you accept that when it comes to pedophiles among the brothers, "Clearly Jehovahs angels sent them" or at least have no interest in protecting those children from them.

  • A Believer
    A Believer

    The elders know much more than I, or anybody else in this thread about the Bible. Really if their are lurkers they should talk to one in a local congregation if they need more answers on matters.

    The Bible is about how Gods intention for the Earth was to be a paradise, and how it will be returned to that way.

  • Luo bou to
    Luo bou to

    guys gals relax a believer can't hear you your wasting your time to understand his mindset there is a good article written by a highly acclaimed author on Randy's freemind's website titled What could be more appealing than an exclusive club run by GOD himself

  • schnell

    I see now that Jesus isn't our mediator and only the 144000s. Who are actually of all kinds because from the Israel tribes we all came from.

    (A Believer, January 5, 2017)

    Oh nothing, just wanted to quote A Believer renouncing Christianity in favor of idolizing men.

  • scratchme1010

    It really is great. I remember browsing this forum the day after I had joined it, and their was a knock on the door. I thought it was one of my package from ups but instead it was two sisters. Clearly Jehovahs angels sent them.

    How saddening it is to see the wolfs in sheep clothing on this website that for some reason still go to the Kingdom Hall. Well atleast it was sad.

    The 20 active members on this site likely don't go to my KH and they have already blasphemed against Jehovah. So to my knowledge, he won't help you when his day comes that is near.

    What a load of crap! If you really believed your own words, you wouldn't need to come here at all to "brag" about it.

    Get a life.

  • tepidpoultry
  • Magnum

    A Believer: "The elders know much more than I, or anybody else in this thread about the Bible."

    I was skimming through this thread not intending to comment, HOWEVER, after reading this quote from you, I got a burning, uncontrollable urge to comment. You just hanged yourself. You just once and for all ruined any credibility you might have had in my eyes. I have been sensing for the last few weeks that you're naïve - at least relative to JWdom, but now I know it for a fact.

    If you really think (and I think you do) that the elders know more than anybody else in this thread, then you are far too inexperienced, naïve, and ignorant of JWdom to argue with any of us. Many of us have been elders. I was one, and I can assure you that what you said/think about elders and their knowledge is far from the truth.

    The lack of qualifications of many (probably most) elders is one of the things that disturbed me greatly for most of my years as a JW and that finally drove me away. Many elders are clueless. I know of one, who was a presiding overseer and regular pioneer, who thought that the term "Judaism" came from judo, and that those who practiced Judaism were experts in martial arts.

    I have years of vast experience with elders, and I can with the greatest confidence say you're dead wrong. Not only do a lot of elders lack knowledge of the Bible, many lack comprehension, reasoning skills, a sense of logic, and even outright intelligence. I was embarrassed by many of them. Many don't even really know JW doctrine well. Specific example: Luke 21:28. The org changed its teaching on that in the 90's. It used to teach that that verse applies during the last days, but then changed the doctrine and taught that it applies only during the great tribulation. However, every elder (about six) in my congregation except me continued to teach that it applies during the last days. We had a CO who came around about 2007 and went over that teaching with the congregation, but none of those elders got the point. They just couldn't get it. That's only one small example,

    And one other thing, I noticed within the last week or two that you referred to Jehovah's Witnesses as "Jehovah Witnesses". One's doing that was always a clear sign to me that he/she was ignorant of JWdom. It's an indicator to me that you're out of your league on this forum. Actually, you're more in your league with JWs.

    I really don't want or intend to be mean to you. Perhaps you've recently connected with JWdom and are excited by what you perceive to be truth. Perhaps you think you've gained a wonderful hope for the future. Perhaps you've had a hard life (I hope not) and are happy to have found the promises of JWdom.

    I remember when I naively thought that elders were fountains of knowledge, that COs were virtual supermen, and that GB members were off the charts. I really looked up to and was intimidated by them, but, gradually, as I gained experience and knowledge, I found out the truth; I saw behind the curtain.

    If you are excited about your connections with JWdom and your belief in its teachings, then I feel sorry for you. I don't want to destroy your hope and make you sad. I know what it's like to lose one's cherished hope.

    If you really want truth, I urge you to gain knowledge and experience. Read. Examine. Learn. Open your mind. You're too naïve right now and lacking in knowledge to commit to JWs. Evidently, you think that most of us on this site are blind, but we feel the same about you. Most of us have been JWs and know far more about JWdom than you do. There are even some on this site who have never been JWs who know far more about JWdom than you do.

    I really do wish the best for you. If you ever do see what we're saying about JWdom, please let us know. I think that most would be gracious toward you for revealing such.

  • schnell
    I know of one, who was a presiding overseer and regular pioneer, who thought that the term "Judaism" came from judo, and that those who practiced Judaism were experts in martial arts.


  • Magnum

    Hey schnell, it was at a meeting for service that he was conducing. It was about 28 years ago, but my wife and I both remember it as if it had been yesterday. He was going over the daily text and talking about the Apostle Paul's former connections with Judaism. He described how Paul must have been humble because if he had wanted to, being into Judaism, he could have chopped his opponents up. As he said it, he proceeded to make karate-like movements with his hands.

    It was so unbelievably absurd that I had to question my wife and ask her whether she heard what I did. I have such a vivid memory of it that I remember where I was sitting in the Hall, where he was standing, etc.

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