I am glad to have found the true religion

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  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    I came to this thread late but here's my two cents. A poem that I wrote sometime ago.

    You're going to grow old and gray

    And if you ever have children so will they

    So remember me on this very day

    When in defiance of your false prophet

    I lift up my voice and say

    You, your children and their grandchildren

    Are going to grow old and gray

    All of you who follow the Watchtower way

    Do not look upon tomorrow with conceit and arrogance

    For you will be humbled, bowing, no more haughty stance

    Just remember me on that future day

    When you finally have grown old and gray

    Remember your foolish lie

    When it's time for you to die

  • schnell

    The idea of "religio" and thus religion is dumb. Your ideas do not have rights and they deserve scrutiny, though this is not to say that consistent results are impossible or should be dismissed.

    So why hold onto them when you should be scrutinizing them? Good grief.

  • schnell

    That said, I'm aware that religion isn't going away any time soon. Religious ideas go back tens of thousands of years, so if I had to guess, they'll just keep going. So politically, it's basically fine for someone to be religious. They should also be allowed to leave that religion.

  • babygirl30

    Please explain to me WHY this "A Believer" has changed their profile pic 3x in a month or so, continues to knowingly troll (I mean post) anti ex-JW things on an ex-JW site, and people STILL engage?? It makes NO sense to me. Obviously this person wants attention - thats a given. But why GIVE it to them? 😝

  • JWdaughter

    Babygirl, probably because some of us used to BE the troll. And others of us like the intellectual(?) exercise of there exchanges.

    Gotta admit though, he isn't stretching my intellect much and he is not very good at faking being 's study'. He is not any kind of challenge.

  • Christophoros
  • zeb

    dear AB,

    The man in this video is one of the gb. His lawyers tried their darnest to keep him from appearing at the Royal Commission into Institutional Response to Child Abuse here in Australia when as a member of the gb he should have been gladly taking the stand.

    So watch and learn


  • A Believer
    A Believer
    JWdaughter2 hours ago

    So, Believer, you showed the WT teaching that Excludes the majority of humanity from having Jesus as mediator. As an unbaptized study, do you believe him to be your mediator now? Have you talked to your study conductor about your understanding?

    Yeah. I see now that Jesus isn't our mediator and only the 144000s. Who are actually of all kinds because from the Israel tribes we all came from.

  • tepidpoultry
  • Christophoros

    From page 13 of

    A Believer's first post

    'Hi forum'

    pbrow9 days ago

    "I would not be surprised if believer has left this thread but hopefully not the site.

    Troll or not, intentional or not... When I was starting to question things 7 years ago, these are exactly the types of threads i pored over. I spent months looking for exactly these types of threads.

    It is completely obvious the exhausting amount of work that has been put into the thoughtful posts by our members here. Posts that are so easily dismissed or just outright ingnored. When questions are posed and just downright ignored, it made me realize that they just have no legs to stand on.

    post away believer... You are helping more than you could ever know


    If all of that effort helps just one person... Whether to leave the cult, or in their journey of recovering from it...

    Then it was so worth it.

    I think it also helps the individual who puts in that effort, in their own journey of recovery.

    It's all good :-)

    I believe that whatever the watchtower does, it always backfires..

    Truth, light and love always overcome lies, darkness and hate...

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