Im sick of my life

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  • BlackWolf
    Thanks I will try harder to think positive. Especially right now since I just spent the whole day being indoctrinated at an assembly. Every time I go to an assembly/convention it becomes more and more unbearable but I just try to imagine it as a test of patience and strength of will that might benefit me someday. :)
  • Heaven

    When they start talking crap, in your mind, go to your Happy Place. Or... refute everything they are saying silently in your mind. This is what I used to do. Let them babble on, they like to do that. When they're done, say something inane like 'Hmmm, interesting.' or change the subject or even better "Well, I have to go to the washroom. Excuse me." and walk away.

    So Black Wolf, what post-secondary school(s) are you thinking you'd like to attend? Please let us know and list your reasons why this/these particular schools interest you. Keep thinking about the future, keep planning for it.

  • KateWild

    Well done for all the positive things you are doing to better yourself. It's so nice to see you are productive and talented. I am sorry you're feeling isolated and that's where your real problem is, hopefully soon you can have some real friends who care about you and enjoy your hobbies.

    Kate xx

  • rebel8

    That organization may be able to help you secure housing or with emergency expenses to escape. They also offer college scholarships. All of this is targeted towards children in cults.

    Escaping is not easy. I did it, with no $. My $ had been systematically confiscated with the single purpose of not enabling me to be able to move out of my cult mother's home.

    I had to plot for a long time. You may have to, too. I got a job that had some cash income. I hid the cash. It was found a few times and confiscated, so I had to start over. I don't know what the rules are now, but back then, my parents could go to the bank and withdraw $ from my accounts, so it wasn't safe there.

    I had to escape due to physical abuse. I found a worldly person willing to rent me half a bedroom for cheap. I stayed there til I was able to save some $ for my own teensy apartment. I kept doing that until I could get some specialized job skills so I could get a better paying job. And on and on it went until I became established in my career and earning a tidy income.

    It's possible, difficult, and worth doing. You have some work ahead of you, but lots to look forward to.

    *(Hint, hint--good cause to donate to!!)

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