Pro Gun Florida mom shot by 4 year old son

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  • Crazyguy
    A few years ago I moved in to and rented a house. The previous tenant got in to his suv backed up and ran over his own child's head with the back tire. What a horable tragedy! When I was just a boy my brother an I got in to may parents car and he put the car out of park and it was rolling down a hill while I was hanging on the the open door on the other side. If I had fallen out I could have been run over by the front tire and killed. SO since my brother was a dumb kid and the father of the dead baby didn't look, All cars and suvs should be taken off the road an no one should be able to drive!!!!
  • done4good

    Sometimes I think ppl think guns spontaneously combust or something. Show me an accidental shooting and I'll show you an irresponsible person. Period end of story.

    All of you pro-NRA/gun folks need a class or two in probability theory. Oh wait, you need to understand basic math first, never mind.


  • GrreatTeacher

    Oh, please, with the comparisons of guns and cars.

    Cars have a useful purpose. Handguns are designed to maim or kill.

    In my first post I mentioned a list of every irresponsible thing this gun owner did. It was not an endorsement of handguns.

    Pro-gun folks are always reassuring others that they are responsible gun owners. But, this story as well as many others shows that there are way too many irresponsible ones. It makes me question whether self-policing by gun advocates is working.

    I have nothing against shotguns or rifles used for hunting. My husband is a hunter and it's a useful way to manage wildlife populations. We eat everything he kills.

    Also, I am very glad that the mother survived.

  • juandefiero

    Sure would be nice if I could express my opinion on this thread and didn't have to walk on eggshells around here.

    The only thing I guess I feel safe to say is: "What a horrible tragedy." Hopefully people can take some lessons away from this.

  • Crazyguy
    When I was a teenager over at the hall near by a girl about 15 was staying at her sisters house, spending the night. Everyone went to bed the woman and her husband in their room and the teenage girl on the couch. The man a brother woke up hearing something and went out to investigate and sees a man assaulting the girl on the couch. The man could not catch the guy for he took off running down the street with the brother chasing him. The brother gave up after awhile because he was naked. Went back to his house to soon realize the girls face had been beaten in, she suffered brain damage etc but did survive. Would a hand gun made a difference who knows, but the brother didn't have that option because the Borg counseled against pistols back then. Instead it was rely on Jehovah.
  • Crazyguy
    In response to grreatteacher, I believe people should have to take a traning course to have and own a gun and back ground checks to for people wanting to buy a gun, being responsible when owning guns is the highest priority! Also I'm am not a member of the NRA and never will be. Just because I am a gun owner doesn't mean I'm a zealot.
  • juandefiero
    D4G: All of you pro-NRA/gun folks need a class or two in probability theory. Oh wait, you need to understand basic math first, never mind.

    Do you want to change someone's point of view, or just insult them and be condescending? Don't you think that it is more effective to try to win someone over than to further divide the two sides?

    Aggressive, divisive rhetoric like yours, Simon's and others is why the NRA still has the power they do.

    You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Well, that's good to hear Crazyguy. I also think that everyone should should have to take a gun safety course.

    Look, I have a shotgun in my house, so I'm not entirely anti-gun, like I mentioned above.

    But, it's locked and stored in the attic without ammo. The ammo is stored separately in another area. That's for safety. We also only use the gun for hunting, not self-protection.

    Which brings me to Simon's point. If you store a gun safely, it's not useful for self-defense. If it's not stored safely, then it's dangerous.

  • Hadriel

    @juandefiero glad to hear you say this but to be honest that's not at all how you acted with me a month or so ago. A bit of pot and kettle.

    @GreatTeacher agree with all you said outside of the fact that you can't store a firearm safely and still use it for self defense.

    In the event I described the ammunition was locked in a gun safe with a simple pin that only I and my wife know I loaded and chambered the weapon in less than 10 seconds. Heck it might have been 5. So I vehemently disagree.

    it is very difficult to prove states with strict vs. lenient laws benefit or are adversely affected based on their stance on gun laws.

    What's interesting is that in California where a very small percentage of the population owns guns the murder rate often leads the nation. Conversely in Alaska where the majority of the population owns a gun the murder rate is extremely low.

    The simple truth is that if you ban guns altogether people will still find ways to get them. I know you con-types don't want to hear that but it is undeniable. The shooting not long ago in San Bernardino had both legally and illegally obtained weapons involved. You want a quick fix but unstable people and pressure within society are very much part of the equation I'm afraid. Not a single instance when I've been angry have I thought hey let's shoot someone. Not once and I've been ticked off as much as the next guy.

    There are a lot of factors in these equations and I'd be the first to admit you can make a case the other way too. Regardless the blanket statement that well strict gun laws make things inherently safer is patently false and cannot be proven anymore than the opposing view.

    Part of the reason this issue is so polarizing is that the data swings both ways in many cases. This makes it very difficult to be hard and fast on either stance in my opinion.

  • RubaDub

    I didn't read all of the details but I bet the kid has not taken a gun safety course.

    Rub a Dub

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