New Member Of The Governing Body 24 Jan 2018

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    More than likely, Cook has no children, making it 7 out of 8 appointed men on the Governing Body that have had no experience in raising children. But as pointed out already, he's lived most of his life sheltered in the Bethel environment, which reduces his practical experiences even further.
  • Diogenesister
    Iamallcool His name sounds familiar to me. The Cook Family lived here in Georgia. I remember my Dad saying good things about the Cook Family.

    He doesn't come from a witness family. He was a Mormon until he was 20. I think he's from Pensylvania.

  • Finkelstein

    But as pointed out already, he's lived most of his life sheltered in the Bethel environment

    But that does make for prime candidate to become an organizing spokesman for the JWS cult and Watchtower Publishing house .

    Hell if I was living and working at Bethel all that time a would jump at the chance to become GB member.

    You could very well live out the rest of your life financially supported by the WTS.

    Think of the arrogance and uplifted ego when you tell your peers and family.

    But wait a minute 8 in not a solemnly righteous sacred number to the ancient Hebrews.

    Are the GB members becoming apostate. ?

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    Wasn’t there another GB member who was a former Mormon? Maybe I am mistaken, but I think it was Guy Pierce. I wonder if there are any Ex JWs that high up in the Mormons.

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