To Those With Ears to Hear...

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  • DannyBear

    ****But IF you make the connection and relate that this is a subtle reference to what to look for in the physical Jesus, you'll have to be looking for a black man who is gay. ****

    Where's Mizpah when you need him?

    Hey Bibleman, how was Las Vegas, did you ever get a gig there? Please don't hesitate to show everyone the pictures of yourself all dressed in angel garb.

    BTW hasn't god formed any new subliminal images in the clouds? I mean we need to have our faith strengthened now and then with some 'new light'.......this old stuff is a little dull.

    Kidding aside, I always thought you were a kick in the pants.....glad your still around and kicking.


  • gumby

    Dang JC,

    Thats a better sumliminal pic than anything the W.T. has to offer!

    All I see is a dog with it's head laying down. I see no negro kid though......I'll look again!


  • Farkel

    : And so I started to ask, but before I could get the words out, I saw Death (the Destroyer) flash before me. And I said to Him, "You can't do that! You cannot! If they hate you now, they will hate you even more so! They don't want to die, they just want to know you are here!"

    At least he's consistent: he kills a lot, and rather seems to enjoy doing it.


  • berylblue

    I understand Zyprexa is an extremely effective anti-psychotic and doesn't seem to cause tardive dyskenesia the way Thorazine does.

    Ask your doctor if it's right for you.

  • berylblue
    And then I'll reject them, because they rejected God's word. It will be too late.
    So I'm here just taking notes.

    That's really considerate of you. It's R-O-S-E-M-A-R-I-E; please don't spell it "Rosemary", or God will nuke my poor undeservng cousin instead.

  • Undecided

    Wow! I'm sure glad I stopped reading the bible when I did. I would hate to be so screwed up in my mind that I couldn't sleep at night and would have delusional dreams about being in heaven talking to God or being christ in a dumpster.

    I hope you both get some help before you become appointed as an executioner for God in some dream!

    I really think you both are good people, who really tried to be a good JW but were beat down until you couldn't take it any more. I hope you both find peace of mind and can recover your life.

    Ken P.

  • logical

    this post scared me

  • cat1759

    I understand this post. I also understand everyone that posted under this thread.

    We all have experiences that we don't talk about because we can't put them in the little square box. The experiences sometimes do not fit our reality. So we lock them away in our mind, never to return until the key is put in and the experiences are unlocked.

    We all astral travel when we sleep. Most of us don't even realize it. Some of us wake up in our dreams. Some of us meditate to further understand ourselves and our surroundings and the why's of life. In doing so we attain knowledge that is already inside us. Remember we only use 3 or 4 percent of our brains...well what is in the other 96 percent of our brains?

    If you read about Einstein it was after a meditation that he came up with the relativity theory that he had been working on. It was because he accessed the other part of his brain. The greats who changed lives meditated.

    Astral travel is where we project our souls after our bodies fall asleep and we visit places that interest us. Things we wanted to learn. It seems that Aguest projected because of what was going on in his/her life at that moment. The helplessness, the questions, she wanted answers. We do this in a cognitive way. We come back to our bodies and we are able to remember those times we have projected.

    Have any of you ever woken up at and you feel like you have been jerked awake. You were out there astral travelling and something woke up, the dog, the phone rang, or you got upset at something you saw. It is in your psyche, it is inside your mind. Accessing the visuals after the incident is sometimes hard andsometimes we never remember.

    If Aguest is a psycho so am I. The things I have seen in astral have been reminders.

    I had an experience six months before I met with a psychotherapist. I saw a vision of this man. He didn't fit my reality so I dismissed him. Later that year when I met with the shrink the first time, there was the picture of the man I had seen in my vision on his wall. I had been in this office, I had seen it all just six months earlier. The shrink was to write a report of my condition. When I saw the picture I immediatly had a panic attack. I couldn't put it all together. Why was I seeing this person in the picture? What meaning did this have to me? I didn't believe in anything at this time. No god, no religion, nothing. I had seen something before this vision. I won't expound on that one.

    It was after this that I took up a study of the other side. What actually does happen when we die? Are we really dead?

    Aguest sometimes what we see is for our benefit only. You saw death and life. In your reality maybe you don't see the grey, the color. Sometimes our fears hold us back because our reality will not accept the changes being asked. You were unwilling to accept the gift he held out because of fear of the others dieing. You might have to learn that you can not save the world only yourself. This keeps us the victim forever. Now think about this, what would have happened had you continued? You don't know because out of fear you turned back. Then because of your stand the lowliest became the highest. Maybe there is a situtation in your life you have to take a stand about. Plant your feet firmly in the ground and stand erect because this will fit your reality.

    If God is truly a god of love and can read hearts there is no right or wrong religion. Religion is a stepping stone to spirituality. You learn spirituality by studying and taking in knowledge that sometimes is not orthodox.

    Matthew 7:7,8, Colossians 3:1,2


    Best of luck in your journey

  • badolputtytat

    "You know, I don't mind you making fun of me, because that is ALL you can't do. You certainly can't tell me about the Bible's second coming details. But that won't change. Since I'm not telling you everything though, things that might convince you who I am right now, I don't blame you for being skeptical. But the bottom line is...since I REALLY am he...there's NOTHING you can do to disprove it. You can reject it, but you can't disprove it. It's fair game if I'm not proving to you that I am either. But then, again, there's the BIBLE. That's the problem I'm looking at you about..."

    Jcanon... that is weird. ok... I give up. I promise not to make fun of you bzzzz anymore. If you say the Nazarene has returned and he is sitting behind a key-board in his boxer shorts fullfilling prophecies and making preditictions, and explaining bible teachings... then I believe you.

    and btw... this... Actually, most of my work is done but certain specific scriptures have to be fulfilled. is even weirder. Jesus just posted an emoticon and it is sticking it's tounge out at me.

  • Satanus

    But the bottom line is...since I REALLY am he...there's NOTHING you can do to disprove it. You can reject it, but you can't disprove it.

    Wow. The deapths of this guy knowing that he is jesus is ... i guess, amazing. I can see how religions get started by people like this. His total conviction seems to go far byond faith or thought.


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