To Those With Ears to Hear...

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    "What do YOU believe that someone, who may come to this board seeking serious help to get out of a cult like Jehovahs Witnesses... would think... when they read threads like this? What "conclusion" might be drawn?" ......

    Why do you assume that such is the majority? How long have you been coming here?

    Aguest... under a different name (which I cannot say for family reasons) I have been coming here for about a year.... and I "assume" no such thing.... in between all the fluff and friendship on this site, just about EVERY member at some point expresses; or has expressed some fear, or doubt or worry or pain..asscociated with the WT. And we have all seen the "newbies" that come for the first time and read your post and go.... "Huh?"

    It just really scares me, that some young teen-age girl or boy, may be sitting in his/her room, plugged into the net.... looking for some serious answers about why they must endure what they do. Why must they be different.... and they come here.... and they get:

    On the morning of July 6th, at 3:10am, my Lord came to me in voice only. That is, I thought it was my Lord. The voice spoke to me calmly, soothingly, and I recognized it as my Lord. Well, I thought I did. [He] asked me if I was alright, if my heart was alright. I started to say, "Yeah, sure, you know how it is..." (again, thinking it was my Lord and thinking that he'd gone through it with Israel, too, so...), but my spirit was cautioned not to lie; nothing is "hidden" in the spirit world, so really, there's no point. So, I told the truth: etc etc etc

    and about this:

    With response to your very unkind perception of Larry (JCanon), I must say that Larry and I have had LONG "discussions", starting back a LONG time ago. And in most cases, he was able to see my point.
    Girl.... I can imagine! I bet the two of you can have some conversations that would make SOLOMON BLUSH! If you line up all your posts, and all his posts... it is similliar to reading the book of Revelations, crossed with an Ozzy Osbourne music video or something... I mean... when you are having one of your "balanced" days... have you ever sat down and read some of this stuff?????? I certainly am not trying to be cruel here... and I think, I am not the only one who sees this.... and as far as Jcanon goes... do NOT use him to back this stuff up with.... it only proves my case. bzzzz
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    it is similliar to reading the book of Revelations, crossed with an Ozzy Osbourne music video or something...

    I do not know where those who come here listen to Ozzy Osbourne, but I would think that certainly they have read the Revelation. Wait, no... perhaps they haven't. Perhaps their only venture into it is by means of the "Revelation Book."

    So, what do you wish of me: stop sharing what I am directed to share by Christ so that you no longer have to worry about what the "newbies" coming here might think? May I ask you, what of the "newbies" who experience the same thing? Where would you suggest they go to find ones like them? And no, a hospital won't do, for there, they will hear that there is something "wrong" with them. Perhaps you think that is better.

    Decide for yourself whether it is better that I should obey you (man)... or obey God. You already know what my decision is.

    I bid you peace.

    Your servant and a slave of Christ,


    P.S. However, if I were you and I encountered such "fearful" people, rather than scare then even further, and certainly rather than attempt to make excuses for ME that you CAN'T... I would direct them to "test the inspired expression." All they need do is ask. And if they haven't the faith to do that... then all they need do... is read. Indeed, it is all there, seen by others before me and recorded for all to know.

  • badolputtytat

    Aguest.... it is obvious that neither of us, take the other seriously.....

    So, what do you wish of me

    You have a nice day, and I do hope that you have all the peace and happiness in the world. I know I come off a little strong, and I really do not mean you any harm. As much as this puzzles me, to each her own. I won't pick at you anymore. If we cannot laugh at ourselves sometimes.... then all is lost.


  • AGuest

    I "hear" you. The greatest of peace to you, too!

    YOUR servant and a slave of Christ,


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    Frannie Banannie

    Aguest, you're OD'ing on those "too-wedgied words", cher.

    Frannie B <of the been there, got da Tee-shirt class>

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