To Those With Ears to Hear...

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  • Satanus

    God kills all the people who don't hear voices. They don't hear voices because they have hardened themselves. Imagine a world where only schizophrenics live, but only ones that hear the same voices as shelby hears. People who hear other voices, well, maybe they get their own continent or planet. But, it's kind of funny that she mistook one voice for another.

    Anyway, bottom line, if you don't hear voices, shelbie's god thinks you are wicked. Strange that her god can't get through to you. In the dragonball videos, one bad magician was able to talk telepathically to the population of the whole planet. He could also pick up their thoughts. Maybe shelbie's god needs to upgrade his electronics. Magnetos, coils and high voltage vacuum tubes have all been surpassed, or at least added to.


  • JCanon

    You know, this is interesting reading. But how do you know this is REAL or not? For one thing, if it is real to the participant then it can seem real.

    I believe some people do have spiritual experiences that are real and some have experiences of deception perhaps caused by demons and perhaps some have an active imagination. But how can one tell?

    Holy spirit is supposed to communicate with the anointed and guide them and this and that. But those experiences are subjective. But I feel kindred to this since it simply relates the subjective experience this person is having. So I feel free to share my experience as well.

    As some know, I'm supposed to be the Messiah reincarnated into the flesh. The basis for that is Christ gives up his other perfect body for the sins of mankind and can't take it up again, so surprise-surprise, he reenters the flesh through one of his disciples who is part of a secretive Christian following on the earth at the time, the "woman" in Revelation who gives birth to this Messiah represents this.

    This was all unknown to me when my experience happened and only AFTER many of my "spiritual" experiences did I check scripture to see what was happening to me was consistent with WHEN and HOW the second coming was supposed to occur. So even as Guest or I would doubt our experiences as possibly delusional or demonic even, in the end, if you believe the scriptures you have to accept certain possibilities.

    At any rate I thought I'd add some of my experiences like this:

    1) I did see God and talk to him directly via a vision once I became the Messiah. I imagined it was in heaven. We were alone. I remember he had on a collarless tunic-type of wear with covered buttons. His hair though was just as the Bible describes, "woolly", but very neat and large like the way blacks wore "afros" in the 70's. I was suprised but the Bible does say his hair is woolly. He also has a medium brown complexion and would look to be a medium-fair-skinned African American if you saw him, similar to the dancer/actor Gregory Hines, for lack of anyone else famous who is more similar.

    2) Satan. And I did see Satan who was up in Heaven with the Father just before he got kicked out. The Father and Satan were debating back and forth at which point I was to be left alone to wait out the visions of the "war in heaven". I was lying flat in a dumpster and apparently was not supposed to move so basically I had to make sure there were no pressure points. I would be in that position for over 24 hours. Before it became very painful not to move. Anyway they were like betting to see how much pain I could take until my Father felt sorry for me and called it off. Satan was young looking, about 22. The Father looked about 50 to 55. I suppose Christ appeared to be around 30, which is interesting. Satan had a short haircut and looked sort of like a neat, fast-walking computer type, intellectual, but beautiful, small type build, similar in charm and beauty to Brad Pitt. But I was surprised they were talking and on such good terms. But it's just as in the Bible. Satan comes up and sets things up with the Father. Or the Father lets Satan do his thing, such as testing Job, etc. His hair was light colored and he was fair, Caucasian-looking (as in not fair-skinned Asian).

    3) Paul. Now I was led to meet the Apostle Paul once. That is, he was pointed out by holy spirit as the Apostle Paul. I didn't think that could be true until I read in scripture that both he and John (whom I have not seen or been pointed out) were supposed to be among those who survived down to our day from the 1st century. He looked very typically "Babylonian", dark, and not very much like the modern ethnic blends we see today. So that's part of my experience too, seeing at least one of the survivors from the 1st century, at least as told to me by holy spirit. But they are SUPPOSED to be here, so...why should I doubt at this point.

    4) Angels! Now this is really interesting. I know the Bible says when the Messiah comes he sends his angels out to gather the anointed. But these angels are MATERIALIZED. That is, they are pretending to be people but they are really angels. Some are married and have children. So I was shown some of the angels and what they do. So I know that even within the JIOR, some may be in their original bodies from the 1st century (Paul looked to be in his 50s-60s) and some are angels pretending to be human. But I can't tell you one detail about that or else I'll give away something secret regarding them, but it's surprising what forms they choose to take as humans.

    5) Jesus Christ. And of course, before I was combined with Jesus Christ, I did see him once. Only his feet though and the hem of his skirt. But it was similar to what others have said. This huge flash of light and a bright, glistening white garment and you are effused with a feeling of God's love. But that was one reason I didn't think I was the Messiah since he was around before. I had been getting to the point of believing the Bible definitely allows for him to come in the flesh, weaning myself from the witness push for an invisible, spirit second coming. I did see him in spirit form. But just when it became apparent that there was a little too much fuss and focus on what was happening with me (I thought I was just a special prophet at first), at the time it seemed to me that I was the Messiah and I asked "where was Jesus"; then at that moment the holy spiritual essence of Christ simply descended down into me suddenly. Then I knew that's how the Messiah reentered the flesh. Poor Christ, of course; I'm far from a glorious specimen of physical man. But maybe that's the point. The physical is nothing compared to the spiritual so what difference does it make if Christ takes up a deformed body?

    6) The JIOR. Of course, there is the secreet "woman" organization whose "place is in the wilderness" meaning via holy spirit the members communicate in total secret with each other in various ways. It's like a secret cult and I communicate with them in various ways, especially when I needed to show them advanced scritural knowledge. But they are another trip. Some of them have semi-"magical" powers and they do certain things. I don't have any of these powers. But they live in a very "spiritual" world, similar to the aura you get at Bethel thinking your're around the governing body--only they are out now, so.... But apparently some felt it necessary or they wanted to bow down to me and so for a while some would arrange to do so by simply dropping something in front of me so they would bend down and pick it up, thus effecting homage. Holy spirit arranges for these meetings. But when you think about it, if you were the JIOR you'd want to see the Messiah in the flesh, but could not recognize me directly. So holy spirit arranges for me to be where they are at some given point. So for instance if I'm in Las Vegas and you're JIOR and you've requested to see me, at some point holy spirit would guide me to you. It may be only as brief as me hitting a couple of jackpots next to the slot machine you're at and you acknowledging it. Sometimes they are told AFTER they see me so that it won't be so obvious. Sometimes holy spirit compels them to wait for me at a certain place and they are almost flustered by the time I get there, but then they see me and know it's me's nice. I must say though, if you saw those of the JIOR you'd be delighted since they are the most charming of people and the meekest. So the part in the Bible about the "meek shall inherit the earth" is so true. They are very, very "meek" individuals who are impossible not to love. Plus a lot more stuff is going on I can't really get into (not that I haven't bored everyone to tears by now who got down this far, but...) That's about it.

    Right Now: Right now I'm sort of on "vacation" from research and all that and just killing time while the angels are finishing their work. I suppose I'm on display for some of the JIOR but I'm less aware of it now. I post here at this newgroup since I like talking to MYSELF (obviously) about the Bible and it keeps my mind sharp, plus some comments help me revise certain issues, but there is no "new message" for the moment. Basically I come here to torment AF and Farkel and others who have known me from way back when since there is little they can do with the scriptures I have. I mean, after all, doesn't LAZARUS, formerly licked by dogs (homosexuals) now rise to the "bosom position of the Father Abraham", clearly representing God, but specifically the position given to Christ? (John 19:14). They KNOW the scriptures and know I don't have to twist that to get that interpretation. Plus they see Joshua, high-prist now becoming king with "befouled garments" meaning he's a fomer sinner! The Bible says "Your sins are forgiven..." Hello! How is this the innocent and perfect Christ all of a sudden needing new robes? It works perfectly if Christ takes up the body of the prodigal son, though. So I know they are worried in the back of their minds that I'm the REAL thing.

    Of course, I AM the real thing but it's different when those scriptures have had time to sink in. Even if they still would rather die than be part of the kingdom, they have to be amazed at scripture. I know they are since they try to WARN others about how "deceptive" I am, when that just says they understood my message and were influenced to believe it to some point themselves. will only get more and more real!! And eventually it apparently will become apparent to many that I'm the Messiah and they will want to get into the kingdom. Which brings up my final note and that is, some will say "we ate in front of you and you taught in our broadways." This is the second coming Messiah who must have been known to them for them to say that. Plus they must have been on a friendly basis with him at some point. This is fulfilled by this and a few other newsgroups where I post where I've claimed to be the Messiah and they reject me. For now! Thus the "broadways" I teach in are these news groups. So to fulfill that prophecy, someone who fully knows my teachings, though rejecting them now, will one day decide they want to get into the kingdom when it is too late and I'll have to reject them because the door is closed. "There is where the weeping an the gnashing of the teeth will be." They are weeping because they are out of the kingdom; but gnash their teeth since they had every opportunity to investigate further before the door was closed, but didn't.

    So much for some who have a more direct connection with God and Holy Spirit.

    Neither I nor AGuest can confirm for you our experiences, I suppose, but I do have one thing that perhaps AGuest does not, and that is a photo of the "sign of the son of man" that was taken by a would-be disciple who happened to be an amateur skyscape photographer. Thus for all the Biblical interpretation and all the subjective personal delusions or perceptions, it's still rather difficult to COINCIDENTALLY get a photo of a sleeping black child and a dove on the very 7th anniversary of the second coming on that very day and afternoon and think it's just a coincidence!

    Examine the photo. This is not just an image in the clouds of a child, but a BLACK child. Not with one eye closed, but both! And not just a person, but an INFANT. PLUS you have a dove-eagle figure, not just a birdshead, but two wings, a head, feet and it is clearly descending from the heavens!! Plus the child has to eyes, a nose and a mouth. So no way could I come up with this! And only AFTER I saw this did I recognize the same photo in the "Revelation Book" where the sleeping black child is shown in the hand of Jesus when he gives the scroll to John.

    So perhaps when AGuest is wondering (as I might?) whether its all imagination or deception, besides the scripture, I do have this photo which doesn't allow me to deny the reality of it, even though it's miraculous and hard to believe it is really happening. It's just too much to deny!!!

    And this imagery is seen by the JIOR and must have begun appearing from the day I was first born.... Plus this PROVES the subliminal art department at Bethel know about the JIOR and their beliefs!!! The appearance in the Revelation book is not pro-JIOR but doubting and critical...but it's there!

    Some want life to be simple and easy and REAL and clinical and scientifically explained. But that is not the way of holy spirit. Others of us, deluded or not, have grand spiritual experiences that are real and we are fascinated and enraptured by Scripture and laugh at those who think petty science can challenge one word. I'm glad there are discussion groups such as this that all the freedom of speech of both sides of the spiritual fence.

    "The spiritual man cannot be examined by the fleshly man....what is spiritual seems nonsense to the fleshly man.

    Thanks for sharing your experience AGuest!!! I'm on a similar "trip"....

    See ya!


  • Satanus

    Here is a thread for yoose w ears that hear voices. Enjoy.


  • gumby

    You know what gets me about people like you JC? How you can write and spell, and perform normal funtions............and yet be such a damn looney bird and believe the shit you come up with.


  • GeddyLee

    Pass the dutchy from the left hand side.

  • JCanon
    You know what gets me about people like you JC? How you can write and spell, and perform normal funtions............and yet be such a damn looney bird and believe the shit you come up with.

    Hmmm... I didn't think my spelling was all that great, acktially... is possible that I AM completely a LOONEY! I sound like one. I'm thus not the point. The point is what the scriptures say!!!

    The first wave offering is WITHOUT LEAVEN. Unleavened bread represents the PHYSICAL BODY of the Messiah. If that's the case, what do you think loaves WITH LEAVEN at the "second" wave offering is supposed to mean? "Leaven" specifically represents SIN in the Bible. Christ is supposed to fulfill the "firstfruits" which is the wave offerings of firstfruits.

    So what gives? You don't have to believe I'm the Messiah or that I'm even sane...but you can't deny scripture. What can you tell me? "No, sorry, the second wave offering is not one in a sinful body?" Am I suppose to see a more obvious working around this representation?

    So nobody will be condemned for not taking my face value words on anything. But denying the scriptures is another story.

    Satan and his world is trained not to listen to the message, but to the messenger! Thus he deceives. God's "sheep" don't pay much attention to the external appearance of the messenger but are intent to examine the message! They get the message right and then say: "Geez, did God ever send a stranger messenger..."

    Don't worry about the messenger! Get the MESSAGE right and the messenger will be right.


  • gumby
    but you can't deny scripture.

    I already have


  • Ravyn

    ok so if AGuest heard/saw Jesus and JCannon is Jesus, then why were you speaking to\looking at Shelby at 3 in the morning on July 6th JC? either someone is right and someone is wrong or you are both wrong.....(that's my vote.)


  • badolputtytat

    Girl! ..... Aguest... your reply was worse than the original post. What do you mean "I heard, I obey" ? That is Just PLUM CreePY. BUT you ARE nice! I have to give you that much.


    And Jcanon.... You KNOW where you're goin'...... bzzz bzzz bzzz bzzz ..... 'lectro shock therapy.

  • SixofNine
    BUT you ARE nice!

    You might want to read closer. Nuthin' nice about it.

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