Black Lives Matter—Do You Agree With Their Philosophy?

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  • Simon

    There isn't white privilege, there's just black stupidity.

    I mean, how unbelievably fucking stupid beyond belief do people have to be to vote for the party behind the KKK for the past 50 years thinking it's going to make their life better even though it never does?

    Don't blame everyone else for not being as retarded and self-destructive.

  • Hisclarkness

    Simon, here are my statistics:

    Go to the FBI website and look at their latest data.

    Here are some highlights:

    5025 black people were arrested last year for murder. It is important to note that this is the number of arrests; this number doesn’t show if a person was arrested multiple times or if that person was later proven not guilty. But let’s just go with this number.

    There were 9468 murders committed last year. So black people committed approximately 53% of the murders. That looks bad.

    The FBI website says that there were approximately 47 million black people in the US last year. That’s around 13% of the population. But if only 5023 black people were arrested (assuming they were all different people) then that means that only 0.010% of black people are murderers.

    If I compare that same data to white people, then only 0.0050% of white people are murderers.

    If you add up all the crime arrests and not just murder and crunch the same data, then the numbers will show that 94.6% of black people are law abiding citizens compared to 95.8% of white people. Those numbers are not far off from one another at all.

    Crime is related to poverty. What about those statistics?

    Go to the Bureau of Justice website and look at their data. Here are some highlights:

    • poor Hispanics (25.3 per 1,000) had lower rates of violence compared to poor whites (46.4 per 1,000) and poor blacks (43.4 per 1,000)
    • Poor persons living in urban areas (43.9 per 1,000) had violent victimization rates similar to poor persons living in rural areas (38.8 per 1,000)
    • Poor urban blacks (51.3 per 1,000) had rates of violence similar to poor urban whites (56.4 per 1,000)
    • Violence against persons in poor (51%) and low income (50%) households was more likely to be reported to the police than violence against persons in mid-(43%) and high-income (45%) households.

    So according to statistics black crime in poor and urban areas is similar to white crime in those same areas.

    Other highlights:
    “Black on black” is 63% while “white on white” crime is 56%.

    Again, the numbers are not terribly far off from one another. But why is “black on black” crime even a thing? Why don’t we ever talk about “white on white” crime?

    Go back to the FBI website data.

    Black on black murder rate is 89%
    White on white murder rate is 81%

    To even bring up black on black crime as if that’s something black people don’t care about is careless and disingenuous. Just because you don’t see everything black people do to address black on black crime, does that mean the efforts don’t exist?

    This is a statistic from the US Partnership on Mobility and Poverty: the average white person lives in an area that is 75% white and 8% percent black.

    So how do you presume to know that no one is addressing the “black on black” crime?

    A recent peer review study showed that black people have the highest rate of community service at 52.9% compared to white people at 41.9%.

    The latest charitable giving as a share of median family wealth data shows that black people give 8% compared to white people at 2%.

    Why are these numbers important? Do a quick google search on the number of black lives matter protests. Now google the number of “stop the violence” rallies.

    I believe the data will show that black people DO in fact care about black on black crime in their communities. Black people commit more time and money to the crime happening in their communities than white people. There are hundreds of black fraternities, sororities, church groups, mentoring organizations, after school programs, community centers, athletic teams, science clubs, music groups, and even FISH FRIES dedicated to stopping violence in black communities. However, this should not be an issue to be brought up to deflect from the OP of this thread.
    So after reading all this data showing that rates are pretty similar across the board and that black people actually invest MORE time and money towards solving these issues, why do people still insist with the perception that black men are more dangerous than white men??
  • Hisclarkness

    Here’s one more statistic about the number of deaths while in police custody in the US compared to Australia and the UK:

    Last year, 1,348 in the US died AFTER being taken into police custody. That’s 12 per every 100K arrests.

    Australia had 21 people die. That’s 5 for every 100K arrests.

    The UK had 13 people. That’s 2 per 100k arrests.

    Why such the disparity? We are not talking about the people dying while police are in pursuit. We are talking about after they are already in custody. This is a police brutality issue.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina
    Open question to anyone or rhetorical - would you trust the Governing Body of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society more or less if they were a specific colour? Or covered a specific range of colour?
  • Simon

    Your statistics are BS, you're just trying to twist things.

    Simple version: despite being only 13% of the population, blacks commit over 50% of murders.

    This is just murder stats, that level of crime and violence is repeated all the way down.

    That is why people cross the road and feel threatened if they see a group of blacks coming toward them.

    It's not racist to be realistic and want to make good choices to protect yourself.

  • Hisclarkness


    My official government statistics are BS? Ok.

    Like I said, I had a feeling I could provide statistics and it wouldn’t make a difference. All of the statistics show that crime is committed by whites and blacks pretty evenly across the board.

    Again, I’ve said my peace. Be well everybody.

  • Simon
    My official government statistics are BS? Ok.

    No, your interpretation and presentation is deliberately designed to mislead.

    You take a simple, clear statistic and with an elaborate dance attempt to change what it clearly says into something laughably wrong.

    All of the statistics show that crime is committed by whites and blacks pretty evenly across the board.

    This is an outright lie and the purpose of your trick. The simple fact is that in pretty much every measured crime stat, blacks are over-represented based on population, sometimes massively so to the extent that they commit the most crimes in absolute terms.

    It's not just some abstract figure on a spreadsheet. These are real life experience for people, the victims of those crimes and others then make life decisions based on what they know and have experienced.

  • Hisclarkness

    Simon asks me for stats; says I don’t have any.

    I provide official government stats.

    Simon rejects stats and says, “ It's not just some abstract figure on a spreadsheet. These are real life experience for people”

    Oh, you mean, kinda like how black people are trying to tell you about their experience dealing with institutional racism?

    By the way, Simon, where are YOUR statistics to back up your argument? Official government statistics please and not just you talking out of the air.

    I hope you guys see what he’s doing here.

  • Hisclarkness

    Simon said:

    Simple version: despite being only 13% of the population, blacks commit over 50% of murders.”

    Incorrect. Populations don’t commit crimes; people do. I didn’t twist the numbers; you did.

    I stand by the official statistics that I cited. Crime is committed on an equal level between black and white people.

  • coalize
    Simple version: despite being only 13% of the population, blacks commit over 50% of murders

    "Simple version" : It's not how statistics works!

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