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    Poor bobby.... the bible never said nor used nor implied “overlapping” generations. It used the word generation, singular. In the first centery the time between jesus words and the event he refered to, the destruction of jerusalem, was a mere 30 years. A generation.

    Also undermining your redilious argument is the words of the wt bible amd tract society itself which taught for over 100 years that a generarion didnt overlap. They obly changed their minds when the generation that saw the events of 1914 died and they had to make something new up.

    Its sad bobby that you have to do so much in the way of mental gymnastics to make things work as a witness...

  • Searril


    The word “overlapping” or “contempory” is a mere descriptior.

    The Millenial generation will still be alive well after us older original millennials are dead.

    Dont get hung up on words. Generations lasts because people outlive people.

    I like how, if we don't like what a word means, it's now ok to just make up a new definition for it and unilaterally declare that it's obviously "a fact."

  • Searril
    Bobby2446 2 days ago

    If WT didn’t each any of of this, this would be no problem for you all to accept.

    You never noticed that nobody ever tried to concoct this distorted definition of "generation" before the Watchtower invented it? That's the reason why there was never any "overlapping generation" controversy prior to this -- because nobody else ever attempted to rewrite what the word "generation" means.

    Also, I'm 43. My daughter is 4. Our lives overlap. We're not the same generation.

  • Diogenesister

    Bobby I think it was Einstein who said the definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.....

    1874 Failed, but still believed WTBTS

    1914 Failed, but still believed WTBTS

    1925 Failed, but still believed WTBTS

    1975 Failed, but still believed WTBTS

    Within our 20Century Failed, but still believed WTBTS

    2050 ???

  • atomant

    bobby dazzler disappeared as soon as desirousofchange started spitting out all the failed claims from jw publications.The truth hurts doesn't it bobby? and trying to defend the overlapping overlap generation is complete idiocy. You know lm right.

  • Annon

    Matthew 1:1 lists 14 people Starting with Abraham and ending with David, a list of fathers and their sons. Fourteen people are listed, Abraham, his son, his grandson, and so on, then verse 17 says " All the generations then from Abraham until David were fourteen generations". The father one generation his son another generation his grandson another.

    Seems quite simple. (No overlapping generations nonsense there)

  • WhatshallIcallmyself


    I remember you writing:

    "This is fairly easy stuff. Factual stuff to boot"

    Read Annon's post above. You were right!

  • pale.emperor


    When an honest man is proven wrong. He either stops being wrong, or he stops being honest.

    - Anonymous

  • just fine
    just fine

    See why it’s easier to just burn the books?

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