The book burning has started

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  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    dear Bobby 2446

    if you are still visiting this website, it is an APOSTATE site. youre not supposed to visit these kind of sites: if your elders find out you would get into serious trouble. if you have any doubts about this--just enter your real names and congregation here----and see what happens.


  • blankspace
    My parents and I have overlapping lifespans. But this does NOT mean we're of the same generation. That's the reason why we're said to have a GENERATION GAP, especially when we don't see eye to eye on stuff.
  • yourgonnalaugh

    This has been done over the years.....I was at that convention that announced 1975 would be the end. A lot of literature "disappears" when the predictions don't actually happen.

  • zeb

    B2446. etal.

    anyone recall the wt telling all to remove old cd libraries? I sent mine onto a researcher in the US.

    My wife (uber) was so concerned I remove them off the computer.

    One bit of comparison I did was on the old 'Truth' book where it was quoted as saying xyx but in the new cd library it was quoted as saying wxy. Yes they don't want the old light shining about as it illuminates perhaps the pathways of too many law suits.

  • satinka

    Seems the JWs have a lot of printed material they are ashamed of. Burning books doesn't leave a lump in the rug, does it?

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