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  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    Bobby2246 -

    It is not semantics to show that you, and the watchtower, are misusing words.

    It's nothing to do with anything other than the overlapping generation position relying on inaccurate usage of words. It is very simple, if your initial premise is false then every thing that follows will also be false.

    Perhaps you should look up the definition of a semantic argument whilst you are online...

  • Bobby2446

    Like I just said, generations lasts when people outlive other members of that generation.

    Actually, the words “overlapping” and “contemporaries” are not necessary to establish the fact that generations lasts despite the death of the initial members.

    This is fairly easy stuff. Factual stuff to boot.

  • Bobby2446

    If WT didn’t each any of of this, this would be no problem for you all to accept.

  • WhatshallIcallmyself


    I'm am a generation, my parents are another generation and my children are yet another generation. We are all contemporaries. Two different words conveying two different meanings.

    If someone told my parents that their generation would not pass away I would be expecting the end anytime now.

    If someone said my generation would not pass away I'd expect the end to come in a few decades at the most.

    And if someone said my children's generation would not pass away...

    However what has happened is they are now saying that all contemporaries of my grandparents will not pass away...

    This is not scriptural and yes you do need to take note of definitions of words and the correct usage of such.

  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    Oh, and Bobby, saying something is a fact or is factual doesn't make it such.

    However if you'd like to copy and paste some dictionary definitions of those two words we can make our own minds up, can't we...

  • Bobby2446

    But your parents and your parent’s siblings are of the same generation, and are contemporaries, hence my point.

  • Bobby2446

    And WT is not redefining a word. What they’ve done is date “this generation” from 1914 to at least 1992, in theory.

    Car manufacturers do that all the time. They’ll place a fourth generation car, for example, between 1990-1995 and any car built in that time period is a fourth gen car.

    It can lasts an long as their is at least 1 fourth gen car being driven. Once the last one is off the road, it can be said to be gone.

    The denial of simple facts and logic here is astounding!

  • Hanged Man
    Hanged Man

    Bobby...they also taught Jesus returned in 1874....and only dropped that "truth" in 1943.

  • DesirousOfChange

    The WT has "adjusted" it's view of THE GENERATION at least 5 or 6 times that I've been around (not going back to Chuck R., whom the WT has thrown under the bus as any part of the F&DS, so what he said doesn't even officially matter any longer).

    Get your head outta your @$$.

    The book "Children" (1941) Not enough time to marry or have children

    Awake! (May 22, 1969) Not enough time to finish a college education

    "Know Jehovah" Book (1971) within our twentieth century, the "battle of the day of Jehovah" will begin

    Watchtower Magazine (Jan 1, 1989) Preaching work to be completed in the 20th Century (changed in bound volume and changed in WT Library to "in our day" -- Why the change?)

  • Bobby2446
    So? Changing the view (span) of a generation doesn’t change the meaning of the word “generation”.

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