Is it Time to Declare that The Great Tribulation Has Started ?

by OnTheWayOut 100 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • baker

    The great chariot has run its course and the GT is upon us and all cart and d to d misery is to come to a complete stop. All R&F are to focus 100% on the videos and become brain dead to all else. It will be the time of the end, maybe just theirs..

  • Finkelstein

    A folks the GB are not that stupid to announce such a thing, the WTS heads are lying crooks, not stupid crooks.

    They are quite aware they have to retain the membership so they speak and profess carefully.

    One individual might over extend things to help bolster the support but not 7 men together scrutinizing ideas.

    It does seem though that they are bit paranoid as of late about retaining members to the flock, not only from the acknowledgement of doctrines that have failed but the open critical information that is so easily available to the public thanks to the inter-net.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Start page 2 replies:

    Outlaw, thank you for the comedy relief.

    kairos, the videos can be a primer for such a declaration, or they could simply be a way to imply it's time for the tribulation, as they have done for 100 years.

    BlackSwan of Memphis, that's my thoughts. I know we were told it would be fairly quick, but we were also told the end would come in [FILL IN THE YEARS]. They change things.

    redpilltwice, I don't think it would be an easy decision. They know it would be harder to do than 1975. I really expect that it would be done out of desparation because of a terrible money situation. Maybe soon, after they sell the rest of Brooklyn.

    Gefangene, nice thoughts. It's not a sane woman who does that. It probably won't be a sane, sound GB that makes such declarations. It would be a GB in desparation.

    purrpurr, that's the double-edged sword they live with- do nothing because they don't want to be wrong again. Or do something to save the organization from bleeding out all the money and members. In politics, it's being called "kicking the can down the road." A politician can do something that will have terrible future repercussions to get past the problem now, past his time in office.

    Outlaw, thanks again.

    joe134cd, brave and stupid are both valid words.

    Finkelstein, if I read you right, you say they will just continue with business as usual.

  • Finkelstein

    Yep, dropping suggestions is what the WTS does and has done for decades its just to stimulate the literature distribution and keep everyone in a state of impending fear.

    For noted governments to turn on religion or the UN isn't going to happen in the foreseeable future.

    Exploiting people's ignorance, insecurities and fears is the game the WTS plays.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Interesting OP, OTWO.

    But the WT has nothing useful to say re current events.

    They'd rather wet their knickers and whimper or faint, like delicate women or effeminate, limp-wristed men ...

  • Quirky1

    Here, Kingdom Halls are closing... Why I asked... Answer: "Because all the members have moved to where the need is greater" .... "The preaching work here is almost done".....



  • LV101

    OTWO - I'll go back through the comments but overall sounds like any scare tactics will keep the org breathing and the leaders in their same luxurious lifestyle and they'll continue to just hang on and on.

    I always appreciate your prognostication, OTWO, but have to say I'd rather hear more quick crash/burn -- ahh, fantasies! I do hope they're running out of major assets to continue their monopoly game.

  • Finkelstein

    I do hope they're running out of major assets to continue their monopoly game.

    ah..... the WTS has never been richer, exponentially too !

  • kairos

    I think the WTS will claim the "attack of the Assyrian" when they get ousted from Russia..
    Or was it the "King of the North"? "Gog"?...

    "Demon Princes"?

    I can't keep up!

  • LV101

    I'm delusional with the hope but it's hard to imagine they're not rich no matter how many negatives they have.

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