Is it Time to Declare that The Great Tribulation Has Started ?

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  • Finkelstein

    The recent proclamation that one should stay loyal to the organization (WTS) or Jehovah's chosen organization in view what the WTS is going through right is not surprising and one should expect this to get even more ramped up as time progresses.

  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    Perhaps as soon as Warwick is completed and Brooklyn fully sold off...that way the preaching and therewith the costly literature distribution can stop.

  • Listener

    It would be to their advantage to call the GT, it would help them to explain the reduction in numbers and the lack of printed material.

    The July 2015 Watchtower introduces a whole new idea of what will be required of JWs during the GT. It tells them that they will be required to be obedient to the Governing Body (Christ's brothers) and that they will need to make some sacrifices, with the only sacrifice mentioned being that they will have to give up their material possession.

    Their problem is that the start of the GT is supposed to be marked by the UN destroying false religion, I don't know how they would explain that away.

    Here's the comments in the 2015 July Watchtower

    What will happen after the destruction of false religious organizations? It will be a time to reveal what is really in our heart. The majority of mankind will seek refuge in human organizations that are likened to “the rocks of the mountains.” (Rev. 6:15-17) Figuratively speaking, however, God’s people will flee to the refuge that Jehovah provides. In the first century, the interval was not a time for a mass conversion of Jews to Christianity. It was a time for action and obedience on the part of those who were already Christians. Similarly, we cannot expect that the future interruption in the great tribulation will result in an influx of new believers. Rather, it will be an opportunity for all true believers to prove their love for Jehovah and give their support to Christ’s brothers.—Matt. 25:34-40.
    8 Although we do not fully understand all that will happen during that time of test, we can expect that it will involve some measure of sacrifice. In the first century, Christians had to leave behind their possessions and endure hardships in order to survive. (Mark 13:15-18) To remain faithful, will we be willing to experience material loss? Will we be ready to do whatever is required of us to prove our loyalty to Jehovah? Just think! At that time, we will be the only ones following the example of the ancient prophet Daniel by continuing to worship our God no matter what.—Dan. 6:10, 11.
  • sparrowdown

    To me everything about what they doing at the moment screams planned stategic withdrawal. I feel they have had to accelerate their original timeline for some reason unbeknownst to us, but I say they always planned to liquidate assets and head to the bunker under the guise of "the GT is upon us" and yeah, I suspect we are nearing that time.

    That's my thoughts anyway, but I also could be completely wrong and they have something else up their sleeve.

    As always time will have to tell us cause WT won't.

  • Gefangene
    To remain faithful, will we be willing to experience material loss? Will we be ready to do whatever is required of us to prove our loyalty to Jehovah?

    This sounds almost like the GB is going to make a call out to all Borg worshippers to hand over their assets to the Borg, selling property, cars, life insurance, etc

    Anyone else has got this feeling?

    The sheeple are being told to be loyal no matter what even if instructions may not seem reasonable from a human standpoint!??

  • sparrowdown

    The now famous "not stategic from a human standpoint" line fits pefectly with what they doing now, reducing their physical presence rather than increasing it with their usual bigger = blessing mantra.

    Now shrinkage = the end is nigh.

  • Virgochik

    I could see them screaming religion persecution when they legitimately deserve sanctions for the pedophile cover up. Nothing's ever their fault; they're being picked on. And religious persecution must signal the great tribulation, right? What a slick way to spin this as fulfillment of prophecy and turn lemons into lemonade. Circle the wagons, donate as if your life depends on it, because it does.

    Corrupt cult!

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS keeps spinning the hapless bullshit waiting for the gullible, ignorant and naive to buy what they are selling.

    With the billion $$$ or more recently acquired the WTS heads (GB) know they can last for awhile yet.

    They are covering their asses while they send special pioneers packing.

    Many Branch workers around the world have been thrown out onto the streets.

  • Fisherman
    The destruction of Babylon the Great preceded by the disgusting thing is a prerequisite -or no gt.
  • Listener

    In the 2016 GT bunker video they show a brother who realise that the message had changed from preaching the good news to a judgement one. A sister points out the change which they had been advised about.

    From this we can gather that it will be the Org. that declares this change, which is what most would expect. However, if one Bro. didn't know and the others only knew because there was an announcement then they are saying that it would not be obvious.

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