Is it Time to Declare that The Great Tribulation Has Started ?

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  • OnTheWayOut

    I don't really engage in doctrinal discussions about JW's anymore. They seem to say some pretty crazy stuff. But I have read some threads discussing doctrinal changes and how Watchtower is really out of ideas and money at the same time. I have wondered if a group of Governing Body members would be willing to move the members along to a different set of rules that would cause major changes and allow them to often say "No time to explain, just do as we say."

    So, with a worldwide focus on pedophiles in the Catholic church and a problem in Europe with Muslim refugees and difficulty with Sharia Law attempts, with the United States having a presidential candidate proposing that Muslims be restricted from entering the country, and finally- with the Royal Commission of Australia and the thought of a Russian ban of Jehovah's Witnesses along with various lawsuits against Watchtower for their rules allowing children to become victims of predators- WITH ALL THAT- is it time to say that the beast (or the image of the beast or whatever) has turned on false religion and is turning it's attention to "true religion" ?

    Could this be a way for Watchtower to seize any assets and dispose of them as they wish? Kingdom Halls, Assembly Halls, branch offices, circuit overseers, the printing of any literature- nothing would be safe from the chopping block.

    This would appease those old JW's that still think the "end" should have come before the 1914 Generation passed away (in a bizarre stretched kind of way). It would settle their thoughts on why there are so many changes and keep them from fading away to inactivity since their precious awaited time has arrived and they don't want to jump off the ark of salvation as the rain is starting.

    So, without turning this into some over-complicated explanation of scriptures that need to be satisfied and without saying that such an announcement would contradict something Watchtower has already said (because we know it will), your thoughts on whether they would do this or not, how they would do this, what the reaction would be- all that kind of stuff would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Xanthippe

    Yes I said on another thread they are going to say soon the GT has started and blame all their money worries and persecution on fulfilment of this prophecy. I said :-

    I think they have reached critical mass with donations and income from real estate. They don't need any more recruits so they don't care what the outside world thinks. They are intent on keeping 'awake' ex-JWs out by shunning adult children who rebel against the cult; young people who realise they are gay, and members who leave because they know intellectually it's all rubbish.

    The bunker mentality they are developing in people is, I think, to turn all the negative publicity such as the ARC, the Charities Commission investigation in the UK and child abuse court cases in the U.S. into 'persecution' and fit it into Bible prophecy as the start of the great tribulation. They could drag out this great tribulation for many years.

  • flipper

    OTWO- Interesting thread. Hope you're having a good weekend. I feel the leaders of the WT Society are SO manipulative that anything is possible for them to use- if they feel it will lead to more control over rank & file JW's - more control over their lives and money.

    If and when the time comes when governments start REALLY putting the heat on WT leaders , i.e. - bringing possible criminal prosecutions against the WT Society for allowing child abuse, or even higher ups being brought up on charges of child abuse, or brought up on charges of extortion of JW's finances through illegal or deceptive fraud - and if such charges hit mainstream media - THEN at that point- I could see WT leaders claiming they are being " persecuted " in fulfillment of " Bible prophecy " just like Jesus was - and they'd most probably print this in their WT publications that the persecution they are experiencing is a start of the great tribulation so as to calm down any suspicions JW's may have about criminal rumors against WT leaders in the media.

    So, yes- I could see WT leaders misapplying " Bible prophecies " in order to save their own butts AND to keep the " flock " from getting antsy and scared. WT leaders will go to any lies or expense to keep control of the rank & file. They've misapplied scriptures throughout their 137 year history- they'd do it in a heartbeat if going to prison and saving face to JW members is on the line. Most definitely. Everything is a con game to them anyway . Kind of my take on it

    P.S. I don't think they would play the " great tribulation " card unless things get really dicy though. Like the government or authorities actually prosecuting them- then the timing would be right for them to use this decoy.

  • bohm

    I don't see this happening. I simply think the current GB is too scared to change anything of significance and all their recent changes are motivated by need rather than a desire to *do* something.. like you get the illogical patchwork "fix" that is the overlapping generation doctrine.

    That said you never now. I wouldn't have thought I would have seen anything but steady growth in the next decades and certainly not something like the current selloff. It remains to be seen if the sell-offs and reductions solved their money problems but if they didn't, they might panic.

  • redpilltwice

    I don't expect them to.

    Once they dare to declare would mean a relatively short countdown to big A. Since 1879, God's people would finally be able to bite that carrot!

    Can you imagine the astronomical proportions of such a prophetic epic fail if big A wouldn't come? No more tricks to play! Would any sane person buy it? It would be time for the GB to disappear to some unknown, deserted island.

  • OneEyedJoe
    Once they dare to declare would mean a relatively short countdown to big A. Since 1879, God's people would finally be able to bite that carrot!
    Can you imagine the astronomical proportions of such a prophetic epic fail if big A wouldn't come? No more tricks to play! Would any sane person buy it? It would be time for the GB to disappear to some unknown, deserted island.

    They've made "the last days" stretch for over 100 years now, they could make the great tribulation run long enough to live out the rest of their lives on the cult. I'm not saying I think they'll do it (I agree that they're just reacting and won't make big moves like this) I'm just saying there's no reason that the failure of the end to come in a timely manner hasn't stopped them yet, declaring the GT to have started won't make a difference there.

  • eyeuse2badub

    The only "great tribulation" I see is the one within the wt organization! Yes there is much tribulation with the dubs today and the wt organization's "end is near", I hope!

    just saying!


  • redpilltwice

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts OneEyedJoe. I think even changing a core concept like 1914 would not have the same impact as declaring the great tribulation, because any delay of the end time would still be compatible with the WT's pathetic declaration that the end (Armageddon) is near, although we know those are empty words. The great tribulation however, can only be followed DIRECTLY by Armageddon. This would be the biggest deception EVER in WT's history, because so many lives directly depend on these events. You cannot mess with such a concept! If you do, only those who prefer the secure JW style of living in a bubble will stay.


  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    They can imply it and not state it, much like in the past and let the sheeples run with it. plausible deniability and it can be dragged out forever.

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