Final Prediction on Election

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  • Davros

    Looks like Biden now has a good shot at winning this thing. Certainly not by a landslide.

    Now, how long before and after Inauguration Day will Biden say something stupid?

    How long will he serve as President before the press turn on him?

    How long before Congress turns on him?

    How long before they start talking talking about invoking the 25th Amendment?

    How long will it be before we have President Harris?

    Joe Biden. America elected a useful idiot

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Hey Davros...or how long before a close high ranking advisor says that he (Joe Biden) has the attention span of a fruitfly! :) :)

  • DesirousOfChange

    Folks, this is going to the courts.

    Trump's team has already filed suits in Penn, Mich, and Ariz because GOP "observers" were refused to be admitted into the vote tabulation centers, particularly in Detroit and Philly.

    If the GOP holds onto the Senate without Pence needed as a tiebreaker, I think they will abandon Trump's attempts to overturn a Biden win. GOP also picked up 5 or 6 additional seats in the House of Rep.

    With a Senate majority, Pres Harris will be stuck in a gridlock for 3.99 years (as soon as Joe dies or retires to a nice upscale rest home).

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    160,000 showed up out of no where in Michigan that were 80 to 90 percent all for Biden overnight. States having over 100% of registered voters showing up to vote.

    Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said, “I will not certify the vote in my state for Donald Trump, no matter the outcome.”

    Machines used at early voting polling centers in Russellville, Ark., were automatically counting ballots cast for President Donald Trump as votes for former Joe Biden.

    Just how many coincidences are there going to be? I'm expecting recounts in Wisconsin and Michigan, this isn't over yet for months.

  • Biahi

    Minimus. Are you even an American? Because I’m a bit peeved of those who are from countries with national health care, and legal weed, who have such strong opinions about us.

  • waton

    with nearly 48 % of voters disagreeing with you, disapproving of you, and your's, and your policies,. whoever wins, (von den Beiden),

    better tread lightly.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    This happens in Latin America all the time. Research what happened in the last election in Venezuela, or if you are lazy watch the election episode of Narcos: Mexico. The strategy is simple. The election must have the appearance of being democratic and legitimate and so that image is well cultivated. However there are built-in mechanisms to prevent an undesirable election result. They happen in the late hours and when it appears the opponent has the advantage. Huge and unlikely margins of new votes are dropped quietly into the totals so as to place the ruling generalissimo or caudillo into the lead as the nation awakes. The state media spins these tales as hometowns coming home to the leading candidate and that these votes are always counted late. The margins increase and by the end of it the winner is clear.

    This is a complete joke and the world laughs at the USA. So great of a nation it has to borrow an old trick perfected in modern times by Hugo Chavez.

  • Funky

    AZ was perhaps called prematurely, but it looks to be squarely for Biden now:

    Arizona election results (Estimated >99% in)
    Biden 1,469,341 50.5% (+2.4)
    Trump 1,400,951 48.1%
    Biden leads with 69k

    Fox News has Biden with 264 electoral votes:

    Nevada will release its results sometime soon - that would be the 6 EV needed to bush Biden to 270.

    It would be....something....if Fox were the first major outlet to call the election for Biden.

    It appears more and more likely that Biden will win both PA and GA as well, which would push him over 300.

  • WingCommander

    Biden will NOT win PA or GA, but I feel he will win Nevada, which is basically California-light.

    I too feel this election was probably rigged. I traveled a lot this year, and the support for Trump was incredible, everywhere! No one I know voted for Biden. We have (1) Biden flag in our neighbourhood, ONE!!!! I'd say 95% of the people I work with said they voted for Trump. No one with a business would even dream of voting for Biden. Did America forget $5 gas??? Well, with Biden at the helm that's where it will be. We will again be China's bitch.

    This COVID shit was released at the most strategic time to ruin the American economy, and most importantly, the election. Trump would have won in a landslide if there was no pandemic. The economy was the best in 50+ years!!!! Trump had renegotiated trade deals with China, more to our favour. Then, magically, COVID popped out of China and we're shut down!!! Somehow, it's Trump's fault and he's a racist. Sleepy Joe will save you!

    I didn't want to believe that this country was full of gullible idiots. I wanted to believe they could see the good Trump did out over his abrasive personality. But nope!!!! Young entitlement minded Socialist social justice warriors only know 2 things: 1.) Orange Man Bad! 2.) Socialism = equality for everyone. I mean, look how well it's working out in Cuba, Venezuela, etc?

    China and Putin are laughing all the way to the bank. The person who SHOULD be President from the younger generation who's actually articulate with an IQ higher than a carrot? Eric Snowden. There was a guy who saw "the people of this country are being fucked royally!" and tried to blow the whistle on it. His reward? Being a hunted man for the rest of his life as a traitor. No good dead goes unpunished in America. We are doomed. My son graduates high school in 18 months. After that, I am pulling up and moving to a much more rural location away from these dumbass Libtard socialist fucks and never looking back. NEVER.

  • JoenB75

    America has voted for more accursed internationalism, more poverty and more war. As I say in person to anyone who likes this outcome: congratulations. Here in Europe the majority has the frontal lobotomy saying orange man is bad, so they are happy. You will soon be lead by women in their thirties-forties like in Europe. Congrats

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