Final Prediction on Election

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  • minimus

    Who wins? Who loses?

    President/ senate/ House of Representatives

    Any upsets???

    I still say Trump wins for President. We shall see.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    I think Trump will eke out a victory today, however Biden has already said he will sue everywhere (his campaign hired well over 300 law firms across the nation) and some left-wing Democrat states like Pennsylvania and Michigan have left the door wide open to fraud by allowing mail-in votes to be sent in well past the day of the election. Trump will win today, but he will lose tomorrow as votes are recounted, as Pelosi said last week "to count votes until Biden wins". This will probably go to SCOTUS in the end, although good for the country, Trump has not appointed any partisans, Kavanaugh and ACB are centrists so we will have to see about the arguments.

    I think Republicans may take the Senate but won't take the House.

  • minimus


  • minimus

    I think whoever wins , it will be contested.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I think Trump will probably win.

    Most of the 'liberal' media want him to lose, with different polls saying how bad he's gonna do.

    I take this to mean that Trump will get himself four more years.

  • minimus

    I hope Pelosi loses the Speakership

  • Simon

    I think Trump wins under the actual rules of the election, but the media declares Biden victor anyway because "rules?" and enough unsolicited mail-in ballots arrive a week after to win in every state by 1 vote. Left-wing violence erupts because the loonies have got all dressed up for it and then it all goes to court.

    In 2 months, we have two presidents:

    The real one, Trump, with a roaring economy and law-and-order restored.

    Biden will be told he won, put in a fake Whitehouse, and filmed 24x7 for a hilarious reality TV show "Dementia Democrat" where he does and says crazy things. The episode where Trump guest-stars breaks TV ratings records and the Internet.

    Neither side remembers what happened to Kamala 'cause no one cared for her and they like that they don't hear that cackling anymore.

  • minimus
    1. Cackling Kamala. Lol . She does sound crazy
  • Littlewilly

    After all of the 538 colleges are counted the Democrats will take the White House, Congress but not the Senate.

    Will Trump contest the vote probably but will not win due the overall amount of votes for the Democrats around the country.

  • minimus

    Littlewilly you could be right.... but I doubt it

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