Final Prediction on Election

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  • minimus

    Biden loses because of the Post Office! Crazy !!!!

  • newleaver1

    Why does everyone think biden is going to lose. I think he will win comfortably

  • Simon
    Now there's 300 million of us and we've coughed up Trump, Biden, Pence, Harris Peolsi and McConnell. There's something wrong with this picture.

    They had more duels back then, it would solve many things.

    But really, history paints a rosy picture of people. People don't change, there has always been the same mix like we have now. Some are made into legendary figures and we only read about the important accomplishments, less about the human figures and failures which represented the reality.

  • titch

    As I have stated in a previous thread---it all comes down to what the prevailing "mood" of the electing populace in the US is right now. Is the electing populace in the "mood" of hey, let's get rid of that guy and elect someone new, or are they in the mood for a second, heaping helping of Trump/Pence? Well, we shall see either today, or this week. Best Regards...


  • Freemail

    Please be Trump. He upsets all

    the right people. 😁

  • redvip2000
    I typically go to Boston in the middle of the week and a friend of mine told me a few minutes ago that it looks like a war zone already boarded up windows and groups of people throwing things at windows that are not boarded up.

    Well I've noticed that many store owners are writing "We support BLM" or something similar in the plywood used to protect their windows. Why would they do this? Because they think white supremacists will be the ones causing destruction? If that was the case, they would write "we are white supremacists".

  • titch

    Now then, this is a message for everyone in the United States, and in California...Whoever wins or loses in the Election today. Could you please, Please, PLEASE remove the blight that is the campaign banners/posters from wherever they have been posted? I mean, come on, the banners and posters have served their purpose. So, please, after the Election is done, remove them! OK? Enough said.


  • Sigfrid Mallozzi
    Sigfrid Mallozzi

    No incumbent President has lost with an economy as strong as Trumps. (Pre-Covid 19 China Virus)

  • Biahi

    Let’s just wait for the polls to close.

  • frozen2018

    I predict that starting tomorrow I'll be able to watch a TV program without it being continually interrupted with political ads. I'm frozen2018 and I approve this comment.

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