Final Prediction on Election

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  • slimboyfat

    Is there actual testimony from observers that they were prevented from observing, such as interviews from identifiable people to that effect? If it’s true then what do they plan to do about it? Presumably if one has a role as an observer then there is a mechanism for reporting an anomaly. Have they done so?

  • minimus

    Slim look it up. It’s out there . Breitbart will actually show pics and videos.

  • MeanMrMustard

    @slim: Yeah, the lawsuits filed in MI to stop the counting are meant to stop the counting until they regain access.... which I think has happened? Not sure. It is not a good look. Things need to be transparent. It is not unreasonable to demand a recount in MI anyway.

  • frozen2018

    I remember a few years ago when Afghanistan had it's first election after we went to war there. The Taliban threatened extreme violence against Afghans who voted. Snipers, IED, car bombs, killing family members, and on and on and on. Yet the Afghans turned out, walking long distances through dangerous territory to cast their vote. I remember how proud America was of the Afghan people who, despite the danger, turned out. It seemed that the blood and treasure America, and the rest of the coalition, spent fighting for Afghan freedom was worth it. 'MERICA! Does anyone remember photos like this, a proud Afghan allowing her face to be photographed while displaying her ink dipped finger to show she voted? This is what courage looks like.

    Day 2 of Afghan Vote After Technical Issues, Attacks | Voice of America -  English

    Looking at the mess of an election we just had, I'm truly embarrassed for the USA. Why is it that if I withdraw money from an ATM in the middle of Siberia it shows almost immediately at my bank at home? And the transaction is accurate! Yet in America it takes some States days to tally up the votes with no guarantee of accuracy. Maybe the Afghans can help us out next time.

  • glow

    That press conference had more whining than a kindergarten without lunch.

  • millie210

    My thought is the election system in the U.S. has gotten very sloppy. I dont think thats a new thing. Now, its just being looked at really hard for a lot of reasons.

    I would imagine some poll workers have to be shocked to see the loosey goosey way they have always done things being challenged.

    Too bad the IRS cant be in charge of this. You can run a tiny one employee business in podunk USA and they will make sure you pay your share of employer tax and watch it like a hawk. Wasnt it Willie Nelson who had to hide his guitar from them when they went after him? They have you by the short hairs called your EIN and your SS numbers.

    The Secretary of State from Pennsylvania is on TV now saying people have to "sign" to vote and that the poll workers (volunteers)are very "dedicated" and "serious".

    So nothing about positive fail-proof IDs. No vetting. No real security systems in place at all. Its a circus.

  • redvip2000

    Why not just recount in the states where there is a doubt? For the sake of transparency and not spending the next 4 years in a a conspiracy theory storm, let's just spend another 4 days recounting with full transparency with observers looking at the same ballots.

    Everybody shakes hands and agrees to accept the final result.

  • frozen2018

    Going forward, I think we the people need to look at how we register to vote. Maybe voters should be required to re-register? I have to renew my drivers license every few years and other licenses/permits I have. Why not voter registration? I have to register my motor vehicles every year and my dog. Why not my voter status? I suppose people would say that is too much like voter ID (I'm a supporter) and requiring re-registration would somehow disenfranchise someone.

    With every passing election I find myself leaning more and more to the concept of sortition. Better to be ruled by random people picked from a phone book...

  • minimus

    Simple legal rules should be made and followed, the left has been trying to lower the voting age , allow felons to vote, and vote without any sort of proof.

    Of course this invites voter fraud

  • MeanMrMustard

    The MI lawsuit had already been dismissed. It asked the court to order Republican challengers to watch the counting, name entry, ballot box drop off, among other things. All required by MI law. But the suit was dismissed because ... the counting is now complete so ordering the state to comply is irrelevant. Not a good look.

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