Final Prediction on Election

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  • glow

    Biden also takes the lead in Pennsylvania. The election will probably be called later today.

  • WingCommander

    Just heard Biden took the lead here now in Pennsylvania. As a PA resident, now I'm positive the election has been rigged and stolen. There is no way in hell that Philadelphia/Pitt/Harrisburg Democrats outnumbered the sheer volume of Republicans across the entire heartland of this state, who came out in record numbers and droves, and waited HOURS to vote in huge long lines. There is no fuggin' way in hell. And that's assuming every single person in those cities was Democrat, which obviously isn't the case.....SOME had to vote Republican?

    This was my first time voting in my life. I registered just to vote in this election. I feel totally conned and like I wasted my time. (I used mail in ballot!) People are now in awe in this state.....jaws on floor. 99% of the company I work for (265 employees) voted Republican. No one can even stand our Dictator Governor Wolf, much less Biden.

    I should have known though. I couldn't believe my eyes on election night when I saw that they called Biden to win Virginia! I don't believe that shit either! People down there HATE that baby-killing POS, and I'm actually shocked they haven't tried to tar, feather, and lynch him yet! Yet somehow, everyone voted BLUE and BIden took the state? Yeah, I call BULL-FUGGIN-SH*T on that!

    We have been conned, big time. I expect Harris to drive the nails into the coffin of what once was a great Republic after Biden mysteriously dozes off into oblivion or 25th Amend'd, and the Senate magically falls into Democratic hands as well in a few days of "recounting."

  • AbelJohn

    stan livedeath - I like your statement above, what difference will whoever wins make to the those outside of the U.S. Someone here makes me laugh with being so Pro-Trump and can't even cast a vote for him. Why this person is so much into a U.S. Presidential election which doesn't affect them in any way I'll never understand, well, as the saying goes, to each is own

  • millie210

    Wing Commander, a lot are feeling the same as you.

    This was an interesting article offering some hope

    we want to acknowledge the good news, and believe it or not, there is some good news regardless of everything else that has happened and here it is.

    America remains, it’s still here. That’s the first and most important thing. And it’s not a foregone conclusion, we almost lost it. Democrats told us they wanted to beat Donald Trump. They spent more money than anyone ever has in any election in history to do that.

    But there was a lot more going on. Democrats didn’t harness the full power of Big Tech and the billionaire class simply to make Joe Biden President. No. What they really wanted was total control over everything. No more democracy, no more dissent, permanent obedience from the rest of us, and they came shockingly close to getting that.

    If Democrats had won the White House and the Senate last night, the country as we know it would have ended not because Democrats have bad ideas, though they do. But because Democrats plan to impose an entirely new system on our country, not an agenda, a system.

  • Incognito
    Why this person is so much into a U.S. Presidential election which doesn't affect them in any way I'll never understand, - AbelJohn

    Understand this, what happens in the USA affects the entire world.

  • Simon

    Even if Biden is declared the eventual winner at some point, it's hardly conclusive and for them to scrape by (with a huge question-mark over the legitimacy of the win) while also failing to get the other seats they were claiming were a cert has to be seen as a kind of failure, especially when the media and big tech had such a heavy hand on the scales. 30+ years ago this would probably have been a Trump landslide.

    If Biden does become President, I doubt it will be for long and I doubt it will be years that we'll look back on as "glorious" for the US and the world. I also doubt Kamala will be allowed to take over.

    Expect the US to start a war somewhere if it goes that way.

  • DesirousOfChange

    what difference will whoever wins make to the those outside of the U.S.

    "When America sneezes, the World catches a cold."

    Although still in the middle of this "pandemic", the US economy grew at a record rate (33% GDP) and unemployment fell below 8%. This is thanks to the Trump economic plan. Gas here today is $1.52/US Gallon. When the fracking is shut down or minimized and the Green New Deal begins to be implemented, expect soaring unemployment and $4.00-$5.00 gasoline and higher electric rates nationwide which will likely lead the US into a recession.

    What will it mean for the rest of the world when the US Dollar is going to Chevron and Exxon and our utility companies and not being spent on consumer goods from Asia, Europe, etc?

  • IWant2Leave

    Truth be told, the sky is not falling!! All of these Dooms Day prophecies makes me think that some here are JW’s. The USA will continue on and so will life. If gas goes to $4 or $5 per gallon, it won’t stay that price for long. Remember, it’s been that price before. Covid will be controlled , a vaccine will be made and i’ll be able to go to a concert, movie and out to dinner. Might even have a Super Bowl party. There are checks and balances for most everything. It hasn’t been too long ago that some here couldn’t have a beard, tattoo, wear tight pants, or brightly colored socks! I predict that everything will be OK

  • AbelJohn

    I'll make clear that I agree with Incognito that I agree that the whole world watches the U.S.

    But I'm just wondering why those that are here that cannot place a ballot for U.S. POTUS, their comments sound like it's a life a death issue with them. If they made it through the Obama administration without a scratch, so to speak" they will make it through another Dem in the WH. But of course no President will be 100 per cent loved by everybody, ever!

  • WingCommander


    To address your comments. Know why Obama lasted as long as he did? No one wanted Biden to be President. He's the most anti-2nd Amendment person we've ever had near the White House, much less IN it. And Camel Harris? She makes Biden look like a Conservative! The "progressive" types are scary as hell. I laughed my ass off when people called Trump a Fascist. These progressive Liberal Squad bitches are the REAL Fascists! Freedom of Speech will be GONE. If you don't repeat after them, you're automatically an ignorant, right-wing white supremacist and racist Nazi who hates women and people of colour! In enraging the amount of gas-lighting these raging self-entitlement narcissists consistently spew out. They apparently don't mind the shithole conditions of LA, San Francisco, Detroit, Baltimore, Filthy-delphia, and Portland, and Seattle. Nope! They think used drug needles, feces, and tent cities are A-ok!!!! In fact, they like it so much they want to export it to the rest of the USA. Forest management? What's that? Doesn't matter if half the state burns, as long as the Paris Accord is signed and the carbon tax is in place!! Immigrants, whether legal or not? Let them ALL in!!! No matter how to pay for them, Socialism means you have a license to print money perpetually and steal from the Social Security that actual Americans have paid into for decades without consequence! Are you complaining? Well then, you're not "woke" yet and need to adjust your thinking. If you think it's wrong for a dude dressed a woman to use the same bathroom as your 5 yr old daugher, well then YOU are the problem!

    I weep for the future.

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