Final Prediction on Election

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  • WingCommander

    So far, Trump is really pulling ahead in PA. Even by Friday, Trump will win PA.

    I've gotta say, I am totally shocked out how close this is in some states. In particular, Virginia and North Carolina. Virginia absolutely HATES their baby-murdering, anti-2ndAmendment, Dictator posing as a Governor. I'm shocked, absolutely SHOCKED that this state didn't go completely red.

    Frankly, if Biden/Harris pull this off someone, this country is doomed. If not, it'll still be doomed in 4 years when the pussified under 18 generation of gender confused morons are old enough to vote. They'll vote Socialism right on in, and out the door our freedoms go. Goodbye freedom of speech (the only speech allowed is THEIR speech, everything else and/or opinions are "Hate Speech"), good-bye 2nd Amendment. That may just usher in Civil War 2 though. Or maybe not. Maybe the Sheeple will just line up to hand in their weapons like they did in Australia.

    Either way, I weep for the future. It's looking more and more like I get my firearms lost/stolen on my move to Alaska in the next few years.

  • LongHairGal


    I agree with you. Even if Trump wins..the problem has not gone away and will just be postponed until another four years when the latest bumper crop of pathetic people reach voting age!

    Yes, it is very sad for the future in the USA in my opinion. If the Dems win, we can only hope the campaign promises were lies or exaggerations to entice the fools to vote for Biden. All we can do is keep our fingers crossed!

  • Hotpepper

    I think Biden going to steal it. I'LL say a lot of stupid people want to pay $5 gasoline.. and double your electric bill. I never saw. An election that wasn't called the same or next day

    EVERYONE I know wants Trump

  • Simon

    This situation is ludicrous. They refused to call Florida and Texas all night to keep Trump's numbers low even though both were clear wins and he was well ahead by more votes than were left to count. Then they declared AZ for Biden with a fraction of votes counted, decided they would stop counting other important swing states where Trump was ahead and Biden declared himself the winner.

    This STINKS.

    The fix is in. You KNOW those democrat-run states that were trending Trump will now "discover" a surge of Biden ballots that will go against every pattern seen everywhere else, and be just enough to win them. Biden told us they had built the best voter fraud organization the world has ever known. They are doing it in the open and the media is part of it.

    Biden suddenly getting 100% of counted votes in critical states. What a joke.

  • frozen2018

    Biden tipped his hand during last night's speech. He said (paraphrasing), "The election is not over until all the votes...I mean ballots are counted." Votes and ballots are not the same. A vote is cast by a person who meets the legal requirements. A ballot is just a piece of paper.

  • Funky

    Biden leading in NV, MI, WI, where remaining uncounted votes are likely to be in Biden's favor.

    (See the problem with Trump's "stop all counting right now" proclamations?)

    With those 3, that would be 270 EV - wouldn't even need NC, PA, GA.

    Get used to saying it - President-elect Biden.

  • Hotpepper

    They haven't been calling Biden a Crook for no reason.. he knows how to Steal. Then the Dems are going to throw him out

    Then we all get screwed we get KAMALA THE WICKED WITCH. Think I'LL get her a Broom.

  • redvip2000
    I think Biden going to steal it.

    Yup. I don't see a path to Trump at this point, unless if somehow he can win Michigan, and that is close, but with many of the votes to be counted still coming from urban areas, that is pretty much a wrap.

    Biden will will AZ, NV, and WI as well I think and that does it. At the end of day voting on emotions instead of raw facts still determines elections.

    People didn't care at all about the corruption of the Biden family or about defunding police, or socialism, or anything else really. They simply don't care. It's a personality race. They hate Trump's personality and that's that. This is why it's easy for politicians to convince the typical American idiot to vote for them.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I don't think Trump will win it at the ballot box when all the final results from the cemeteries are finally counted. The suit in Pennsylvania over extending the date that ballots can be received is NOT over. SCOTUS decided not to do an emergency ruling on it, however it could still be heard and it's very likely that the new justices would make the decision lean heavily to the GOP and allow Trump to hold PA. He'd still need (2 of 3) NC and GA and MI.

    I predict another election like the Bush/Gore of 2000

  • Simon

    Election night now just informs the dems how many ballots they need to produce to win.

    This is 3rd-world level shit.

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