Hi, all...I'm a faithful JW who is sick of lies about us

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    James Donalds;

    Is that just a play on words??? Or what??

    ''I am a faithful JW, who even votes"

  • somebody

    James Donald. I ask that if you are not an elder or an MS, that you ask if you can read and copy for your own reference and study, the "Shepherd the Flock" elders manual, or whatever it is called now. If you are granted that request, let us all know please. If you are turned down, let us know what the reason is. As JWs have claimed over and over that the manual is not secret and only contains Bible teachings.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    You said it Millie!

    A good laugh, a great time to re-define, focus and build each other up!

  • scratchme1010
    • We are NOT mindless automatons. I smoke an occasional cigar. I've been known to curse a bit. Hell, I even vote. Others in my congregation know all this (except the voting) and I've never been given a hard time about it.
    • Many of us ARE highly educated. I have a Masters Degree.
    • We are not all scraping to get by. I have a comfortable six-figure income.

    I dont agree with everything the Governing Body does. But I believe they are good, sincere men doing their best,.acting on their understanding of the Bible. They certainly aren't getting rich!

    I think many in the Ex-JW community act very much like the cultists they claim us to be. Rather than just go away and go their separate ways, they harrass us, make videos maligning us, endlessly whine about us and even go so far as to disrupt our meetings. If I decided to leave the JW's, I'd do just that. I wouldn't obsess over them.

    I look forward to open discussions with JW's and others.

    You are so full of shit.

  • DesirousOfChange
  • Good JW
    Good JW

    Talk about a slap in the face to all those honest JWs who got booted and shunned for silly things (some of which they themselves confessed out of guilt). One ex brother I know got disfellowshipped when 16 for smoking and has had nothing but emotional turmoil ever since (family made him feel like crap and didn't speak to him, friends deserted him as some sort of "disappointment" and "contaminant" etc). His life's a mess.

    My fleshly brother got grilled by the elders for the same thing last year (smoking was a symptom of other issues, long story); they would have disfellowshipped him if he hadn't quit. He was treated like some sort of criminal! If I didn't stress that it was real life and part of the JW culture people on the outside would have thought this story was a joke/made up, especially as my brother's very meek/mild and has never been in any trouble before. As per usual, it's the ex JWs on the outside and other "worldly people" in "Satan's system" who're left to pick up the pieces of Watchtower's "waste" (i.e. human beings who need help).

    So cheers James for rubbing that sort of thing in their faces with your lukewarm loyalty in "God's organisation", finding the loopholes and enjoying being off the radar.

  • will-be-apostate

    James, I can't agree about the points you make on the JWs. There certainly are educated and rich ones among the JWs, but they are the exception, not the standard by any means. Also, if you stop lieing to yourself for a moment and do an honest read in the JW literature (or hell, even the new testament) you'll find that as God's servants you are supposed to simplify your life, like many JWs do. I'd have sympathy for you if you were a fader and knew the truth about the truth.

    Now, I do agree with your lifestyle and unlike others on here, I'll try my best not to criticize you. Yes, you are a hypocrite. Guess what? So am I. I'm not DFed, sometimes I visit meetings, I smoke cigarettes all the time, smoke weed and party with my "wordly" friends on a Saturday night, then go to the Sunday meeting next day. And who gives a f*ck? Because I don't. I'm not playing by the GB's rules. It might be an act of hypocrisy what I do, but I freaking deserve the right to make the best out of my situation. They stole my teen years, it's payback time: I'm actively working on making my jw "friends" lose their faith, "sin", and what not. Who knows, maybe it'll help them get out of the cult?

    James, if you think you're a liberal JW I encourage you to influence your JW friends to be like you ;)

    Edit: added further points to first paragraph

  • Onager

    Wow, 7 pages of interesting and entertaining comments from one bullshit post!

  • Fred Franztone
    Fred Franztone

    What a dipshit.

  • Lostandfound

    And, I might add, I am sick of the lies about us, ‘ Apostates’ in JW speak, we could fill many pages with them James.

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