Hi, all...I'm a faithful JW who is sick of lies about us

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  • James Donalds
    James Donalds

    I was baptized 30 years ago and have been in the faith for over 35 years.

    Our organization isn't perfect. But I'm sick to death of seeing stereotypes about us.

    • We are NOT mindless automatons. I smoke an occasional cigar. I've been known to curse a bit. Hell, I even vote. Others in my congregation know all this (except the voting) and I've never been given a hard time about it.
    • Many of us ARE highly educated. I have a Masters Degree.
    • We are not all scraping to get by. I have a comfortable six-figure income.

    I dont agree with everything the Governing Body does. But I believe they are good, sincere men doing their best,.acting on their understanding of the Bible. They certainly aren't getting rich!

    I think many in the Ex-JW community act very much like the cultists they claim us to be. Rather than just go away and go their separate ways, they harrass us, make videos maligning us, endlessly whine about us and even go so far as to disrupt our meetings. If I decided to leave the JW's, I'd do just that. I wouldn't obsess over them.

    I look forward to open discussions with JW's and others.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    you are hilarious, "I smoke an occasional cigar".

  • LongHairGal


    Wow, the JW religion must be getting very liberal if you can smoke cigars and even vote!🙄...

    You might have a point about some ex-JWs seeming like cultists themselves..I'm sure the religion would love it if everybody who left went quietly into the night, but since so many have been hurt by the religion they feel the world needs to know about it.

    I'm glad you are doing well financially but I'm not really buying it that you are viewed positively in the congregation - unless you're throwing money around like confetti. Good for you!! Stay in the religion and I hope you're happy there.

  • Jayk

    Take blood yet? Actually "sin" and see now accepting they will be. I got a couple brothers still witnesses who sleep with women, drink and drive on the way to the meeting, and smoke weed. They're not baptized.

  • ShirleyW

    James Donalds - sound like a fake name, you remind me of someone who used to post here under a few different names.

    You know darn well you're not a dyed in the wool JW if you smoke cigars, also you wouldn't be posting here with all of us "evil apostates" if you were a faithful JW

  • Jayk

    My father and mother family are JW. But their views are different. My mom's family isn't accepting but my dad's still is. Considering on my dads side I have a great uncle who is gay but has worked at lockeed Martin, and has his PHD in psychology.

  • MrRoboto

    Jimmy D. I think it's great that you are not a mindless automaton!

    Just know though that you should be DF for some of those things and you are really in dangerous territory for being here.

    I won't address your beliefs here but the highly educated JWsi know personally either were not JWs when they got their education or they were not very good JWs at the time. They may be all gung-ho about things now that they have 6 figure incomes but let's be real, we all know they went Against what the "slave" (or is it slave-master?) said and still says about it.

    I'm not judging them though, is good to have some folks that didn't do every single thing the way they were taught. Actually its good for the image of the organization too because some folks will point at you as an example of how normal "those JWs" are when in reality you are an anomaly.

    Unfortunately some exjws are a bit over the top, it's true. But Jesus said to live and pray for your enemies. You don't know what they've been through or are going through.

    Anyway James, welcome to the board. I think you'll find that most here also look forward to open discussions. Feel free to puruse the older posts for some perspective on things here.

  • JRK

    OMG run way!


  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    If you really have a six figure income, smoke the occasional cigar and vote, I would say that of course you would just walk away from the WT. You'd have money and you've been living the lifestyle you want.

    You aren't an obedient follower so you haven't "simplified" your life by giving up your house or your profitable job (or maybe business) If you have family, they will probably have your same faith, so when you walk away they'll follow the money.

    You're a contrast to the believing sincere people who put their trust in men who say they worship God and get direction from Him. They are the ones that have sacrificed their time, lives, families and money for the WT. They are the ones when they find they have been lied to, suffer.

    You sound like a hypocrite.

  • dubstepped


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