Hi, all...I'm a faithful JW who is sick of lies about us

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  • stillin

    My guess is that you stay "in" because of the social value. The others hold you in high regard, which is good for your sense of self-worth, you can view yourself as "liberated" because obviously the ones who are fully in really ARE drones, which you are not. But, no, you are not a full-fledged Witness of Jehovah. You simply know how to pretend that you are.

  • punkofnice


    That is all.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Welcome James. It's very unusual nowadays to find any JW's who's willing to talk about their beliefs.

    I've sent you a PM. (little green envelope - top right)


    James Donalds

    You smoke ? ......................Sorry but I have my standards and principles and this is simply not acceptable in my books as a faithful ex-JW.

    And you vote ?....................but you covering that up right.......so much for your respect for the good and faithful ol men leading the cult !

    Look you a tosser trying to play game here and pull the piss with people on the forum -

    Why don't you switch from smoking Cigars to something more............"enlightening" ?

    And then you are boastful too................Lissen ....****-off !

  • TD

    You would think someone with a Masters [sic] Degree would have a basic grasp of ethics.

    Don't be a hypocrite, James. If you are what you say you are, then you certainly know better.

  • exjwlemming

    When I was PIMI, I knew many just like Mr. McDonalds. They use the KH like a social club of backslappers and networkers to advance their interests. They were in for social reasons. Saturdays were spent drinking it up at their private backyard pool with other like minded individuals (people making 6 figures). Somewhat tipsy, scantily clad members frolicked around the pool like a playboy mansion party. I worked there while they partied. Lots of drinking, eating into the mid evening, and loud music were the norm. Sunday morning, they were pseudo, straight-laced brother and sister somebody else. They would raise their hands and comment, carry the mics, publicly read the "washtowel" from the platform, and even give the Sunday public talk. They were not dyed in the wool JWs. They knew who to invite and who not to invite to their "get togethers." I am sure that you would feel different if you didn't have all the things that "worldly" people enjoy. You would be singing a different tune if you knew the TTATT and you pioneered out of high school, served at Bethel, served where the need was great, regular pioneered, worked dead end, menial, minimum wage jobs, washed windows, married at 19 so you can have sex, served as an MS or an elder, spent countless hours working for the RBC, or served where the need was great. Many have sacrificed so much for so little. They have learned that it was all lies for the advancement of a man made organization, taking care of the bethel heavies and their families. Mr. McDonald, I would like to see what would happen if you stepped outside the KH to smoke a cigar between the public talk and the magazine study, plaster a political bumper sticker to your car, curse or tell a dirty joke in the KH parking lot, talk about visiting apostate websites, or brag about your income and education. Until you live as a true JW, don't protect, justify, or comment on GB policies.

  • LisaRose

    So you are a Jehovah's Witnesses who obviously doesnt acually believe what the organization teaches. How does that disprove the stereotype of believing JWs, who actually follow the direction of the organization?

  • Giordano

    No one on this forum tells lies about the JW's which explains why you just got your ass kicked. BY the way a lot of ass kicking was handed out by the delightful intelligent women on this forum.

    Put a hanky on your head and pray to Jehovah that you need some strength and guts to stop being the little bitch you are.

  • Finkelstein

    James sounds like a two faced hypocrite who really doesn't care about how this religious cult effects humanity.

    He holds onto the WTS/JWS social environment with self assertive arrogance and narcissism, we can also see proving apathy. he's gleeful that he occasional can get away with breaking the rules of conduct set by the WTS.

    JWs are constantly endeavored to create a pure white sheet of righteousness around themselves, the WTS. indoctrinates its followers to do and be just that, when someone tries to remove and expose that pretentious rightness they get angry, upset and uncomfortable.

    I'd like to ask James if he should be ashamed of associating and supporting the WTS, in view of the fact that this organization has broken apart millions of families, killed thousands due to its no blood doctrine, ruined and equal amount of people's lives due its propagation of its false albeit commercialized doctrines ???

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @exjwlemming Apostates aren't usually ones who were fringe members or spiritually "weak"ones. Apostates are generally those who were faithful JWs. Ones who'd served in Bethel. Others who were pioneers. Some who were elders. Even a Governing Body member. We're the ones who obeyed instructions from the top and sacrificed accordingly. And above all, we valued truth and honesty. I guess since there's not much at stake for those wishy-washy members, they feel no need to investigate the real truth honestly. And since people like the OP are so seasoned at lying about their double life, it makes sense that honesty isn't something they'd keenly pursue. What matters most is how you're perceived by your equally fake JW peers, isn't it OP?

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