Hi, all...I'm a faithful JW who is sick of lies about us

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    Maybe in his mind and being a witness for a long time he feels he is a good witness, what's so wrong with smoking a cigar once in a while? Or knowing ttatt...how would that stop him from thinking he isn't a good witness...he is in the in-crowd...and all is well....but as we all know many felt the same as he does because of acceptance, but the minute someone stepped on the toes...ouch...then here we are...saying I've was out of the meetings for x amount of weeks and nobody called me...I said hello to brother or sister so & so but no reply...I haven't been out in service so the friends are not that warm...& tons of other things witnesses show conditional love....but let that same conditional love be turned back to you....again, on this site...It's always the thief that screams the loudest...

    Just leave the lad alone...he thinks he is in good standing...let him be...we all know the real deal...but if & when he comes back...just offer him a Band-Aid.


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    JD has apparently left the building!

  • Incognito

    There are doctors, lawyers, CEOs and other 'professionals' who are JWs. These are an exception, not the common membership of the JW religion.

    JWs often tend to point-out these exceptions and famous JWs as a means to give legitimacy and normalcy to the religion.

    JWs with means, who contribute financially to the org, often 'get away' with behaviour that other, less able JWs could never do. There are however, numerous JWs who lead double lives, doing as they please in secret. This begs the question, if they really believe it is the true religion chosen by God, since God can see all things, who do they think they are fooling by keeping their behaviour hidden from men?

    With regard to JWs walking away to become ex-JWs, those who try to lead separate lives, are often harassed by Elders. If an ex-JW does anything not approved by the organization even years after leaving, they will typically be summoned to a judicial committee and will likely be DFd.

  • ttdtt

    If you are sick of lies - I think you must really be sick of yourself.

    If you told your elders any of these things you would be DFed on the spot dude:)

  • Diogenesister

    Hi you're not related to "the real Edward Gantry" by any chance, are you?

  • snare&racket

    By your own actions and views the organisation. You hold dear would consider you a weak and dangerous person.

    The JWs are STATISTICALLY poor and uneducated. Check out the PEW studies.

    As for being automatons, go read up on 607 bce and see what happens if you refuse to disagree with the evidence....

    you will no doubt be able to smoke as many cigars as your disfellowshiped apostate ass wishes to....

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    James is very faithful. This post should net him the time he needs to report to remain active for the next 6 months.

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    @ James Donalds


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    James is likely counting each response on this thread as a "Bible Study"

    That should get those failing numbers up

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