Hi, all...I'm a faithful JW who is sick of lies about us

by James Donalds 76 Replies latest jw experiences

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    He's gone..hit and run. Coward.

  • baldeagle

    Geez (Jeez) Louise …JAMES DONALDS you are bloody hilarious indeed, what a load of drivel. I give you points though for your imagination in concocting such a pile of crap. You must be sitting there howling with laughter. I can see that smug look on your face.

    If you’re getting your jollies over all of this, knock yourself out already. All of us here know the true realities of being a JW. We are aware of what is endorsed and what is demonized in one’s personal life. Read for yourself what the numbers truly reveal for all the sincere JW’s that obey and trust their illustrious leaders unconditionally.

    JAMES DONALDS says, “Many of us ARE highly educated. I have a Masters Degree.”


    JAMES DONALDS says, “We are not all scraping to get by. I have a comfortable six-figure income.”


    Congratulations JAMES you are earning more and living exceedingly better and higher than your fellow congregants.

    All for simply disobeying the guidelines and loving counsel coming directly from the Almighty through his spokesperson the GB.

    Pick-up your hero cookie on the way out and have a nice life.

  • Wild_Thing

    Pics are it didn't happen.

    Post a picture of yourself dressed in your cap and gown, holding your Masters degree and smoking a cigar while wearing your "I Voted" sticker, and I MIGHT believe you.

    But probably not.

  • redpilltwice

    James, welcome.

    Our organization isn't perfect.

    Troll or not, this might be the understatement of the year. Every religion makes this claim, so I'd like to hear something else...

    Prove why you don't belong to a false prophet.

  • UnshackleTheChains
  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I know of other JWs who smoke cigars and clandestinely lead a normal life outside the kh but they do not believe that JWs are the sole possessors of truth. There is a rising tide of unbelievers in the kingdom halls.

    If you are sick of the 'lies' why then do you read them? Why not be a good JW and devote your life to doing exactly what the GB tell you?

    On the other hand if you believe the JW set of doctrines then it is hard to see yourself as outsiders see you, or those who have awoken from the naive delusion that God is going to murder all those who don't believe in him.

    Think honestly why JWs have the reputation they are accused of. We were there once!

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @James Donalds If none of your "worldly" activities are controversial in your congregation, why do you have to hide the fact that you vote, dear? If you're loud and proud about the double life you lead, perhaps you wouldn't mind sharing your real name and congregation. I'm sure you wouldn't have a problem with your COBE being informed of this fine Witness you've given to all of us (including "worldly" people who are interested in JWs) on here :D.

    Warm Apostate Love,


  • OrphanCrow


    You know what is funny about this OP? (besides the obvious lies)

    He is exactly the kind of JW that makes other JWs lose their faith.

    Keep it up, buddy. You are doing all of us a big favor. Please do stay in the cult and please do share your lifestyle with other JWs.

    Thank you

  • Confusedalot

    The first thing a mindless automaton is programmed to say is: "I'm not a mindless automaton.....beep"

    P.S The fact that you are having a nice time does not mean everyone has or had the same experience. Some have suffered terribly due to this org and I find that your arrogant, highly subjective comments bring the quality of your "masters degree" into question.

    You cant start an open discussion by claiming our suffering did not happen, BTW.

  • OrphanCrow
    confusedalot: I find that your arrogant, highly subjective comments bring the quality of your "masters degree" into question

    A "masters degree" doesn't come with a certificate qualifying you as a decent human being

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