Babies Who Are Not Dead From An Abortion

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  • redvip2000
    I have no moral objection to early stage abortion.

    agreed. There needs to be a distinction here between early stage abortion and late term abortion. One interrupts the development of a group of cells which is not yet a life, and the other really does kill a baby.

    I would say most rational people agree that the latter is immoral.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    It would seem that those who are pro-abortion find it a convenient way to avoid an uncomfortable burden or responsibility. Placing their own desires far above those of an infant who is still in the process of developmental growth to the point that snuffing out its life is an acceptable course of action.

    Sorry, but I could never identify with or comprehend such thinking.

    Even worse is the realization that the aborted fetus/baby has commercial monetary value due to its unique composition. Love of Money attaches to anything that has commercial value without any sense of shame.

  • Simon
    This was a ruling that happened under a Republican President, and a Conservative Court (more conservatives voted for it than liberals).

    The President has no bearing on the decisions of the court and the court is meant to be a collection of non-partisan judges who interpret the law and constitution.

    Also the case had to do with a Doctor's ability to treat a patient, and a patients self determination.

    The case was based on the laughable notion that being prevented from killing a baby would be an invasion of privacy. If that made any sense whatsoever then why wouldn't it apply to killing a baby at 8 months or 10 years or killing anyone anywhere anytime?

    Just like ALL SCOTUS cases, they are not about 1 person or 1 case, they are about determination of law for the whole country.

    There is always some case brought before them to make a ruling on. That's why it's called Roe vs Wade and Roe lied claiming her pregnancy was the result of a rape, which it was not.

  • scruffmcbuff

    I have a fella working for me who was raised in an adopted family. He found out a few years back he survived abortion. 30+ years later hes doing just fine.

  • slimboyfat

    On second thoughts I think I’ll hold my counsel on this!

  • WillYouDFme
    The President has no bearing on the decisions of the court and the court is meant to be a collection of non-partisan judges who interpret the law and constitution.

    Those were the days:)

  • WillYouDFme
    1. The Court will Hear Cases to Resolve a Conflict of Law: The U.S. judicial system consists of 13 federal circuits and 50 state supreme courts. When a number of these courts reach different conclusions about an issue of federal or constitutional law, the Supreme Court may step in and decide the law so that all areas of the country can then operate under the same law.
    2. The Court will Hear Cases that are Important: Sometimes the Court will consider a highly unusual case such as U.S. v Nixon (concerning the Watergate tapes) or Bush v. Gore (concerning the extremely close election in 2000), or a case with an important social issue, such as abortion in Roe v. Wade.
    3. The Court will Sometimes Hear Cases that Speak to the Justices' Interests: Sometimes Justices give preference to cases that decide an issue in their favorite area of law.
    4. The Court hears Cases when Lower Courts Disregard past Supreme Court decisions: If a lower court blatantly disregards a past Supreme Court decision, the court may hear the case to correct the lower court, or alternatively, simply overrule the case without comment.
  • LoveUniHateExams

    Here's a video that's kinda related to the OP. It's a satirical look by youtuber jlongbone at a cringy abortion video in which a woman who's had an abortion meets with kids.

    Why do I get the feeling that the kids are more sensible than the woman?

  • OnTheWayOut
    It’s interesting that some of our liberal friends are keeping quiet on this subject. Hmmmm

    I first want to say that "Liberals" don't all nicely fit into a category of accepting and desiring abortion.

    I oppose abortion and think that better birth control needs to be widely accepted and taught. But the liberal in me recognizes that I don't get to choose for everyone and there are exceptions to all rules.

    Full-term abortion (well, nearly full term) is a tiny portion of abortions, and they are supposed to be done only when the fetus is not viable and/or the mother's life is in extreme danger. But as I type this, someone will go find a story about some case where they told the mother she was going to die and she did not, and has this wonderful son or daughter.

    So, like anything else, there will be those exceptions to the rule that these should not be done unless they are absolutely necessary.

    I am not going to produce a bunch of links because I don't like abortion and there will be links about exceptions to the rules that go the other way.
  • Tobyjones262

    The Dems are over reaching in frustration on gaining nothing in the Trump probe. It will cost them in the 2020 election.

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