Babies Who Are Not Dead From An Abortion

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  • minimus

    This shouldn’t even be a political issue. It’s simply wrong. They always cry—- what about the children??? But that’s obviously bs! If they really cared about the children, they would be caring for babies that are defenseless.

  • ThomasCovenant

    In my lovely black and white world that I sometimes fantasize of living in I can go from

    the extreme of agreeing with the Catholic position that the baby is alive the instant a sperm cell has fertilized an egg, and therefore anything that actively causes the termination of that fertized egg is tantamount to murder, and

    the extreme that the about to come out of the birth canal fertilized 40 week old egg ( a baby) can be terminated (killed) with no repercussions.

    If only life was black or white. Like a badger.

  • Jerryh

    This lady survived her own abortion.

    Her story is worth a listen.

  • FedUpJW

    One of the definitions of viable is according to Merriam-Webster: b : capable of existence and development as an independent unit.

    At what point can a child, after birth, function as an independent unit (person)? They certainly cannot at six months of age, or even two or three years of age.

    At what point does an elderly person cease to be fully able to exist as an independent unit (person)?

    If the pro-abortion crowd want to follow this through to the logical conclusion, post-birth "abortion" should be on the table until the unit (person) has reached an age that they would normally be able to exist on their own. And of course elderly units (persons) should be euthanized when they can no longer exist as an independent unit (person).

    They also should be made to exercise their "choice" with hands on involvement in the procedure carried out on their own offspring.

    Now I know some will thumbs down this comment as too radical, but the ones voting on these type of abortions IMO have not fully thought out the consequences.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Quote from ProblemAddict2

    Late term abortions should not be allowed unless the mothers life is gravely and certainly threatened in my opinion.

    Isn't that wy the Cesarean Section was devised and implemented?

    Since with Proper Prior Planning is is very easy to avoid unwanted pregnancies, why should any woman want to seek one? Well, of course, we know why...

    Abortions and Commerce in Aborted Baby "parts and pieces" has evolved into big business. Sadly, it has become a source of revenue for Planned Parenthood.

    It seems that the Biblical Prophecies regarding the Last Days of our Corruption are indeed working out as predicted.

    Many, many women who have aborted their "fetus" are afterwards, in some amount of time, regretful.

    New Life begins at conception. New Life wants to Live and Grow. As do all of us.

    How easily we are deceived.

  • cofty
    New Life begins at conception

    That is a very loaded use of the word 'life'. A cluster of cells is not a human being. A 30 week fetus is. Somewhere between those two points is a sensible cut-off. The real world is not so simplistic.

  • minimus

    At conception, is there “life”? Is that the beginning of life??

  • Listener

    I would never choose to have an abortion. I had a miscarriage at 3 months and it was heart breaking, I realised then that having an abortion would be agonising.

  • Simon

    Everyone involved in something like that: mother + medical staff + politicians should be prosecuted and imprisoned for life.

    Anyone pushing or supporting legislation to make this "allowed" should be punished at the polls and deemed unsuitable to hold office, any office, anywhere.

    Everyone should go on a child-endangerment register.

    The more you read up on abortion, the more you see that the whole thing is a massive pile of fraud and evil and the way some people cheer and rejoice when they get legislation allowing ever-sicker practices is simply incredible.

    Hey democrats: just imagine school shootings are ultra-late-term abortions, that way you can cheer and fund them.

  • minimus

    It’s interesting that some of our liberal friends are keeping quiet on this subject. Hmmmm

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