Babies Who Are Not Dead From An Abortion

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  • minimus

    A woman gets an abortion. The baby is supposed to die because of the abortion but doesn’t. Should that living baby be put to death or should the baby be given medical help to survive?

  • StephaneLaliberte

    That would mean the baby was viable in the first place... if you ask me, it is immoral to wait that long.

  • minimus

    I agree. Infant killing just isn’t right. Oh but it’s the “ mother’s “ right.🤮

  • cofty

    Except in extreme circumstances, I cannot see the difference between late-term abortion and murder.

    Exactly where the line should be drawn is a difficult challenge. At present in the UK abortion after 24 weeks can only be carried out if there is 'grave risk' to the mother's health or 'severe foetal abnormality'.

    In fact all the Abortion Act of 1967 did was to provide a legal defense for abortion where doctors believe there is a risk to the 'physical or mental health' of the pregnant woman or her existing children. In practice we do have abortion on demand.

    I would favour lowering the limit to 20 weeks. Advances in medicine are lowering the age when premature babies can survive.

  • minimus

    But do these babies really count? They sadly have no representation. For some, abortion may be ok within certain weeks. Ending a baby’s life once outside the womb is simply murder.

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    I honestly can't figure out if this is a real thing, or just some sort of stunt vote to rile up conservative bases.

    If a baby can breath out of the womb, the abortion is illegal. Lets keep in mind that if for some reason a baby is born extremely pre-mature (like 18 weeks or so maybe?), the baby may still attempt to breath with what faculties it has, but will not have the capacity to be able to sustain its own life. It is essentially gasping and dying a terrible death.

    Babies develop at different rates of course. So there is some + or - here. But I am just not convinced that this is something that actually occurs.

    Late term abortions should not be allowed unless the mothers life is gravely and certainly threatened in my opinion. If the fetus is viable outside of the womb, i think its too late to change your mind.

    But this thing just sort of stinks as some sort of stunt. In fact, the republican reactions to it were hyperbolic, and the mem soldiers are out painting anyone willing to have a conversation about it as someone who embraces infanticide. So it just sort of seems inauthentic to me.

  • cofty

    I have no moral objection to early stage abortion.

  • minimus

    I was very specific in my example. In that situation, is infanticide.

  • Angharad
    But this thing just sort of stinks as some sort of stunt.

    It's no stunt. They have included mental health of the mother as a reason to allow abortion up to 40 weeks - but mental health is not clearly defined. Notice in the video below she immediately tries to switch the topic to physical health. Also even if the mothers physical health is in danger there is no need to abort at 40 weeks which is what they are trying to allow, at that point you would be inducing a delivery and all the medical help necessary should be given to the child.

    The fact that the born alive bill was shot down is just sick - you would think it would be common sense, there should be no debate over whether a baby born alive should be able to continue to live and given the help it needs

  • Tobyjones262

    Once its born the woman has no say in if it should live or die. The idiot left is giving us the election in 2020. I also believe the SC will knock this down. I doubt they will ban abortion but limit it to the second trimester. And this is the way it should be third Trimester its illegal unless it can be shown the the woman's life is in substantial danger or death.

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