Babies Who Are Not Dead From An Abortion

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  • Simon

    Welcome to wrong-think ... where black is white and white is black. It's incredible the mind-job that the democrat misinformation and miseducation machine has done on people.

    Conservatives wanted Slavery.

    Erm, no, they fought a war to end it and fought the democrats who wanted to continue it The KKK, the Jim Crow rules, that's all democrats. Not every democrat was a KKK member but every KKK member was a democrat.

    Fun fact: the Nazis got a lot of their racial purity law ideas from the democrats but toned it down because they felt it was too extreme. Think about that.

    Conservatives didnt want women to vote.

    Learn some history. Fun fact, men didn't get the vote until only a few years earlier.

    Conservatives want prayers in school, and the bible and 10 commandments taught.

    So? Democrats would have everyone bending the knee to Allah

    Conservatives didnt want Blacks to have the vote.

    Again, where are you getting this from? Just sayin' something don't make it true ya' know!

    Conservatives didnt want equal rights or pay for women.

    When exactly?

    Conservatives didnt want a 5 day work week.

    Who does, I always aim for 4 or less if I can

    Conservatives don't want sex ed taught in school.

    They don't want propaganda, quackery and misinformation taught to their children - like men and women being identical, gender being a state of mind and promiscuity having no consequence

    Conservatives don't want Evolution taught in school.

    Only in your mind

    Conservatives generally feel Homosexuals are an abomination and want to restrict their rights.

    Again, nope, they want fair and equal treatment and special protected classes shouldn't be able to misuse their class as a weapon to abuse other people's rights.

  • OrphanCrow
    Learn some history. Fun fact, men didn't get the vote until only a few years earlier.

    Can you expand on that, please?

  • WillYouDFme
    So? Democrats would have everyone bending the knee to Allah.

    Yes of course! All democrats are Religious Fundamentalists and want the 3 million muslims in america to invoke Sharia Law! I thought that went without saying?

  • WillYouDFme

    I guess I am stupid to get sucked into these types of threads.

    I will stick to why I am here - to be supported and help support people who have LEFT a conservative, right wing, religious, intolerance, cult, hate group known as Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    All democrats are Religious Fundamentalists and want the 3 million muslims in america to invoke Sharia Law! - XD

    Love the way you have generalised about conservatives but you don't want to give Simon the same luxury.

    Generalising about conservatives = fine

    Generalising about Democrats = bad

    Generalising about Muslims = bad


    It's weird that the Dems are somehow allowed to go back and alter their history, whilst at the same time they attack republicans for being racist. Strange that.

    The Dems have been getting away with having their cake and eating it too for decades.

  • VIII

    When you have a uterus, vagina and fallopian tubes you can an expert on abortion.

    A woman who is pregnant will feel that the baby start to move at about 9 weeks. If a woman's health is so compromised that she needs to end her pregnancy at near term she has an option-caesarian section. There are seemingly no logical reasons that I can see for her to have a live birth and have the doctor(s) kill her baby to save her. None.

    The doctors talking about it (Governor Northam of Virginia) like it is similar to getting a teeth cleaning are psychotic. They need to be examined for mental stability.

    I am a woman and it absolutely makes me ill that this country kills so many babies. We should be giving out birth control, explaining how it works, etc. However, we should also make adoption easier. White families are looking to adopt children and are being held back due to being white. That too is wrong. They will take those children and love them. Why abort them?

  • ThomasCovenant

    ''Democrats would have everyone bending the knee to Allah''

    Thanks for the laughs.

    Genuinely I'm not being being malicious or sarcastic , I did find that funny.

  • Steel

    I don't consider myself a hardcore conservative and i do understand there are desperate women in desperste situations but FFS some of these laws the democrats are trying to pass are just ghoulish.

    Do people not understand or are they really that morally rotted.

  • Steel

    Has anyone ever ran into a pro choice JW? I have before.

    It's not that they were for abortion but just the idea of the government telling me what I can do with my body.

    Then it was.....oh blood transfusions.

    It weird how the JW legal department uses roe vs wade in the complexities of pregnant JW women.

  • minimus

    Loveun... you are spot on. Simon makes a general statement to refute that Republicans are evil and the Democrats are and have historically been wonderful. Democrats have had their cake and eaten too. Since Trump became President, conservative minded people have decided to respond to what Democrats day if it isn’t right. For too many years , they acted like Mitt Romney and looked “presidential “ and never defended themselves. Now people aren’t afraid to say they don’t like something. No more Mister Nice Guy!

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