Where is Tony?

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  • Balaamsass2

    If he is sponging off a JW family ( or his kids) he could "attend" meetings on Zoom under his hosts' ID and no one would know.

    Same with groceries and booze, his hosts do the shopping or they get delivered.

    My bet he is relaxing poolside or in the shade, with a drink in his hand.

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    Parting advice from the Governing Brats to Fat Tony:

    Pin on Faith

  • silentbuddha

    I have driven by his house on my monthly trips to the tractor supply and his Cadillac has been in the exact same spot and there is a lawn chair that remains consistently up against the front door.

    There is a massive medical center less than 1 mile from his home so he could be sick and in a care facility. Maybe he is staying somewhere else but something very strange is going on.

  • Vidiot

    He’s obviously not living there anymore (if he ever really was in the first place). The car is probably for show.

    Maybe he and the missus live in the other house. You happen to know where it is?

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze
    I have driven by his house on my monthly trips to the tractor supply and his Cadillac has been in the exact same spot and there is a lawn chair that remains consistently up against the front door.

    "Hey, Have youz guys seen Fat Tony"? "No, we ain't seen 'em. Maybe he had an unfortunate accident or sumtin".

    Time and unforseen occurrances befall us all.

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  • ukpimo

    I am inclined to fully believe the recent "insider" information that came out, this news that Tony left because of a disagreement over changes. And if it was to do with health reasons or a drunken moment, even that would make sense.

    Imagine this:

    Tony has been having health issues (anxiety, depression, PTSD, or whatever) which have been aggravated and he's finding it difficult to agree with proposals by the Governing Body, he has to think of a way to leave the Body quietly so he voluntarily confesses his drinking problem which results in a private reproval. This is a theory, but it seems feasible, why?

    Because we've heard bits and pieces of information that seems to conflict from a variety of sources:

    "his daughter-in-law revealed his drinking problem"

    Could be true, maybe she was one of 2 witnesses!

    "Tony didn't agree with the recent changes, and this was hinted by Jeff Winder's message at the annual meeting that the 'Governing Body must be unanimous for New Light to come out' "

    Again, logical.

    "Tony had to come off because of health reasons"

    Could be true also, the PTSD flashbacks of his experience in the Vietnam war could has interfered with how he handled his assignments and decision making abilities.

    Here we have an example of a removal that could have happened for several reasons. This isn't unusual in JW land, usually details of judicial matters are less straightforward for elders than many may think.

    Here is another theory, could it be that all of these theories are linked and are true, and yet what really prompted his removal was this:

    Tony had been chatting up underage girls online and sexting them.

    Now, this is a disgusting and horrific idea I could have. However, as we know from past experience when a Governing Body member does anything inappropriate with minors, then everything is hush hush and swept right under the rug!

    And you know something? Maybe that's why we'll truly never know the real reason. Because if Tony engaged in a criminal act and the Organization wants no association with him then they'll do anything to scrub his involvement with them off their records and throw him "to the dogs" in the world of mankind alienated from God!!!

  • silentbuddha

    Yes, the other home is literally right around the corner and there’s never been a car there and you can see directly through it because the places are basically just new construction tract houses.

    At the Home that’s supposed to be theirs. There is literally a garden chair that’s pushed directly up under the door handle of the house and it’s been there since October so unless they’re going out to the back door all the time and have a different car and refuse to drive the Cadillac, they are not there

  • FragrantAddendum

    ...somebody knows, but dey ain't sayin nottin...


  • FragrantAddendum

    ...did anybody check lake sterling?

    (knowing these wt masons/satanists...)


  • FragrantAddendum

    robert hendriks might know...if you can find him

    (seems he's gone missing too. funny how that happens...)

    maybe they sent 'em to siberia or some other prison in russia...

    bet mark sanderson knows


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