Where is Tony?

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  • Mikejw

    The silence is actually deafening

    the elephant in the room just keeps getting bigger

    the truth will come out eventually surely damage control they should just try to deal with it now

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Maybe the chair is to keep him in. Time for a cadaver dog?

    The rank n file have already come to the Tony eho stage

  • Journeyman
    3 things we can say for sure:
    1- There is a very serious reason why they are hiding him. People don't go into hiding for no reason.
    2- He and his wife are willing participants.
    3- His departure from the GB was for a dishonorable reason. The GB has made a delibrate public display of distancing themselves from him. They have practically erased / canceled him.

    I agree with those 3 points broadly, but I'm afraid I disagree with Mikejw: apart from exJW and PIMO places like this, there now seems to be much less pressure for the truth to come out about what happened.

    Tony is just not on anyone's radar any more in the congregations, as far as I can tell. It's old news.

    Many have probably already forgotten he was one of the GB, now they're seeing the two new boys giving talks along with all the rest of the gang. And the removal of most of his back catalogue of videos means he's less visible even on the website (obviously the intended reason for those deletions). So out of sight, out of mind.

    However, I can't speak for the mood in WT HQ (and of course in the circuits where they knew him best). There may still be rumblings back at base about his departure, so if that's the case, maybe there are still some who are biding their time until it's safer and are planning to leak the real story later.

    Time will tell...

  • Biahi

    I’ll bet Robert Hendricks knows, I wish he would talk.

  • blondie

    In the past few years, I noticed that when the WTS wanted to change some "interpretation" or such, they would just stop mentioning it in the publications, like 7,000 year creative days. Eventually, many jws don't know that was a well-supported idea by the WTS, based their teaching that Armageddon had to come at the end of 6,000 years (because they need 1,000 years for the millenial kingdom). Stopped mentioning in in 1989, and now they say those days are "thousands and thousands of years). Eliminates the date 1975. So I'm not surprised that they handle Tony Morris' existence the same way.

  • joe134cd

    Silent Buddha - just curious but have you tried knocking on his door. I’m guessing you could make excuses, making a delivery, mormons etc.

  • silentbuddha

    I’ve never attempted to knock on his door, and to be honest, I don’t think it’s something that I would do. I mean, I was at Bethel and I’ve eaten at his table 4 or five times granted it was over 20 some odd years ago, but it would seem rather strange.

    I would appear to be some kind of stalker, and I’m definitely not. It’s just that I happen to go by his neighborhood on the way to a tractor supply that’s near him.

  • Diogenesister
    SilentBuddha I would appear to be some kind of stalker, and I’m definitely not. It’s just that I happen to go by his neighborhood on the way to a tractor supply that’s near him

    Very understandable you wouldn't want to cause him any distress. But the truth is I bet a lot of people who know him are concerned about his mental health. I mean the folks in his congregation know Toni has always been a true believer, if nothing else. So either he'll be absolutely devastated because he believes the religion he is devoted to has completely lost God's holy spirit. Or he will believe that he is absolutely deplorable in the sight of God - if not utterly wicked - to have to be removed from the GB. Either way he must be in a very vulnerable state. I could totally understand if someone who knew him would check up on him (not saying you of course).

  • LaFrancia

    After 16 months still no photo of Tony and no information from PIMO or POMO that he frequents his congregation. Is Tony in witness protection? Will it be hidden in some branch in Africa? Nobody knows, but how many things he could tell

  • Athanasius

    While the Watchtower may have relocated Tony in some isolated retirement community and given him a new identity through the "Jehovah's Witness Protection Program," what about his sons? Wasn't one of his sons a Circuit Overseer?

    Any recent news about the Morris boys, or have they also disappeared?

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