Where is Tony?

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  • FragrantAddendum

    didn't one of them get promoted when tm3 got canned?


  • Vidiot

    Two of ‘em, actually, just before.

    Easier to get the supermajority vote you want if/when you stack the deck in advance.

  • joe134cd

    Apart from their data base of sex offenders, this has to be one of the best kept secrets in Wt history. It’s only a handful of people at the very top who know what really happened. I think his fall out started with the bottlegate video. It certainly wasn’t a good look.

  • FragrantAddendum

    Jesse Morris got promoted around the time his dad was removed

    i remember how weird it was that mark sanderson was announcing Jesse's part on the program

    and i thought, wow, kinda cruel that tony didn't get to

    (you know, imagining like at kh level when your kid gives his first talk or something)

    anyway, they are so weird

    for awhile i wondered if it was some kind of a deal, where if tony left his kid gets a promotion

    but the way the disfellowshipping thing works, people who were family members treat you like trash so

    with tony's demotion, it's possible all loyalty ties are squished and his kids want to distance themselves for promotion purposes

    wt is so evil

  • FragrantAddendum

    (i know tony didn't get "disfellowshipped" officially but he may as well have)

  • NotFormer

    "(i know tony didn't get "disfellowshipped" officially but he may as well have)"

    He's definitely persona non grata. Whether he jumped or was pushed, the results are the same. It seems to parallel the whole disfellowshipping vs disassociation difference. There is no substantial difference at all.

    I've said before on this subject that if there was nothing negative or personal going on with Tony leaving the GB, they could have promoted him sideways to become a department head or to an imaginary position of seeming, but little actual, importance. Executive Assistant to the GB* or some such.

    * Or Permanent Secretary to the Department of Administrative Affairs 😸😸😸


  • FragrantAddendum

    "permanent secretary to the department of administrative affairs" lol😆

    yeah, the gb fds position/"appointment" is fictional anyway, so why not!😜

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