Polytheism - Jehovah has same status as other gods

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  • Sirona

    Who here is polytheistic?

    Is Jehovah just another god? Is he on a par with Osiris / Pan / Cernunnos / whoever?

    Are some gods "bigger" than others?


  • Undecided

    Damned if I know. One God seems to be just like all the rest, they are all off somewhere else and the only thing we know of them is in man's imagination. When was the last time you saw a God do something we could understand was not just normal circumstances in this life?

    Ken P.

  • rocketman
    When was the last time you saw a God do something we could understand was not just normal circumstances in this life?

    Ken P.

    Excellent question.

  • figureheaduk

    So what's the difference between "Jehovah" and the likes of Thor, Onedin, Mars and all the other mythic Greek/Roman gods?

    (p.s. sorry if anyone gets offended by that............)

  • WildHorses

    I believe he is "just another God" even the Bible says........"there are many Gods". It also says that God is a jealous God, so I wonder if this isn't why he has threats of killing people who do not follow only him? He doesn't want people to follow other Gods.

    Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm.

  • blackout

    Well, this IS the question isn't it.

    I believe there is definately a force that helps us if we call on it, because I have experienced that myself. Whether it is our own power of our mind or the power of Gods and spirit forces, I dont know, However if I think of it as god/dess it gives personality to the power and so the power can be more easily directed. I believe in a pantehon of god/goddesses. I believe Jehovah is one of these gods. I think he's an arsehole. I prefer Dianna myself and Pan. I also believe that THE Goddess is mother earth. she is benign and all encompassing and so we all have godlike power in us as we are a part of her and she of us. Jehovah has been doing his darndest to take over but this is ruining the mother and so we must return to her in order to save ourselves.

    Anyone ever notice how the majority of women in the bible are portrayed in a bad light, as eveil seducers, harlots etc. even Babylon the great! Perhaps jehovah is jealous of the mother Goddess and thats why he did this, to encourage a patriarchal society.

  • Sirona

    Hi Undecided:

    Good question. This brings me to how I view God. Basically I think that God is universal energy - the ALL. I think that we as humans cannot understand the ALL and therefore we put "faces" to the facets (or qualities) of the ALL. Therefore when you think of God you can understand him/her a little easier, because he/she is in human terms of reference. If you think of a loving Mother figure you may think of Mary, or Kwan Yin. If you think of a fair judge, you may think of Ma'at. I believe that these images are given form by our belief in them and are closely related to what Jung called the collective unconscious containing archetypes we can relate to.

    Blackout: good points. I think you're right about the Christian patriarchal religion and how it relates to the God Jehovah / Yahweh. However I think Yahweh represents the male principle quite well (just look at divine name references in the Kabbalah).

    What I'd like to know from everyone is "Do you think that Gods are separate entities in themselves, having separate distinct personalities? or Do you think that they are facets of the all as I've described above? Or a bit of both?"


  • searchfothetruth

    Hi Sirona,

    Would it be possible for you to e.mail me, I want to ask you something about what we were talking about the other night?



  • Dansk

    Hi Sirona,

    Basically I think that God is universal energy - the ALL.

    This smacks of pantheism, to which I subscribe. Welcome, sister!


  • seedy3

    Jehovah, who is written in the bible as YHWH is really just an adaptation of the Hebrew peoples from Canannite gods. YHWH is mentioned in the Pantheon of the Canannites the section known as the Ugarit. He is spoken of as one of the sons of El the almighty, but he is really a lesser god to them. He was known as the god of war and the god of the desert. Which in it's own way explains why the Hebrews would have adopted him and gave him he atributes of El of the Canannites. The Hebrews in their glorified history known as the bible indicated how much they used war and used the desert for their nomadic way of life prior to setteling down in what is now known as Palastine/Israel.

    During early religous periods the gods had a pecking order, but most religons didn't consider one god greater then the others, they each had their portion of the cosmos to rule, and worship of one god could be carried out inthe temple of another without consiquence. All gods were respected, and worshipped. some religous beliefs had Almighty Gods, like El, Ahura Mazda ect, but of the religons in Euorpe none were really Almighty, some were supreme some faught, but even Zeus was not almighty, he was justt the Chief god and had more power then the others.

    I have found that all gods were used by the ancients to explain why we are what and who we are as well as everything else in the universe. No religon was controlling and imperialistic as Christianity until Christianity came around, since then it has bred other such belief systems including Islam. The all have come out of the Hebrew belief of one almighty God, which was really an adaptation from an Egyption belief system that was prevalent during the time that Moses was suppose to have existed. Their are many that feel that it (Jeudism) is really just a continuation of that belief, I have not seen any real evidence of this just speculation and logic indicating the idea.


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