Mother arrested after child put in washing machine

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  • SheilaM

    Laughter is to make one feel better, if you mask your feelings. Than how can you "feel" enough to want to change anything. Sorry, I may laugh when I'm nervous or when I want to cry in front of others but NEVER about children being tortured by the one person in the world that should be protecting.

  • Hamas

    A slight laughter and a shake of the head is what I meant, not an inherently evil laugh and something so sick like the Sarah Payne murders.

    Ive finished with this thread, I told you all what I meant by my comments.

  • Brummie
    A slight laughter and a shake of the head

    Well lets hope the judge & jury dont take the same action as you would when this woman stands trial. Hopefully you wont have a washing machine when the kids turn up either.


  • Mary

    Gita, you're fried................

  • SixofNine

    Self righteous pricks.

  • shera

    Well,I was going to try to stay out of this...but whos self righteous?

    People who are angry that some people are finding humor in child abuse?

    Or the people who think its ok to make a joke over and laugh over a child's torment and life?

    It has nothing to do with self righteousness,I just don't understand how your thinking.Because I don't find humor with these sick jokes,has nothing to do with me feeling I'm self righteous.

  • SixofNine
    I just don't understand how your thinking.

    I don't give a flying fuck whether you have my sense of humor (ie: understand my thinking) or not. I'll not have you imagining you care more about the suffering of children than me.

    If the anti-jokerchrist would've just said their mind, and then shut up, I'd never have been forced (yes forced!!!lol) to bring out the self-righteousness of it all. But you all couldn't let it go, and I think that inability to channel your frustration with such horrors is much more the reason this thread has turned ugly than because of some great discrepancy between the participant's level of concern for children.

  • riz
    oh, and who was the freaking genius who decided to make a front loading washer with a lock that doesn't open until the cycle finished???

    My guess would be somebody who didn't think it would be a good thing to flood your laundry room floor when you decided to open the door mid-cycle.

  • shera

    I never imagined that at all SIX,I'll not have you call me being a self righteous and a "prick" at that.
    I don't see one bit of self righteousness in anyone here.

    Everyone is upset here,even you about people being angry.

  • shera

    Pheww ..Shera's first flame war! I'm outta here for sure this time.

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