Mother arrested after child put in washing machine

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  • SixofNine
    I heard this story at 4 AM, and I'm still shaking my head in disgust.

    LOL, now see, I find that very funny too!

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Cassi, a man went to jail last year in New York for throwing his girlfriend's dog out the window and it was at least 20 stories! This is a dog!

    Guest 77

  • Cassiline
    Cassi, a man went to jail last year in New York for throwing his girlfriend's dog out the window and it was at least 20 stories! This is a dog!

    Guest 77

    (((((( Guest 77 )))))))

    LTNS!! Hugs to you.

    Your post above shows my point exactly. The life of a dog seems to have more value then that of a human.



  • Mary

    "......But the fact remains that we have to have a license to get married drive a car and have a dog. Ownership of a dog seems to require more hassle then to have a child....."

    Cassie, I agree with you on this one........there's too many irresponsible people out there that have children when they never should have. One case I know of is in my Hall. These two LOSERS have four children. First of all, husband and wife obviously don't like each other (I wonder how the hell they managed to have 4 kids!); the husband is a real low-life, has a nothing job, the wife doesn't work, there's never enough money for food or clothing for the kids, plus all those kids are starved for love and affection seeing as they don't get either from their parents. Every one of those kids were beaten by the parents when they were very young and you can see the emotional trauma on their faces.

    Neither one of the parents were stable enough either mentally or emotionally, to have any children, let alone four of them. Now all those kids have horrible lives, the oldest boy likes to start fires and has been in youth jail countless times.

    People should at least have to take some sort of parenting course BEFOREHAND so that they can learn even the basics on how to parent children.

  • LyinEyes

    So very true, do you remember the story on this board awhile back about the boys who put the little kitten on the bbq grill? There were so many that responded in utter disbelief and disgust . It does seem sometimes people will react more strongly to an abused animal than an abused child.

  • Sentinel

    If this event isn't horrible in itself, we had a recent case in our County of a woman who placed her newborn infant into a microwave. Yes, she turned it on. Yes, the child was cooked. The new father found his baby there when he got home from work. News reports indicated that the mother was having a strange hormonal imbalance that led her to do what she did--of which she claims to have no memory. Her husband stands by her.

  • sf
    it seems reasonable to think that the authorities will deal with it in a manner that protects the child from further harm.

    Hmm Six you have more faith in the authorities than I do. I wonder if Gary and Larry Bass here in KC thought that same thing. While they starved to death in their own bedroom. Hmm wonder if the babies near here that were strapped in their carseats and put in the attic, while it was freezing and the rats were chewing on them.

    I wonder if the kids that are "missing' in Florida due to the inadequecies of the DFS system, thought that. ]]
    Sheila, does President Bush know what you do? Yet? How many emails have you sent out to news media to alert the community? Do you print up flyers of such 'abuse' in your community? Editorials in the opinions section of your local newspaper? Went to city council meetings to be a speaker for five minutes on child molestation issues in this church that is in your community? Or the above mentioned issues you've stated?
    (not sure yet how to turn off quote box)
    darn it!
    I was just curious that if you haven't yet, please consider doing so. You can stay anonymous too.
    I have actually done many of these 'projects' and am currently working on something I just 'brainstormed' today. Something that alerts the community in very strategic 'ways'.
    Glad you are into Action! More should be.
    I'd also like to say that I laugh hysterically at what I 'see' people doing in this world. And I see others reactions to thus. We all will react differently. I laughed, yet not the TYPE OF LAUGH that you bring forth after watching a man with a wooden leg have his dog with lease on dogs neck, attached to this leg and then....... throw a ball for the dog to retrieve!! LOLOLOL ROFLOLOLOL Then you see the dog running with the leg around the yard. Hysterical!!! lolololololo
    It is a type of laughter that is coupled with a baffled mind as to what the eye just WITNESSED. It is like hitting your funny bone. You laugh, but it still hurts, in a WEIRD WAY. We still can't figure out why we laugh when this occurs. It's as if it is beyond our control. And Six is right, I was just in the laundry room, using my new washer (what a relief) and started laughing outloud. My first thought when I walked in there was that whether I wanted to or not, I WAS GONNA LAUGH!! No way around it. But I was laughing at the fact that to think anyone would go to a PUBLIC LAUNDROMAT and put a kid in the washer, where clearly someone COULD see it,was 'phunny'. Not like the leg and the dog but a crazy funny. Get it?
    Anyways, I guess I'm done. OH, also, when ya need a real good laugh, to witness such ridiculousness that you split your the religious channels on tv sometime. LOLOLOLOLOL The lady with three story hair. I swear, spiders are in there! lolololol
    If you want any 'ideas' on 'projects' re: alerting your community on jw corruptions, just ask.
    HAHAHA, guess why I'm laughing as I close this post?

    sKally, oh, and i just figured out how to get out of quote box....LOLOLOLOLOL

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  • teejay
    I heard this story at 4 AM, and I'm still shaking my head in disgust. -- J6OCR9
    LOL, now see, I find that very funny too! -- SixofNine


    You shouldn't try not to see humor in everything because some things just ain't funny. I wonder: If it had been your daughter up to her chin in water, would you still be grinning about it now?

  • SheilaM

    Teejay; If it was a front loader she was submerged not just chin deepI wonder also how much head trauma there was from the impact of her head hitting the drum. I don't if there was clothes that would have cushioned it some. I know that I have heard of a little boy dying in a dryer, gas dryer, his Mother said she didn't know he was there. The sound would indicate that something was wrong and he was incinerated I always thought she must have torched him. My kids climebed in ours once to play, blankies pillows and the cat. I was panicked imagining what could have happend thank GOD I heard them giggling.

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