Mother arrested after child put in washing machine

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  • little witch
    little witch

    I too wonder why this was not attempted murder!

    However, I personally have no desire to live in a country that forces the majority of law abidding, sensible populace to be subject to licensure or laws made to thwart the few morally deficient.

    Majority rules, minority placates, and wacko's go to prison!!!

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I read this in the newspaper this morning and it is horrible. I cannot imagine what goes through these people's minds. How can someone look at the innocence of a child and even imagine doing something like this is beyond me.

    This is the type of story that confirms my beliefs one should be required to have a license to have children.

    That is a nice sentiment, but in reality it is unworkable. If someone were to have a child without a license, what would we do to them? Take away the child? Imagine how much trauma that would cause a child to be ripped away from their parents just because they don't have a piece of paper. Government bureacray is so bad at tracking pedophiles now, imainge how poorly they would adminster this proposal!


    Only an iddiot or a fool would type this in response to this story. In your case Hamas, I don't think there is any question you fit both descriptions.

  • Mary

    That's because where Hamas is from, it's probably not viewed as anything out of the ordinary............

  • Realist

    wait a second guys....a person is innocent until proven otherwise. to me it loos like as if the mother did not want this to happen. the machine started as she closed the door. she is just an idiot not a murderer.

  • SheilaM
    Efforts by the girl's mother and bystanders to unlock the door failed.

    What the hell, she probably only decided to open the door when the bystanders appeared. She may actually have Munchausen by Proxy, I wonder if she has endangered the child before or she is just an evil, evil person. I think she did more than just child endangerment, maybe they are holding off further charges until they determine how nuts she is.



  • Hamas
    Only an idiot or a fool would type this in response to this story. In your case Hamas, I don't think there is any question you fit both descriptions

    Jesus Christ, how touchy? !?!?

    So I'm an idiot AND a fool? Anything else? Just because I laughed at this story? If you take things too seriously in life mate, you will worry yourslf to death. Was there any need for that kind of backlash to my reply? The story didn't even concern you, why take it so serious?

    Time of the month is it?

  • minimus

    Shelia, I thought the exact same thing that you said, including your Hamas response. You must wonder what that poor little child was going through. Hamas, why would you respond that way??? Did you mistakenly think that this would be found humorous? If you don't respond to your lol, any respect that you might have enjoyed will have evaporated here.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    As a child of abuse I find your ridicule of an attempt on a child's life to be not only offensive but also repugnant. The subject of a woman who is either mentally unbalanced or abusive enough to do this to a small child does not deserve your weak attempts at humor. Child abuse is a serious subject. If you do not have the maturity level to participate in this discussion, then have the decency to back out gracefully.

    My hands are shaking as I respond and I feel phsically ill right now. I cannot imagine the place you must be in to be the type of person you are projecting.

    Frankly sir your attitude is just, sad.

  • Hamas

    Ok so I made a mistake

    Really, I was not laughing at the story itself, It just came as no suprise to me at all, considering the age in which we live.

    It was more a case of a brief chuckle, a shake of the head and a continuation of whatever it was that I was doing. I didn't mean it nasty.

  • Hamas

    And Big Tex, I am sorry If I caused you offense.

    It is not my aim in any way to cause offence, please understand what I am trying to say in my reply above. I am honestly ashamed If what I said offended you, please accept my apologies man.

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