Mother arrested after child put in washing machine

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  • SixofNine

    Six: Do you mean I get to beat your butt

    hehe, that won't solve the worlds problems, but it would make me forget for an hour or two.

    or what do I do in my own life to help this issue.

    That's what I was getting at, yes.

    A LOT and I think living a life by example is a good thing. Let's see I could tell you about the children I've helped, I could tell you the TIMES I've called and reported. I could tell you all the times I speak and laugh with children to make them know they are important and so they can see a different face with a smile just for them. I could tell you my frustration with the DFS and my struggle to become a child advocate, is that enough.

    That is great. It means worlds more than any lack of humour you see in this headline, know what I mean? It's more than most people have done, myself included. I think it's wonderful that you do all that.

    ...oh AND I DON'T LAUGH at a child being tortured.

    ...and that's just the deal here, isn't it? So far NO ONE has in any way implied that they are laughing at a child being tortured.

  • Hamas

    Mary, what is your problem?

    You seem to be constantly stuck in 'that time of the month' . Seek medical advice, love.


  • chachasmum

    There are some folks on here with a sick sense of humour.

    Simon where are you? I really hope you shut this one down. My blood is boiling.

  • SheilaM


    You seem to be constantly stuck in 'that time of the month' . Seek medical advice, love.

    You have no grasp right, first you laugh on a thread then you turn insulting at the people that disagree with you. No NOT ONLY WOMEN have a problem with you.



    1. Inciting hatred on the basis of race, religion, gender, nationality or sexuality or other personal characteristic.

  • Hamas

    Before 'I turned Insulting' , who was firing the shots darlin?!?

    I just replied to criticism heading my way.

    Rule Number one : Insulting, threatening or provoking language

  • chachasmum


    I think you should seek medical attention like psychiatric help. You poor sod

  • little witch
    little witch

    Alas; Another heartfelt, well intentioned thread goes ''up in FLAMES''1

    Humor has it's place, but this one wasn't it.

    Perhaps those with such wit and (albeit sick) humor, should post their own threads. Oh, nobody reads them, that explains the thread hijacks!

  • Simon

    I think you should both take a break.

  • gitasatsangha
    Simon where are you? I really hope you shut this one down. My blood is boiling.


    Mommy! Daddy! The other kids are teasing mee!
  • LyinEyes

    Even if someone found humor in this,,,,,,,,,although I can't understand, even laughing at the headline in the first place, if that is the only thing that you thought was humorus.........there is a time and a place , and this is a subject that so many know hits too close to home, so not a good time to be laughing. I mean if this was an adult who did this to himself, I could understand a snicker at the headline,,,,,Although I am still not sure I would have laughed,,,,but not with a helpless little child.

    My little girl had a little friend who was 6 years old, she had long honey brown hair and I can picture her hair blowing in the wind as she and my daughter rode bikes.

    Heather was an abused child but many of us didnt know it. Heather's mom and stepdad murdered Heather 2 years ago. It started off with beatings, so bad she wore long sleeves in the summer. They starved her so often, she was very tiny for her age. All of this came out after Heather had been beaten to death.

    Her parents shaved off all of her hair into a military buzz cut, a week later is when the beating was so bad that Heather was brain dead, and barely alive.

    They took her to the big state hospital in the city and the doctors who worked on her in a vain attempt to stop her brain from swelling, got physically sick, cried and had to have counseling on what they saw that happened to her little body. I will spare the worst of the details, if you can imagine how worse it was,,,, the other things they did to this little girl. Most of it being done by the stepdad. In all of the cases that hospital has seen of child abuse and sexual molestation,,,,,,,,,,,little Heather's was the worst, and the doctors at this hospital have seen it all.

    Heather went to sleep forever, a day after this happened . There is no telling the things that child had to endure other than what is known as fact now. But relatives looking back, say there were some signs but they just didnt see it then.

    I didnt go to the funeral , it was at a church, I was still a dub. But the whole town turned out for it and in cities up to an hour away, put big pink ribbons on their trees, homes, and places of business to show love to a little girl who's life was taken by monsters.

    My daughter Kelly, wanted to go by and put some daisies on Heathers, grave, so after the service we drove to the gravesite in our hometown. Everyone had just left except for the man who ran the funeral home and took care of the final covering up of the grave to make sure everything was in order.

    I told him that my daughter wanted to put flowers on her grave, and was surprized that Heather's casket was still visiable , they hadnt covered it with dirt yet. The nice man went over to Kelly on her side of the van and asked if she wanted to say goodbye to Heather and explained that she couldsee her caskets and if she wanted to she could put the daisies right on top of it.

    Kelly wanted to say goodbye and took her little daisies she picked , and put them on Heather's casket. She cried and got back in the van. I was shocked at how tiny the casket was........ I had heard that Heather had lost so much weight and was the size of a 4 yr old at that, she was almost 7.

    See the point I am telling this story is that abused children are usally abused for along time before it causes their deaths. We should all be more aware if we see any child that raises a red flag.

    In the case with this mother who did this to her child. She probably has been beating , torturing and lord knows what eles to her for awhile now. She has taken the abuse from the secrecey of the home into a public place. I think she only tried to get the child out because others were trying to get the child out.

    She should never have her child back , EVER. And it should be attempted murder, imo.

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