Covid-19 (Coronavirus) - Status Update Thread

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  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    the figures for new york ( city ? or state ? ) paint a positive picture:

    965 deaths out of a KNOWN 59648 cases. the deaths figure is accurate--the tested positive cases means a wild guess at the true total of positives--which would reduce the percentage a lot more.

    but the percentage not shown is the deaths out of the total population.

    new york city--a population of 18 million+. so approx point 005% of its population have died from corvid date.

    what are the same statistics for gun crime deaths ?

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    the stats for the UK to date are:

    population..67 million

    covid deaths..1400

    thats .002%.

  • Simon

    Came across this site which looks useful to fill in missing data that we haven't been told - it's good to get the stats of what has happened and is happening, but most people want to know the projections and when things are likely to peak, whether we'll have enough ICU beds etc...

  • Simon

    Wow, just checked the Johns Hopkins site and the count has really leapt up - now over 800,000 confirmed cases and concerted testing has only really just started.

    The US now has a new testing machine that can give results pretty much immediately (5 - 10 minutes). That's going to really help focus care and attention to those who need it and go a long way to shutting down outbreaks.

    All part of the jigsaw for returning to normality.

    But it looks like the curves are beginning to flatten with the number of new cases declining for the first time.

    If that really was the peak of growth, then the peak of cases will be in a couple of weeks, which matches the projections in the previous link.

    April is going to be a very important month.

  • belogical

    wow who would have thought the world would look like this.

    courtesy John Hopkins university

  • JimmyYoung

    One place I agree with the left is the stay at home order. I think Trump should have issued a nation wide order a few weeks ago. I live in one of ten states where the Republican gov is not issuing a SAHO. this is total BS. I have no idea why you would resist this.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    I had a extended family member end up in hospital with fever, pneumonia, the works . It was not c19. He lives in a small town, not tourist destination, but a crossroad. We jump to conclusions.

    The mask and glove is a scandal. Every idiot going in to the hospital was taking some weeks past now there arent any to steal. I cant believe there was not a local, state, national emergency supply. They have needle exchanges, narcan, free std treatment; and forms with your choice of WXYZ chromosome choices.

    Better hope for climate change to kill the virus.

  • Simon

    A better comparison of US vs EU, instead of comparing the entirety of the US with single member-nations of the EU:

  • belogical

    Hi Simon

    the data above will rapidly change as the EU policies on lock-down show a decrease while the USA was later on to get onto the world stage. Time will tell but I expect the GEZRO figures to go the other way.

  • LV101

    Not all states delayed lock-down measures. NY dragged their feet and encouraged keep living as normal - under 40 or 50 yr. olds to carry on the social/nite life. I understand no one wants to be an alarmist. No special directives for seniors. Even California took a protective course.

    Regardless - I think many heavily-populated tourist cities have had this virus spreading around since November. I've never been around so many people with colds, sore throats, red eyes, etc., (housekeepers to service oriented operators - manicurists, dentist, hair stylists) in my entire life. Quick cares stuffed full with people - (more than one visit) younger people (older ones, also) - 20 to late 40s that I'm aware of. Call it the flu - I'm not so certain. This area is crawling with Chinese who travel back and forth monthly/weekly and live both places. Not good odds.

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