fiancee committed scuicide jw parents trying to steal my babies

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  • Brummie
    after we met wed had twins

    Larry I think this is the little line that caused a doubt for some, I interpreted that you mean "Wed" as in "We'de", or "we had" but it looked like you were saying "wed" as in wedding and then you said you were not married.

    Anyway, I'm sure you can understand the doubt is a misunderstanding due to a mispelling. In saying that, some people have been on here before and have sold a story that wasnt true. People are just being cautious.

    Like I said before, you have won this case hands down, and when you feel well enough to deal with things, perhaps you should go to the Media and get publicity in this whole tragic affair.

    Thinking of you mate

  • Gopher


    You've been through hell several times over. I hope that you get your justice. These JW's are alternately obsessed with saving and judging others. It is not about normal relationships. It is about having their way and forcing it on others.

    They ruined their daughters' life. Now their next target is your children. I'm glad you're acting to protect them. Focus on what's right for your children, and things will turn out great.

    Please keep us posted on how things go. You SHOULD get your children back. Then are you going to pursue kidnapping charges against your in-laws? These people need to be put in their place.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    What does your attorney say about this? I would think they would be liable for abduction charges, irregardless of whether or not you two were married. I agree with Brummie, go to the media. Write letters to the newspapers in your area, as well as television and radio. The more light you shine on this situation the more it will help you.

    Why did Child Protective Services come visit your home? You might want to go back to work. It will help your chances of getting the children back. Good luck.

  • Sunspot


    What a horrible thing to experience! My heart goes out to you. Just by the nature of what you've related about Megan's background and her many "runaways", it would seem that HER family would be more closely scrutinized for a guardianship issue.

    This is just off the top of my old head, but it would seem as if there WAS this past history under her parent's roof, that documenting this, or finding people that would be willing to swear that she was miserable as a child (more than the usual teenager,lol), that gathering "evidence" like this would help to further your cause. Did Megan have girlfriends she confided in that might help to prove what unfit guardians these grandparents would be?

    There ARE some very strange and "I don't BELIEVE it" cases out there. I went to a meeting last Tuesday night for FADD (Families with Attention Deficit Disorder) because the grandson WE are raising has Asperger's Syndrome and has Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and there were two newcomers to the group. Both were grammas like me, but the experiences THEY shared were startling....much like yours, except for the remaining "parent", the Dad, in both cases, WAS a jerk, ( the Moms had also committed suicide) and these grammas have gone through hoops to get legal custody of their grandkids. It's amazing how ridiculous the legal system is in this upstate NY county, and will shift the kids from foster home to foster home when they have willing, able and loving grandparents who are capable of giving the kids homes AND have the blood relationship continuance. I assume that other counties have much the same flaws and ridiculous policies.

    So you really need to "do your homework" and pull up EVERY bit of favorable and positive (for the courts) information you CAN, and don't waste a moment doing that. I don't want to drown you in cold water by sounding so negative, Larry, but the Family Court System can totally surprise you by some very strange reasonings and stupid decisions. When we hear about these things, we sit back with our mouths open and say "how COULD they?", and we don't KNOW...but they DID, and they DO, so try and keep one step ahead of them and consider all the stops that the courts might pull out in favor of Megan's father.

    ONE very good thing in your favor---the Watchtower Society is coming under a LOT of criticism lately in the media (and they deserve all that and MORE), so their image of looking "squeaky clean" has been smeared, which can only help you :o)

    Their shunning, their forcing children to live abnormal childhoods by not celebrating any holidays or attending school functions because ALL nonJW kids are BAD association....the whole nine yards and lists of what a JW kid can't do.....are good "starters", along with the no-blood issue and the pedophile problem should be mentioned to the courts as well. These are the things that children CAN and HAVE BEEN subjected to under the care of JWs. Use all the ammunition you can---THEY will.

    You need ALL the support you can get right now, on a local level. You have lots of emotional support right here....and several folks here have great advice and know who to contact and where to obtain helpful reading material for situations like yours. This IS a "winnable" (is that a word?) case, but you need to dig in your heels and legally fight this.

    Please keep in touch here on JWD, and let us know if we can help somehow, and let us know how things are progressing. We CARE.

    Hugs and Good Luck,


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Actually it sounds like since your name was not on the birth certificate the parents assumed they had a legal right to the children. Therefore kidnapping charges might be out of the question. Once they had possession of the children and filed a charge that your home was "unsuitable" then there would have to be legal action to assess parental rights for the children. Your positive DNA test clinches your parental right and the social service assessment showed there is no reason the children should not be with you. Yea that the system does work sometimes.

    As to whether the parents are fit to raise these children - or have access/visitation you might have to prove the abuse history. Did your fiance keep a journal? Did she ever write anything about the abuse. If so use it. If she was in counseling for the abuse you might be able to have her file subpeonaed (long stretch on this one). You don't really need all the file just some evidence of the abuse, and who the perpetrators were. You might also try her medical records if you think they would be of help. Your lawyer should be able to tell you about the chances of getting those records now that she is deceased. And it might be a very long shot to get them.

    If anyone else knew of the abuse find out what they know. If they are not JWs so much the better. Other JWs will stick with the parents regardless of the morality of the problem.

    Like others have said people have come in here before trying to scam us. If you are one you might as well leave. But if you are legit, hang in with us because we can give an awful lot of support as you go through this.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    something to try here

    Click on the search link at the top of the page and type in child custody.

    You should get a list of threads that discuss the issue with some good information in some of them

  • figureheaduk


    My heart goes out to you and your children. I can only wish you the best of luck and hope that your children are returned to you safely, and that the three of you can try and make life happier for each other.


  • larrynbabies

    This morning when I woke up I read some of the more than suspicios comments and was very hurt by them. Thats the whole thing about this mess. On the surface it seems like how could this happen? That is why I chose this forum I thought who more than ex or present jw's could even concieve this as a possibility. (this is my nightmare)

    Megans dad is very determined to keep my babies I am some what afraid to elaborate further on the subject because the facts seem to only present the case as even more unelievable. Megans oldest sister lori married at seventeen to a man in his mid thirties he was a member of the so called congregation. His name is trent he not only married lori but had an affair with lori and megans sister kendra starting at 15. The day after megans rape he molested her and shortly thereafter megan attempted suicide that left her in a coma four 5 days I think. When she woke up she saw trent in the room and started screaming for them to remove him from the room. A little later megan confided to kendra about the molestation. It was then for whatever reason kendra decided to write a long letter to her sister about the affair she had with trent. needless to say that marriage was over. What blows my mind is megans parents talk to trent on a regular basis and have even gone to a jimmy buffet concert with him. megan told me that he had been forgiven and that is why they continue to have a relationship with him.

    Ken has hired private inestigators to dig up anything in my past that can cause the judge to look in thier favor. I dont know a single person who is in a position that given an opportunity for someone to go around opening the closets of ones life that skeletons will not fall out. that is my case. I am 42 and I have not been a angel but I can also say before god I have never done anything to cause someone harm. He has a memeberof his congregation who is wealthy and dying of cancer who has given him a subsantial amount of money to help him fight his battle. As he put it it is for a worthy cause. JW I dontknow the legqalities about this but before Megans death her parents and I were at least o what I thought was good terms. I even let him use a screen name on my aol account. after her death and the taking of my babies I did not see the benifit of providing this mane free internet access and e-mail privliges. It was after having the password reset when I found out about this wealthy member and his contribution of 25,000.00 dollars. In addition it was also then that I found out thier motiation because I recieved a letter the ken hiself had written to trent voicing his displeasure of megans sister lori attending the babtism stating that she is now on thier**** list.I guess there must be some kind of rule regarding jw's not being alowed to attend other churches?

    Megans mother also stated to lori that if she did not recant her affidavit regarding physical and mental abuse that she would never be allowed to see the babies.

  • caligirl

    I am sorry for everything that you have gone through and I cannot imagine the pain you must be feeling. Just a thought, and I hope that the suggestion does not offend you, but have you thought of going to the media with your story? I understand that it might prove painful to share such personal information in the papers, but it would certainly bring public attention to what has happened and possibly some much needed local support for you in this matter.

    What a ridiculous law for a state to have that prevented you from being listed on the birth certificate. But now that you have the DNA tests proving paternity, I hope that this is resolved swiftly for you. The fact that you have members of her family willing to testify for you should be a plus.

  • larrynbabies

    I wanted to elaborate a little further because I hope people did not get the impression from my last post that just because my babies jw grandad got backing from a church member that that was some form of plea for financial assistance in fact it couldnt be further from the truth I have as much financial assistance as I need for this battle. I guess the reason I am posting is to vent my frustrations over this whole mess.

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