fiancee committed scuicide jw parents trying to steal my babies

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  • bluesapphire

    This story is unbelievable!!! Isn't that kidnapping? Something doesn't make sense.

  • MrMoe


  • StinkyPantz

    Ditto Mr. Moe

  • dedalus

    Were marauding albino pygmies involved?


  • avishai

    Hey, it could happen. I work in a grp. home for s.e.d kids, & b.s like this happens, lots. Give benefit of doubt in case it's not a troll

  • mustang


    SS is right. But go one step further and use these keywords for searching: McGregor Ministries & JW Child Custody. The McGregor (Mac?) site has an ad by lawyers who have fought these cases.

    I wouldn't worry about the copyright business. These lawyers have that booklet included in their package. Let them worry about that: they have already had that fight.

    They also have strategies and advice for people in your circumstance. So, that goes beyond just looking at the JW booklet.

    You need this urgently. The WTS strategies ambush "normal" legal counsel. They catch any lawyer who has not prepared specifically for this unawares in a massive ambush.

    "Don't leave home without it".


    Nothing that I write or utter is to be considered legal advice. Consult proper counsel for such matters. Further, all that I write or utter, is protected by religious freedom under the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, as the "free exercise", as well as "freedom of speech" clauses.

  • mattnoel

    I cant offer you an advice I do however know that if the kids are yours and you are not deemed to be mis treating them (in that you are not abusing them and can look after them) then they had no right to take them away. If it IS the case and you take it to court I would also suggest to a Lawyer about hauling their asses for Kidnap - this CAN be done and the tables will turn with them being taken to court.

    I take it, it never went to court or the police over your fiancee being abused or the alcogolism of her father, this would be something else that could be used, they would not ben deemed fit parents if they are leaving the kids open to this.

    I know you must be going through so much pain, and I really feel for you, if you ever need to chat please mail me direct and I will be happy to give you my e mail, as someone to talk to. Please keep us posted on how this unfolds and welcome to this board, I guarantee you will find much needed support here and many friends.


  • larrynbabies

    I have noticed a couple of dissentions in these postings such as this could not possibly happen

    The fact is it has happened the case law that the judge used to act on the emergency custody order was the fact that my name was not on the birth cirtificate and megan and I were not married so there for he had to give them to the nearest realitives which were megans parents jw it is now that I am trying to undo the injustice. I now have the dna results proving I am the father it is a matter of overcoming all of their lies

    which will be done in court untill then I am being held from my children I have already missed chris's first steps

  • larrynbabies

    I wonder if any of you have been in a position to be so in love with someone with a traumatic past all I ever wanted to do was protect megan and shelter her from all of the abuse she had gone through in her short life but we as people counsleors medication you name it some times it is not enough.

    Then one day you come home from work to find a note on the table saying how glad she was to get a second chance at life and how happy she was to have our twins but the pain of her life was too great (P.S. I AM HANGING IN THE BASEMENT ) SO I RAN DOWN AND FOUND HER I DID EVERY THING I COULD TO LIFT HER UP AND REMOVE THE DAMN THING THAT WAS AROUND HER NECK BUT IT WOULD NOT COME OFF. SO I HAD TO LET GO RUN UPSTAIRS GET A KNIFE AND CUT HER DOWN. THE JW RELIGION SUCKS iHATE WHAT IT HAS DONE TO MEGAN MYSELF AND NOW MY BABIES.

  • Mulan

    Larry, this is one of the worst things I have ever heard about. I can't even imagine the pain you must be going through, to lose Megan and then the babies.

    Understand, that some of the people here have been victimized too, and some of us have dealt with fake posters on this board. That will make some more critical and skeptical. I am sure they believe you, but don't want to be fooled yet again.

    PLEASE keep us informed as to how things progress for you. And contact Matt, who offered to help you, or anyone else who can give you a shoulder to lean on or cry on. You are always welcome here and we will listen.

    You can send me messages too!!! (if you want to be more private)

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