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  • Simon
    You have yet to provide a single word to support your lie that TR is a 'self-proclaimed racist and white supremacist'.

    Or even why it would even be relevant if he was.

  • barry

    curious confused, You say Tommy Robinson is racist please explain what he has said to give you that impression. I saw Tommy Robinson on a TV show with a lot of lefty idiots and he was accused of racism. Tommy Robinson asked what has he ever said that is racist. No one could tell him.

  • curiousconfused
    I’ve made my point already. The English Defense League was a racist organisation. “Tommy Robinson” was its founder. We aren’t going to agree on this......
  • freddo

    I believe curiousconfused makes a valid point - Robinson AKA Laxley is poacher turned gamekeeper.

    However I would like him to validate his "violent/self proclaimed racist/white supremicist" with a source.

    edited to add: I don't think he is in any risk in jail.

  • cofty
    The English Defense League was a racist organisation. “Tommy Robinson” was its founder.

    The EDL attracted racists. TR left the organisation and began to work with Quilliam to combat extremism.

    You have totally failed to defend your lies about TR.

    Please tell me anything that TR has said to support your claim that he is a 'self-proclaimed racist and white supremacist' or withdraw your lies.

    TR has huge amounts of written and verbal content online so it should be an easy task for you. In fact unless you already knew of such examples you should not have made these false claims in the first place.

    Will you back up your claims or else withdraw them? No of course you won't because you have already decided TR is a 'lowlife' so his is fair game isn't he?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    The blunt truth is there are worse things than racism or being accused of racism. This may surprise trendy people but it's obvious when you think about it.

    TR is certainly at the very least a rough-around-the-edges guy.

    Is he a racist? IDK, maybe. Seeing how curiousconfused leveled this charge, it is up to him to provide evidence to support it.

    If he cannot then he should drop his assertion.

    TR publicly speaks out against much worse things than racism. He is one of few, not many. He deserves respect for that, regardless of his past.

  • recovering

    Still a self confessed criminal. So why release him? Nobody has explained this yet. Isn't this the whole issue here ?

  • curiousconfused

    Cofty, you clearly like the guy. Your choice. I don’t. Let’s leave it there.

  • cofty
    Cofty, you clearly like the guy. Your choice. I don’t. Let’s leave it there

    No I didn't ever claim to like the guy.

    I said that 'I have far more respect for him than I have for the cowardly politically-correct social workers who covered up these scandals for years'. I try to accurately criticise people I don't like.

    You made two specific claims about TR. You have been challenged by numerous forum members to back them up with evidence of things TR has said. I'm not for 'leaving it'.

    Facts matter. You don't know of a single racist or white-supremacist word TR has ever uttered do you?

  • zeb

    TR left the org he founded because it was taken over by nasty types.

    As best i can tell he was arrested reporting outside a court where other journalists were reporting on the sentencing hearing going on ...inside.

    That he was imprisoned is most severe as he could have been given non custodial sentencing. His offense was non violent. There is an unconfirmed report that the Imam who looks after the spiritual welfare of Muslim inmates at the prison knew two days before he arrived of his coming.

    The movement of prisoners is normally secret for the obvious reasons so who let that out?

    While some of you say send him to prison yay thats the way..Hm of you have been in or visited anyone in prison ? No he is not perfect (are you,?) and he has been punished for his ill considered decisions.

    He is outspoken against the worst of those who use Islam to validate their crimes and he is a social pain in the neck to the social engineers who would see Britain melded into some form of sharia state and his life is in real danger. TR is an ordinary working class rough and tumble guy with all the virtues and vices of the same should he be murdered for this?

    Germany and France et al are wishing they had more like him right now and Hungary and Poland are glad they do.

    Food for pink unicorns will be issued shortly..

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