Breaking News - NK Missile Overflies Japan

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    I hope that this latest act of aggression by NK will be a storm in a teacup and it'll all blow over.

    If it's more than that, then I hope the rest of the world will wipe out Kim Jong Un and the NK government.

    Seriously, Kim Jong Un is a massive c**t.

  • Fisherman
    is exactly the problem: the failure to search for and find other options.

    What options? NK moved KN to K5 --getting the stonewall. Unless the US makes a move, DT only is playing cards.

  • LV101

    Or how about another Clinton in office who (like Bill Clinton) would hand over unreal amounts of military monies and goods to the despot helping create this horrifying threat.

    Ah, yes, let's blame Trump -- NOT!!

  • Fisherman

    The US 51st's fighter jets continue to roam the skies 10 miles north of NK's border every day threatening NK and ready for war.

  • Simon

    While people love to imagine NK is led by a lunatic, most dictators are not crazy - they are cold, calculating, ruthless and get away with as much as they think they can but few genuinely have a death wish and can also keep hold of power.

    On one hand, I think Trump's firm rhetoric is better than someone drawing lines in the sand and then letting them be crossed over and over. On the other, he needs to make sure that Kim has a way out that saves face. He is trying to further his own regime and needs to appear "strong" to his people. I doubt NK genuinely wants a nuclear war with the US but they do want to strengthen their negotiating position to get more for whatever they may subsequently give up.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Kim Jong Crazy didn't start acting this way until he found someone just as crazy who he thought would be willing to play.

    Fun times in the sandbox.

  • LV101

    Kim has been lying and "acting this way" with every new toy for decades and doing whatever he wants. He doesn't follow rules.

    I agree with Simon re/Trump needs to give him a way out creating a win-win - or billions of toys like Clinton -- or like Obama - anyway, we all know his unsuccessful methods.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Nope, not the actual launching of missiles. There was bluster and faking, but he really enjoys playing War Games with Trump.

  • jp1692
    Simon: Trump "needs to make sure that Kim has a way out that saves face."

    And that's exactly the problem. Publicly calling out a bully leaves them no way to "save face."

    Someone needs to take Trump's phone away from him. The man has no understanding of human nature, how others feel or of what's at stake.

  • Fisherman
    On the other, he needs to make sure that Kim has a way out that saves face.

    DT could have done that to begin with, then, instead of his rhetoric, now the US has to retreat to the position before DT's threat and negotiate something to make NK stop from shooting missiles over other people's houses. NK called DT bluff and now the US has to eat it's words -unless of course DT intended to make good on his threats, he blundered.

    No comment from the White House yet on the missile.

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