What did President Trump say about Sweden?

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  • bohm
    some still associate it as an "oppressed group" and that means they are "good"

    I don't want you to call out anyone in particular, but I would honestly be interested in a link in a PM to someone who says so on this forum because I can't recall seeing that view... I might have missed something.

  • Ruby456

    for myself I am simply calling out Trump's phobic elements - you expect a President to research before he speaks

    freemindfade I am fully aware that oppression is associated mostly with bad and not with good. very few come out of oppression as heroes and even then it is long after that such heroes can look back and think yes it did me good.

  • Landy
    you expect a President to research before he speaks

    Actually thinking before he speaks would be a start!

  • Qcmbr

    In the West imo:

    The rise of feminism, gay rights and racial equality while broadly useful and necessary in promoting an equal playing field in a modern society are uniquely unqualified to stand as the dominant culture - which they have become. The conservative, traditional culture to which it was once the counter culture has largely been nibbled away such that our media, politics and prevailing zeitgeist is socialist, virtuous and emasculated (masculinity outside of the cinema is largely frowned upon.) Europe is at the forefront of this thinking and has seen - in the form of the EU - a homogenizing force that has removed travel barriers, reduced military commitments and has enforced multi cultural acceptance. In demolishing the traditional structures of society to create a new, freer one, it has let its guard down. When you remove your immune system to combat leukemia you also must isolate yourself. Europe allowed the rise of equal rights to wipe its traditional immune system. It then naively forgot to isolate itself - it opened its internal border without enforcing its external one.

    “Thomas More: ...And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned around on you--where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat? This country's planted thick with laws from coast to coast--man's laws, not God's--and if you cut them down...d'you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then? Yes, I'd give the Devil benefit of law, for my own safety's sake.” - A Man for All Seasons.

    Islamic culture, especially from the Arab world and East has not made any such compromises. It is militaristic, violent, masculine, politically rapacious and has a fundamental raison d'être - to act as a cuckoo culture and remove/subsume all other cultures. Sweden, as an example, is experiencing the effects of a viral infection at the exact moment it has removed its ability to cope with this attack - because to cope you MUST use a measure of inequality (you must privilege your culture over the dangerous one, you must privilege your citizens over immigrants, you must be willing to do hard nasty things to stop nasty incoming pathogens.)

    Sweden is so excited by its feminist , socialist outlook that its actually privileging the incoming culture over the Swedes (immigrants are trusted on their age claims, are given preferential legal status and are given free housing, food and money, claiming the status of 'refugee' has become a magic password that bypasses all internal systems) Sweden has forgotten that a nation state's primary purpose is to look after its own people and only then to look out for neighbours - you never grab a drowning swimmer. Legal, orderly, planned immigration is a great benefit to all - disorderly, naive, virtuous open doors ruins it for everyone - just the same way we lock our own homes' doors and vet those we allow in - not because we 'hate' others or are 'racist' but because we understand that bad apples ruin entire barrels. Sweden and its legal, hard working migrants will be suffering the effects of impotent social policies for many years.

    Political Islam is at war with the West and we aren't allowed to recognise it - it's not PC. Currently political Islam is killing mainly Muslims in the Muslim heartlands but given enough time we shall see more and more attacks on the West spawned from the Islamic toeholds in the towns and cities of Europe. Its written in their Koranic manifesto.

    The most ardent SJWs (especially the Hollywood types) are so intent on being 'right' that they are actively sabotaging our defences, opening the castle gates and demolishing curtain walls and then retreating to their own gated enclosures oblivious to the damages done to the unprotected normal people. Political Islam is a poisonous snake and you can't let it loose in your house and wonder why it keeps biting you nor blaming those bitten for being so judgmental.

    The important thing was not that Trump naively used a rubbish Fox report BUT that too many people would rather focus on the easy virtuous hatred of Trump than actually confronting the dreadful consequences of inviting in an abhorrent religious culture.

  • Simon

    Great post Qcmbr!

    The liberal democracies of the west seem to have forgotten that the freedoms we have were fought for and need to be defended.

    Kindness only works for those who respond to kindness, it is suicidal when confronted with those who view it as a sign of weakness and weakness as something to be taken advantage of and conquered.

    "Speak softly ... and carry a big stick".

    The important thing was not that Trump naively used a rubbish Fox report BUT that too many people would rather focus on the easy virtuous hatred of Trump than actually confronting the dreadful consequences of inviting in an abhorrent religious culture

    This is the ultimate idiocy of the left. They hate the conservative right so much that they are willing to get into bed with an ultimate extreme right ideology thinking that ... well, I don;t know what their plan is. They will be the first ones slaughtered and thrown off buildings, butchered and oppressed. But they don't seem capable of looking that far ahead or having any real sense of proportion.

    People have decided that Trump is a worse Hitler than even Hitler was and they are blind to any reason but constant criticism of anything he says and does, whether or not it's actually that big of an issue they will wail and scream as though it's the worse thing ever to happen in the world.

    Meanwhile, an actual rape culture is exploding in Europe but because it's "their side" and not a fake story of rich white kids on college campuses, they don't care. Instead we get excuses and demands to let them in. Oh, and of course that Trump's attempt to prevent that happening is "racist".

    Right now, the people doing the most to try and destroy liberal society is not Trump and the conservatives, it's the left. They are suicidal but unfortunately want to make it a murder suicide pact and take everyone else with them.

    you expect a President to research before he speaks
    Actually thinking before he speaks would be a start!

    The implication is that those before him were more "intellectual" and that has to be better.

    While I think they are better speakers and put more effort into their own PR, the fact that they thought about what they were going to say first didn't always make it better.

    For instance, when Obama gave knowingly false statements based on reports that highlighted the mistake it would be to make those very claims, is that "better"? If so, why? If he's lying but using smooth words, does it make it OK or any better? What about the social issues that his lies create? Who has to live with that mess and clean it up? Whether it's lies about women's pay or stoking racial conflict instead of damping it down, do the smooth words make it all OK?

    Why wish for a smooth talking salesman when you've got the guy who's just blurting things out?

  • kpop

    Exactly what I said about an old Korean proverb that says, "never trust a man who smiles too much or talks too smoothly." That's the best translation I can find but I think the point is clear. Obama was an incredibly smooth talker. I don't want to repeat someone's personal experience with Obama as 100% fact but several people who said they knew him said he was a smooth talker, a "mac daddy" and a pathological liar. The one woman who really stood out to me was Maria Pope from Hawaii who went to the same Prudaho school as Obama and she was very sincere and spoke with authority about him. So Obama was smooth talker but he lied often and forcefully. It was not a mistake when he lied. He knew what he was doing. Trump is not the best public speaker, he fumbles for words, repeats himself and loses focus. But I do believe he is sincere as much as he can be in his position. I'm not saying he does not lie but I do believe he is not a scoundrel.

  • kpop
  • LoveUniHateExams

    Qcmbr's post is a must-read.

    He's summed up the situation in Sweden (& other Western countries) nicely in a few paragraphs and typed out how many of us feel about this particular situation.

    First class!

  • freemindfade

    Excellent post Qcmbr!

    NYC yesterday...


  • Bugbear

    One of the problem with Trump´s exclamation, is that he consider all news from the media world as “fake news”… Then he goes on and uses one of the most notorious fake news moguls and uses it for his own purposes. I cannot understand why his voters can´t see through his tactics ….

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