What did President Trump say about Sweden?

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Something about how to make a nice meat loafer.


  • flipper

    Trump's just upset because he couldn't get any in Sweden. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Ruby456

    exactly what I was thinking flipper

    perhaps he is jealous that all those blondes may be hooking up with refugees.


    you don't need to worry about muslims threats to us here in Europe. we are aware of who the risks to safety come from - the same way that neo nazis are a risk to society.

    the majority of muslims are like the majority of christians - most don't go to the mosque, the ones that do only go on friday and then forget about it for the rest of the week. some turn radical this usually happens in war torn areas and among those who support particular groups that call for action etc. all of the ones I have described are real muslims just as all the ones who I have described as christians are real christians.

    muslim refugees are like all kinds of refugees - unwanted and fleeing from some calamity or other. Most of us don't want over crowding and know that each government will only take what they want and what they can cope with.

  • Spoletta

    So how do you screen out the extremists that want to establish Shariah law in the US? Have a question on the vetting forms?

    So we should include countries where Shariah is the law of the land in the immigration ban.

  • wizzstick

    Swedish article on Fox news

    Fox News asserted a number of 160,000 asylum seekers in Sweden for 2016 though which were down to 29,000 in 2016 after 163,000 in 2015
  • freemindfade
    Trump's just upset because he couldn't get any in Sweden. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

    You might be on to something, Swedish ladies are quite pretty

  • Finkelstein

    The problem is that some of these immigrants who have come from rigidly extreme Islamic countries and they bring their homeland religious backed cultural views into where they have immigrated to.

    This can be seen in these gang rapes in Sweden and Germany and other disobedient unlawful acts of violence.

    Why ? because their view of how woman should dress and socially behave is opposing different from modern secular societies in the countries to where they have immigrated to..

    Same can be said in some southern parts of the US where illegal Mexicans have come into the country and set up violent gun toting gangs that control some neighborhoods and towns.

    So I can see where Trump's viewpoint is coming from .

  • freemindfade
    the majority of muslims are like the majority of christians

    No one is talking about them, and I already made that differentiation. The majority of Muslims seeking asylum you sure as shit better believe go to mosques and are not by any stretch moderate! what universe are you living in?

    Like I always say to everyone who tries to say there is no difference, draw a cartoon of Jesus and one of Mohammad, and find out how moderate and peaceful Islam is.

    This has been gone over to no end, neo-Nazi's and wacky fundamentalists are on the fringe of modern global Christianity, Islam is the opposite, the moderates make up the outsiders while the extremists are at the theological center.

  • freemindfade

    Take a moment to reflect upon the existence of the musical The Book of Mormon. Now imagine the security precautions that would be required to stage a similar production about Islam. The project is unimaginable—not only in Beirut, Baghdad, or Jerusalem, but in New York City.-Sam Harris

  • Ruby456

    Obviously and thankfully not the universe you are living in freemindfade

    afraid I have no time for Sam Harris,s silly opinions

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