I am leaving this hateful site. Good bye to my friends!

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  • Daniel1555


    Simon is the opposite of a racist.

  • macys

    Like I said I do like coming here but there is too much hate.

  • atomant
    Whats a hill billy. ls that someone that lives in the hills like ma and pa kettle.
  • macys
    Daniel what? I have only been here a few months as a member and he has shown his hatred towards Americans and calls white Americans rednecks.
  • cofty
    Cofty he called white people rednecks in his antigun post and he used the term hillybilly many times.

    Some white people are rednecks. Some white people are hillbillys. What's your point?

    What would be do if I called Mexicans wetbacks????

    That would be racist. Did Simon say that? He didn't did he?

    I'm still waiting for a single example to back up your claim that Simon is racist.

  • Daniel1555

    You used words for Simon like 'pathetic loser', 'small manhood', 'God complex', 'complete loser.'

    Seems to me that 'hillybilly' or 'redneck' is noble speech compared to the words you use.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Macy, your sweet christian personality shines through. What an example of goodness and love you are.

    Go in peace.

    A long way!

  • jookbeard
    Macy; Simon may be many things but an Asian obese racist is not one of them at all, the fact this forum goes from strength to strength after over 15 years is testament to that , as flounces go its not even a good one.You may be surprised to know he is not even Canadian.
  • pbrow

    Calling white people rednecks is not racist, besides.. lots of people who are pro guns are rednecks (I can say that because I am white) Simon is not a racist he is just a canadian... I dont hold that against him.. too much.

    No good can come of you getting reinstated. Propping up a lie to speak w/ people who beleive in that lie is not good for YOU.

    Do what you are doing here.... move on!

    good luck


  • atomant
    lm one quarter canadian indian and dont live anywhere near canada or america does that qualify me as being a red neck.

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