Hi my name is S. I was born into a very happy and close knit Catholic family before being force converted into the JDub cult at the age of 14 and baptized at the age of 16 under pressure of my over zealous parents. At the age of 17 I discovered that my sexual preference can vary. In other words I'm bi-sexual but mostly tend towards liking guys in between my girlfriends. Thus a few months later at the age of 18, I was big Df'd for "having a relationship" with the daughter of the PO although they had no evidence besides a picture they found on Facebook of us kissing at a party, and we never admitted anything. According to the most holy elders of my Judicial Committee, kissing someone of the same sex amounts to fornication. Up until that point we had no sexual contact. It was just drunk girl fun at a party. The day after they announced us as no longer being JDubs, we explored our sexuality in all of its glory just to spite everyone. There was no going back. We even made a video of our shared love and posted it on the internet hoping that one of the dirty elders on our JC would view it. Until now nobody has said anything about it. But I have been shunned by my family for now 2 years and I am happy to be free from this cult. I lost my family to this cult but I gained a new family, one that loves me unconditionally. I hate haters and judgmental people. They are the worst. I have no hard feelings for my family. They are brainwashed. I still keep contact with some friends that are secret faders. They would also leave if they could but are staying for their family. I hope I will see the day this cult is brought to justice.