I am leaving this hateful site. Good bye to my friends!

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  • macys

    I came here for emotional support and to speak openly about my feelings about this cult as I get reinstated. I thought this website was “tolerant and friendly” as it says on the homepage. But Simon has shown his true colors as a racist pathetic loser with an agenda who silences anyone who dares to disagree with him. When I first joined up here, someone anonymously emailed me that Simon was an obese racist Asian male from Toronto with a small manhood and God complex, a complete loser that likes to play GOD here and disable accounts of people that he disagrees with or when they point out that he is a racist. Take his post last week that said that gun owners are rednecks and other posts in the past have mentioned white trailer trash and freedom loving hillbilly white trash. So typical of these racist liberals to point the finger at everyone else. Well guess what Simon you are a pathetic hate filled loser keyboard warrior.

    I really liked coming here to voice my opinion openly but Simon is not tolerant of others. I am learning this now.

    Simon you can delete my account and go to hell. I heard you disabled over 50 accounts last week because they disagreed with your antigun rant. Several people emailed me privately and someone posted on reddit that you are a loser. They’re right.

  • sir82
    Something tells me "macys" has been on this site a few dozen other times with other names.
  • macys
    Sir you are just like Simon. Don't agree with a person so you attack them personally. Come to JW reddit you will see. Lots of people who were here are gone.
  • The Rebel
    The Rebel


    I always liked your posts, they gave a honest and open viewpoint. Personally in my opinion you have voiced your opinion to aggressively on this matter, kind of takes any point you may have away, as it's too aggressive to debate.

    Anyway take care, always.

    The Rebel.

  • cofty

    macys do you have even one single example of a racist comment by Simon?

  • Daniel1555

    Aha macy, and YOU ARE tolerant and friendly, LOL.

    I also liked your threads and followed your story. Too bad that you go away with such a stupid post.

    Bye Bye

    Nevertheless I wish you all the best.

  • macys

    Thanks Rebel. I appreciate it. I was just looking for some support as I go through my reinstatement process. I thought this place was a good place to come to make friends.I guess I was wrong.

  • macys
    1. Cofty he called white people rednecks in his antigun post and he used the term hillybilly many times. What would be do if I called Mexicans wetbacks????
  • Listener
    This reminds me of the case of Rose Olives on JW Struggle You Tube.
  • macys
    Go to exJW reddit! See what others are posting.

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