"The G.B. is neither inspired nor infallible"

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  • OrphanCrow

    The GB don't admit to 'mistakes'.

    In Watchtower language, a 'mistake' by the GB is called NEW LIGHT

  • Crazyguy

    I think they print these statements every so often to protect themselves and the Borg from someone suing them or possible criminal charges when someone following them dies. They then can show these statements to the court and say "see we never" . These statements are thier get out of jail and or lawsuits documents.

  • steve2

    Fisherman, here's one answer to your earlier question about who has been harmed/hurt by JW flip flops: Malawi JWs beaten to death for not having political cards, Mexican JWs allowed to have them (conscience matter).

    Also, your ignorance over the vastly improved safety of blood transfusions is staggering. You have bought the JW medically-ignorant view hook, line and sinker. You have clearly never worked in an Emergency Department where blood transfusions save untold lives every year. There is no alternative to blood trandfusions folloeing massive blood loss. And none on the horizon.

  • stuckinarut2

    Once again this proves the stupidity of witnesses for following EVERYTHING the GB says to the letter, even if it then changes!

    How does such behaviour fit in with the scriptural admonition to "use your power of reason"?

    There is NO reasoning or logical thinking with witnesses! It is simply "DO AS THE GB SAYS" or be viewed as evil and be punished!

  • notsurewheretogo

    Thing is...they have now said, IN PRINT, that they can make mistakes in doctrines and organsational matters.

    So how can then now expect ANY dub to give 100% allegiance to the org like they demand?

    If I was still in and disagreed with something and an elder told me to "put trust in Jah and follow his earthly organisation" then I can now turn round and say "why? Because they might be wrong" and the elders will be unable to do anything.

  • Fisherman

    I got 4 dislikes for asking a question. I did not make a statement. That is not fair.

    Malawi JWs beaten to death for not having political cards, Mexican JWs allowed to have them (conscience matter).

    There is a difference between buying a political card and everything that it involves by doing that and paying government officials instead of having to serve in the military and getting a military service satisfaction card -which is what happened with the brothers in Mexico.

    Also, your ignorance over the vastly improved safety of blood transfusions is staggering......

    That is not fair steve. You don't know what I know.

    OC posts articles and references and essays and links and photos and news on the subject and people read her posts on this Forum. Marvin Shilmer also posted evidence and argumentation and TD posts his arguments and analysis and views on WT doctrines and it would be unfair to to intentionally resort to fallacious logic or lies with the intent to discredit them or to obfuscate valid evidence or arguments. I have never done that on this Forum -but I have my view and that is what I post.

  • Fisherman


    You often use the term "zero" in your posts in a funny but direct way, at least in some of your classic posts -just using the word "zero" like you have and giving you credit -not discredit.

  • prologos
    T: "Paragraph 13: The changes we make on a regular basis prove we have God's Spirit.

    so: do they claim it is The spirit that directs them to change doctrine, procedures, ? The action of change is from the spirit, but the result of the change is in error? The spirit says: "change that". but they are not told what to change, and in which way.? The spirit (or an apostate) tells them "this is wrong, change it" but leaves wt to a trial and error method to find the truth, eventually? In the meantime, millions of jws, are tacking, trying to find the right course? and The spirit says: keep "changing!!"?

  • steve2

    Fisherman,, check Ray Franz in Crisis of Conscience on the topic of Malawi versus Mexico: The putative "political" card was universal, aplying to every single citizen. Just as JWs have no compunction in swearing oaths to gain citizenship when moving from one country to another (and it does not establish worship of secular authorities), so too were Mexican brothers allowed to carry political service cards. Pin-pricking allows distinctions to be made. Fact is, JWs in Malawi were expected by the organization to refuse political cards even at point of gun or knife.

    Your earlier comments on blood transfusions betrayed a myopic view promulgated by jw org. Your subsequent protest at my reaction is revealing and suggests a wider view not evident earlier which I acknowledge.

  • mikeypants

    So, Toni and friends aren't infallible nor inspired by god but have literal help from angels, got it.

    Another face palm.

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